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This guy is unfortunately from my city and he used to hang out the front of clubs with a record bag complaining to the security that he was the dj when they wouldn't let him in (because he wasn't). He is 30 years old.


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Love that harald grosskopf record.

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Got that trax box in....rubbish artwork aside it;s a belter, brilliant booklet detailing the history ..and the re-mastering is amazing, when i think of the cash i've spent on trax vinyl over the years that sound like complete arse...gah, mad

Oh they did a repress? Mind discog's linking it to me.

I have a fair few OG's of trax rekkids, i got one which has a cigarette stamped into the label.

Edit, saw its on CD sad. My vinyl elitist cunt chip is kicking in to say something about it.


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haha maybe! i might actually do that once i get some decks that aren't crap.


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Funkinevil - Ignorant
Main Street 02 – Round One: I’m Your Brother
Djax Up 249 – Kareem Smith: Hypnosis Vol. 1
Nonplus LP 004 Plate 5 – Various Artists: Think And Change - Part 5
Fierce 1000 – 2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman: Do It Properly!
Ostgut Ton 012 – Prosumer & Murat Tepeli feat. Elif Biçer: Turn Around
Supa Dupa 004 – Tyree Cooper: Da Soul Revival 8
Unit Moebius: The Golden Years Part 2 12"
Playhouse 150 – Snuff Crew: I Like It
Love What You Feel 001 – Disco Nihilist: EP
Sound Signature 036 – Leron Carson: Red Lightbulb Theory ’87-’88
Kstarke 003 – N. Non Stop: House Nation
Rush Hour 115 LP 1 – Various Artists: Gene Hunt pres. Chicago Dance Tracks Part 1 Do LP out of stock
Unknown To The Unknown 006 – Alias G: Delite Tonite
Soundsampler 01 – Various Artists: Sound Sampler Vol. 1
Running Back DN-2 – Disco Nihilist: Moving Forward
Argot 004 – Policy: Hit Gone Bad EP
Vae Victis 005 – Durant: The Dove Ultimatum
Rush Hour RSS 008 – Jesse Saunders: On And On
Ghetto House Classics 001 – Parris Mitchell: Life In The Underground
Finale Sessions 015 – Various Artists: Finale Underground Vol.1
Chiwax Gtx 001 – Gemini: Gemini Traxx Part One
Killekill House Trax 004 – Hard Ton: Rise Up EP
Chiwax Classic Edition 006 – The Lil Nick Cru feat. Parris Mitchell: Muthafuckin Dog
Perpetual Rhythms 001 – Various Artists: Secret Elements EP
Episodes 05 – Pegasus Heat: Xxx Elote Y Paleta Porn EP
Something 22 – STL: Cosmic Fluke
Mistress 001 – Borrowed Identity: Leave Your Life

Fuck, i spend way to much on records sad