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Love Spotify! Use it all the time to play albums.. to decide weather or not to buy them, or to play the ones that I did buy while commuting.


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dequalsrxt wrote:

94 ford taurus tune

Yeah, Mogwai is great, seen them live three times, earplugs are essential though.

score100 wrote:

Been totally in love with the previous album,

Same here! Unfortunately, a cassette deck isn't part of my current audio set up, and he doesn't seem to be releasing this on cd :-(

Playing here:

Weirdo electro jazz rock by Max Graeff and Julius Conrad


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...Everyday of my life...


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I wish! It's work by Albert Zwaan, who works and lives in my hometown Dordrecht.. He used to be my favorite local grafiti artist and makes really cool paintings for quite a while now. I am the proud owner of two of his etchings, including the one below..

https://live.staticflickr.com/4813/32412004428_5f10995b4a_k.jpgEts, 2018. (uit de serie Biografie, staat 3 by Albert Zwaan, on Flickr


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DumbBot wrote:

Glenn Underground - Black Slaves = Israel

So so good!


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Not sure if it qualifues as contemporary art, but I am quite fond of Cold War Steve's politically charged satirical collages. 






Check out more here: https://coldwarsteve.com/


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Sup Petar. Think you forgot to post the link...


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Forever stuck in the 90s..


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Recorded June 7th 2020 in Bos & Lommer, Amsterdam, for Selene's Special Circumstances, broadcast June 13th 2020 at IntergalacticFM's Dream Machine channel.

https://soundcloud.com/starborough-1/st … outerspace

Selene wrote: "The guest mixes continue! Today we have a fantastic 90 minute techno mix from Special Circumstances operative Starborough. It features so many great tracks from my favorite artists like K.Hand, Terrence Dixon, Rob Hood, Dan Curtin, Norm Talley, Silent Phase, Scan 7 and more... Check it out on The Dream Machine."

Abacus - My Planet Rocks (Guidance Records)
Arne Weinberg - Never Surrender (AW Records)
Silent Phase - Air Puzzle (Transmat / R&S)
Freq - Xirtam (Substance)
K-S.H.E. Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion - B2B (Comatonse / Skylax)
Infiniti - Thought Process (Tresor)
Norm Talley - Cause I Believe (FXHE Records)
Levitation Venue - Well Well (Yo! Good Music)
Eqwel - Bottom End (Atypical Dopeness)
Terence Dixon - Untitled (Tresor)
Dan Curtin - I’ll Take You There (Sublime Records)
The Gherkin Jerks - Blast Off (Alleviated / Clone)
Robert Hood - Sleep Cycle (Axis / M-Plant)
Mike Dred & The Kosmik Kommando - [..] (Rephlex)
Shawn Rudimann - Another Day (Technoir Audio)
Scan 7 - It’s Time (Deeptrax Records)
Purple Plejade - Blanche (Djax-Up-Beats)
Legowelt - Fundamental Superstition (Creme Organization)
K-Hand - The Creator (Tresor)


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DumbBot wrote:

Hard to pick a stand out from Slater amongst his 7th Plain stuff as well but this is an all time favourite...makes my brain vibrate.

Yeah, except for his early 00ties electroclash work, Slater can do no wrong imo. Thanks for posting that one, finally made me order that 92-94 compilation on Peacefrog..

I've mixed up a few records in this style, including the Deason and Curtin tracks. Will be aired as an episode of Selene's Special Circumstances show on the Dream Machine this weekend.

score100 wrote:

Starborough & ST-F

Cool, thanks for checking, really great to see those streaming fest video's appear on Youtube, makes them more easily accessible than those Archive pages imo.


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Mid 90s Detroit tech house bomb produced by Sean Deason


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Yeah, RL Burnside rules!!  Never seen or heard any early material by him like this though, started checking his stuff somewhere mid 90s when he was featured on dutch television together with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion..


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Not too keen on tongue in cheeck acts or pastiche pop but dang, Donny Benét's new album is jampacked with top notch blue eyed disco pop. Warmly recommended for fans of, say, the Too Slow To Disco compilation series or bands like Phoenix, Whitest Boy Alive, etc.