this is a nice release maiovvi, well done!


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robototitico wrote:

My girlfriend is moving to Rotterdam on Sunday to live with a family friend. Where are the nice places to go? Pubs, music venues etc.  Anyone want to meet her for coffee or beer? Also where is a good place to look for a job, like the Dutch version of gumtree? She has a really nice place to stay, and free food, she just needs a job and some social activities! … 238912.jpg … 87412j.jpg

only saw this now, i moved to r'dam a year and a half ago, i know a few places, but i don't go out much so maybe a local can point her to cool bars etc., if she wants to hook up for a drink sometimes i'm up for it, just pm me


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hehe, i could write an essay. yeah, it's hard to adjust, it put me in some sort of cramp  where i got totally careful about how i say or do things to not be misinterpreted or to not insult people. i'm still trying to figure stuff out, but yeah things have been funny for me everywhere, school, social life, doctors, you name it. i seem to get along with foreigners best, or dutch people that grew up abroad or halflings.

but yeah, it's still gezellig, when it won't be anymore i'm outta here

all sellers pink panther movies, had a marathon, was super fun

and greenberg,  "you like me more than you think you do", stiller makes an ok weirdo i guess, nothing wow about it though, just a compilation of weirdo related stuff and awkward mood you already saw in tons of other movies so it's kinda easy to relate to.


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bahahaha, the dutch, maaaan... i've been in r'dam since september last year and i figured i'll have to adjust to things, but after a few months i started realizing how much adjustment it will really take. almost a year now and i'm still a total noob...


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mono-poly wrote:

Because i sold my house 100% sure now and will be moving the coming weeks.

hah, cool mono, i'll come borrow some sugar sometimes


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cloud, take me along!


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silver wrote:

feel sad for USA, they showed some extremely good sportsmanship even though they "arent a favourite on paper"
they deserved that 3-2 instead of the 2-2 they got

captain duran wrote:

USA had my sympathy, they made a good game then. I felt with them as the 3rd strike did not counted.


you know the drill right!? the referee zooms into the flock of seagulls wrestling for position right before the kick is taken.
and this red thing down there cost the yanks their 3rd goal. sure it's rough, but with this one  they took it to american football. the slovenian central defender sure wasn't given a hug there was he? heh, so much about the good sportsmanship. the first half slovenia owned the game, total massacre, usa cought up in the second half (i admit, slovenian defense sucks), was a roalercoaster, for me at least. and for a change in that game the referee saw what was happening, he sure was generous with them yellow cards, to slovenians mostly.

sooooooo... slovenia won't last long anymore anyway, but what i'm saying is ... S-LOVE-N-I-A !


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the icube stackable boxes maybe? … -shop.html

right now! NASATV, public channel, t -15minutes remaining till launch

columbo, columbo and more columbo ... "just one more thing" columbo

yeah the koko one with shatner is my current favourite too!

"a mountain gorilla, it's gigantic, and i got scared, so the only thing i could think of was to say to koko "i love you koko", cause i knew that if i say it i love you, that i'd sort of feel i love you, it's a simple actor's trick, "i love you koko" i advanced on her, "i love you koko, koko i love you", and i knew that my body was softening "i love you koko" and i got right in front of her, i said "koko" and i looked into her deep brown eyes, i said "i love you koko".
she put her hand out ... and grabbed my by the balls."

MMG wrote:

Un prophète

must see for gangster/jail/crime fans.... fantastic!

hah, went to see it in the cinema, chose a bad moment i was dead tired and fell asleep within the first 10 minutes, wasn't the movie

het was een heel toffe party, air guitars and all the shizzle too, maar ik ben nu echt moe, or sth

these suck, but well... you get the idea

orgue electronique


party was fun, so much more cause it was home sweet home, got to dance and whistle and dance and all the usual stuff, with you there CD, it would've been perfect.

here's some PICS

i'm going

Mitel' wrote:

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

how was that? was thinking of maybe going to see that

Sorcerio wrote:

Just finished The Seventh Seal

that movie has some crazy pretty scenes

and i'll even make it to this one

meschi wrote:

this one is seriously beautiful meschi!

going for these two, i think i dozed off last time i started kiss me deadly


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ok, so if my shit spawned this, can i now know what you're saying? i wanna know rat please thank you, yes, yes!? tried loud too

ok nvm i think i got it

relly pushing myself back into colour

nice movie this