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I was recently re-united with some old records of mine and decided to record a mix.

There's some stuff by John Daly, Omar S, Redshape, Kraftwerk, Santiago Salazar, Hakim Murphy, Paul du Lac, Scott Ferguson and more...


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DumbBot wrote:

Cracking mix, top job fella.

Cheers Dumbbot, thanks for checking


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Some tracks I've been diggin' the past while on Bandcamp.

Alex Israel - Moving To The Suburbs
Kassem Mosse - Untitled B2 (Workshop 03)
L. Neils - 7th Chapter
Neville Watson - One Four Green (Johnny Aux Remix)
I:Cube - 118 BPM
Neufeld - Equinox
Pittsburgh Track Authority - Allegheny Acid 02
Kassem Mosse - Untitled A1 (Workshop 03)
Ploy - Zoom
Hodge - No Single Thing
Linkwood - Nae Drama
John Cravache - Le Désir de Rester Petit (Cubo Remix)
Black Jack - E-Scape
Sebastian Kramer - Obelisk
Jerome Sydenham - Darkroom
Levon Vincent - ??? (NOVEL SOUND #08)
Gilb'R - Pressure (Laurent Garnier Laurentlaboratoiral'ancienne Mix)
Nehuen - Personal Conflict
Timenet - On The Move (Stripped Down)
Fantastic Man - Trance Sexual
D.A.F. - Brothers (Mix Gabi)
May McLaren - Royal Master (Chris Moss Acid Edit)
Paul Johnson - Aww Shit
Timenet - DX Moods
Gemini - Festival
Shed - SP Tool V1tk3.
J-Zbel - ZHF (Poppers Mix)
In Your Hand (The Exaltics Remix)
Plant43 - Inward Stream


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claro intelecto - fighting the blind man
call super - depicta
bookworms - japanese zelkova
henrik bergqvist - chill
peter van hoesen - republic
shake - it erased me
stephen brown - tangent
orlando b - k hole
clatterbox - teico2
luke eargoggle - uma crew
instra:mental - voyeur
marco bernardi - intrusion of venus
titonton duvante - provocative
xamiga - atlantis force code
dan fun - untitled a2
frak - second coming (sotofett mix)
heinrich dressel - signal from the north
mark broom - past present future
mr g - pumped up
cassegrain & tinman - carnal
juju and jordash - dirty spikes
45 acp - breakin out
gesloten cirkel - zombie machine
four tet - kool fm (container remix)
wishmountain - radio


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House mix I did over the weekend. On a lounge type of tip with lots of nice vocals. Hope ya enjoy!


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Hi there - here's a Techno mix I put together for the Rich People With Cheap Stereo's podcast. It's a mixture of recent and older stuff along the lines of Lauer, Magic Mountain High, Fumiya Tanaka, val(Liam) and Female, amongst others. Hope you enjoy! … evin-oshea