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i'm listening to this guy:


Soundcloud preview

Spark O - Variations in Intensity
CM04, full color sleeve, 12"

House, Techno, Electronix

availble at:
Bordello a Parigi
and many more



Max Schreiber - Variations on Memory
CM06, limited edition 7"

Ambient, Electronic, hauntology

availble at:
Bordello a Parigi
and many more

I have a cheap pre-amp made for bass guitar basically but i sometimes use it to record synths.
Is it good? not sure, sometimes i like the sound and i use it and sometimes i don't. I also use the mixer's (Mackie) pre amp while it overload (or peaking) to get some kind of saturation, again not sure if it's good it only depends if i like it


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DumbBot wrote:
Mule Driver wrote:
DumbBot wrote:

^^Rubadub, copies are only available in actual physical record shops not online.

@dumbbot any chance you grab me a copy? i'll paypal you?

Have mailed them about availability, i wouldn't hold your breath but i'll see what i can do.

tnx, let me know


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DumbBot wrote:

^^Rubadub, copies are only available in actual physical record shops not online.

@dumbbot any chance you grab me a copy? i'll paypal you?


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DumbBot wrote:

Black Meteoric Star – The Xecond Xoming Of Black Meteoric Star

https://www.discogs.com/Black-Meteoric- … se/9430138


Where did you got it from, it's not availble except over priced discogs


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Like all of us, CBS meant a lot to me. Not sure how i found out about it, but it changed many things for me. As Dumbbot wrote times have changed, and not in a good way. FB and all those 'new' social media things made life shallow and fast, but i try to find some bright spots. when CBS ended the community spread, i felt weird and lonely.
in 2016 i have listened to IFM quiet a lot, it's true that the website is less personal then it was in the CBS days. anyway, things happen all the time. The chat is active (of corse not always people are there but last night it was fun), there's info about coming shows in the front page and the Panama Racing Club is kinda big, and the whole thing is still our community in away


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very good

not sure...

Dade_Elderon wrote:

if nobody realizes, and especially if you are not making alot of money, nobody will care or know.. If you make hundreds of thousands of dollars off your new track on soundcloud, you may want to worry about it

thanks, i thought so
but had to ask


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hi Starborough, welcome back


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Artist: Mule Driver
Title: Club Shebab
Label: Parallax, PRLX04 12"
Release date: September 19

Preview: https://soundcloud.com/parallax-records … lub-shebab

A1. Club Shebab
A2. Club Shebab (Cliff Lothar remix)
B1. Nightcrawler
B2. Death/Time

pre order at
Juno: bit.ly/2biwGid
more links will follow


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Artist: The Models
Title: Bound 2 Forget
Label: Confused Machines, CM03, full color printed sleeve, 12"
Release date: September 6

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/confused-machine … orget-cm03

A1. Bound 2 Forget
A2. Unit Creamshnit
B1. Bound 2 Unit Obscured (Syncom Data remix)
B2. Obscured

Bordello a Parigi: bit.ly/2bFy0gi
Clone: bit.ly/2bvUtjKl
Juno: bit.ly/2b8LDJg
Red Eye: bit.ly/2bHMegP

Master: Rude Lekx
Art work: Sharon Fadida


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2. sounds like Omar Souleyman

nice concept

New 12" on my relatively new label
If you are into electro / wave and weird languages


listen here

availble at clone https://clone.nl/item40893.html
and other shops

some info:
Confused Machines pays respect for some of their homeland collaborators / heroes in a form of remixes. Side A present two remixes by The Models. The first one for the cult , ex Jerusalemite trio Mouth and Foot, a slow and mellow / romantic house tune (In hebrew) , while the second remix is a dark shoegazy atmosphere with harsh 808 treat for singer songwriter Bela Taar. The flip side holds an essential edit for late 80's post punk female duo - Mafatal, Mule Driver turned the original cut into a dance floor "hit" using tribal poly-rhythmic drumming with merciless driven bass line.


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<double post>


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i read that soundcloud take off or block dj mixes. i think that's why many opened a Mixcloud account recently.


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still down cause of Elec pt.1
and now Bernie Worrell left


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S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

Best suprise was a MINT copy of Unit Moebius – Untitled Bunker 005



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S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:
Mule Driver wrote:

WTF? how can it be?
so sad

I knew he had serious health problems going on for some time.
But what exactly he was suffering from I don't know.

I knew he had health problems, I thought (or want to believe) it was under control
I'm so sad


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WTF? how can it be?
so sad


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nice to see so many artists contributed to this good cause
and many robots are there as well


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must say my recent thing is watching a live streaming from Short-toed eagle nest big_smile