Hello everybody,

last Tuesday I have been to Netradio 674fm.

There is a recording of the 90 minute video stream with various camera settings.

Musically I have provided the year 1999. Techno.

A vinyl only set with kinds of stuff. Cuts, scratches, backspins and everything else that goes with it.

Fits as a year mix quite well here:


Even if I announce some records, I made a tracklist:

Microworld - Signals - Transmat
Dj Hell - Passionate (TDC Remix) - International Deejay Gigolo Records
Der dritte Raum - Hale Bopp (Raumgleiter Version) - Virgin
Jeff Mills - Call of the wild - Purpose Maker
Cheap Knob Gags – Big Juan – Cheap Knob Gags #5
Jay Denham - Pride - Disko B
Mark Bernard - Load (Joey Beltram Remix) - Subvoice
Steve Stoll - Observer - Proper
Dj Rush - Freaks on Hubbard (Dave Clarke Remix) – Pro-Jex
Richie Hawtin - Orange - Minus
Samuel L. Session - Needle Drama - Cycle
Fumiya Tanaka - Talking Drums – Torema
Terence Fixmer - Electrostatic - Planet Rouge
Ignacio - Humana-ized - Music Man
Surgeon - Force & Form: Remake #2 - Tresor
Heiko Laux – Pre sense – Kanzleramt

Happy Easter to you!


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here is a hard one. i have been looking to ID this ever since i recorded this radio set by roland casper in 1996.

the track might be released around april 1996 or earlier.

the rest of the tracklist is complete. the last ID is still unsolved. roland does not remember the track.

does anyone have an idea? it starts at minute 42.


here is the rest of the tracklist:

DJ ESP & Josh Wink - Stairway To Headphones (Dan Eben Mix)
Akilah Bryant – Arachnophobia
Skull* Presents Ron Maney - Vision Revelations
Jonzon - Emma Peel
Aura Z - Strange Funk 1
Russ Gabriel 's Audio Spectrum - Alligator Voodoo
Wishmountain – Radio
The Vision - Detroit: One Circle
Cheap Knob Gags - Bellwinch
Tha Track Assassin - Tracky Fingerz
??? - ???
Co-Jack – Down By Law
Roland Casper - Punch Drunk
K. Hand - Dance

thanx for checking

The final.

Since 23 years i am a passionate vinyl collector. It was about time to do something more than just mixing a new dj set or posting the recording of my latest dj gig. So I came about doing this project: 40 mixes - one for each year - starting in 1977 made of tracks from my record shelves. This baby grew week by week for 9 months. Now it is here and just one more time:

2016. On A Higher Level!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -08sep2018

2015. Let’s prance!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -01sep2018

2014. This is not what you wanted!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -25aug2018

2013. No one gets left behind!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -18aug2018

2012. Only heaven knows that this is not the end!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -11aug2018

2011. Can't envision it!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -04aug2018

2010. The thing that makes us lonely will bring us back together!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -28jul2018

2009. And I heard you say: Hey hey!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … onic-music

2008. What a great life!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … onic-music

2007. Close your eyes, count to ten. Turn around back again. Hit the floor, then once more. I'm still here!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -07jul2018

2006. Find it, keep it, work it, share it!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -30jun2018

2005. When the moon and the stars no longer shine say that you'll be mine till the end of time!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -23jun2018

2004. We're spinning in the pyramid of life as day turns to night!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -16jun2018

2003. Can we take a picture? Follow you wherever you go!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -09jun2018

2002. Open up your mind!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -02jun2018

2001. I've been the one to party until the end. Looking for the afterparty to begin!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -26may2018

2000. My force is in my soul. My force is in my heart!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -19may2018

1999. I just wanna feel free and express myself!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -12may2018

1998. Just close your eyes. Forget your name. Forget the world. Forget the people!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -05may2018

1997. Only a few will start to explore the inside and find a way to the passion that i talk about!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -28apr2018

1996. Isn‘t that powerful?

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … onic-music

1995. Blow that shit out!

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -14apr2018

1994. Losing control:

https://soundcloud.com/catweasel/catwea … -07apr2018