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@ dica
trust - bulbform

@ bloy
have to ask...

ha, just realized that Credit 00 = credit_00! so, see you in dresden! smile


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@ DumBot
"Yas get in...seen as the slabs recording never showed up, this is very welcome."
-> yeah, unfortunately something went wrong with the recording!

"Many thanks mick & queen for sharing"
-> welcome! smile

@ dica
"great mix again!"
-> mick says: thank you!


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Recording is online...
Check: http://www.robotsforrobots.net/viewtopic.php?id=10654


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https://soundcloud.com/pinkmanrecords/p … mick-wills




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@ zora
according to your list i guess you have been to the led er est / mushy thing in d'dorf, right? big_smile


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@ Scarface
"Too Dutch for you? big_smile I thought it was a pretty funny/entertaining."
-> i simply do not like this kind of music and performance, so after 3 songs i went outside for a smoke.

"I almost forgot you tipped me about that one, once but now I remember again (listening on youtube)!"
-> yeah, i mailed it to you short before your trip with the trans siberian express. it's nothing really special. but the lyrics are pretty funny.

@ Herr 66
"you were not the only ones feeling tired. i was pretty dead sunday night.."
-> ha, ha, ha... i can imagine, especially after that exciting race! btw mick tried to call you. but das phonechen was off.


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@ Scarface
"You think al those high prices at that stand are justified? I have no idea to be honest."
-> most of the stuff he offers is in near mint condition (records & sleeves), so i guess yes, the prices are justified.


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@ Scarface
"You mean at the french cosmic stand?"
-> yeah, i think so...

"Saw it there for 20euro....too expensive (check discogs)."
-> can't remember how much it was...

"Robbed?....gee...money or records?"
-> records! and not only 2 or 3 it was a whole bunch... around 2000 euro damage if i remember it well.


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@ Ray Van Mechelen
was nice to set you (although we didn't really talk that much).

"There was pretty good stuff on the record fair in that style but mostly very, very expensive."
-> true!

@ Scarface
N. AE. – Katharsis LP ( Polskie Nagrania Muza) -> yeah, we should found a fan club for that one, like Herr 66 suggested. saw another copy of it at the fair on sunday. maybe i should have bought it...

"There's one stand at the fair (with a bleakish woman behind it) with all kinds of minimal synth/experimental stuff that's really expensive mostly (and also very quiet there because of this...)"
-> yeah, that's the stand that got robbed last time or was it last year, i don't remember.


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i don't know but somehow i have the feeling that those record fair weekends become more and more hardcore every time.
on sunday at the fair i really felt like a zombie. 3 days and nights full of action and the long drive back (we touched down at 4.00 in the night and i went to bed this morning at 6.00). i really thought that this time we will get a bit earlier on the fair. but both days we couldn't manage to get there before 12.00, hmpf... anyway it was a great weekend and really cool to see mushy and led er est playing.


Nini Raviolette - Suis-Je Normale

Space - Magic Fly
Azoto - San Salvador
Bardi Blaise - Trans Siberian Express
Jacno - Rectangle
Neue Jugend - Walpurgisnacht
Clive Oxford - For Your Future Entertainment
Video Liszt - Photoflex
Ptose - Women In The Moon

Plus thanks to Elec Pt.1 for:

Luke Slater - I Can Complete You (Boggled Mix) 7"
Various - J.A.M. Traxx 03 12"
Snuff Trax 007 12"
SOM Compilation 5 2x CD

@ Scarface
"I'm waiting for the pictures."
-> will post them later...

"Liked the performance of Rooie Waas at Akhnaton..."
->  yikes

@ Herr 66
thanks to you and especially shaunna for das feine fressen! smile


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@ Ray Van Mechelen
yeah, good idea! around 13.00 at the coffee corner in the back of the hall?


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@ kuczera
thanks for the ceramic hello hint... hope i will find it on the fair this weekend... maybe in grey, that would be cool.

@ ronin
"dark entries will release fall of saigon's untitled ep in the new year"
-> yeah, looking super forward to that one as well!

plus: http://www.darkentriesrecords.com/3-new … -november/

and according to the title of the informatics release on dark entries i guess/hope this great track (love the lyrics) will be on there:

@ Guyver 303
Twilight Ritual -> another one i have to look for this weekend!


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@ rude 66
"big tip: the night of the 24th Led Er Est and Mushy are playing in a very small venue in Amsterdam.."
-> yeah, looking forward to that one!

more infos: http://www.indieindie.nl/2012/10/indie-indie-5/


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Merkker Kulturlokal, Bruggerstrasse 37, 5400 Baden, CH


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@ kuczera
"went to see tuxedomoon in my hometown.."
ha, ha, ha... now i see... i was alrady wondering that you left the house!  tongue

"i'm glad they didn't perform "no tears""
-> as far as i know they never do!

yeah, have fun!


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all i could find is a quote -> http://www.sub-bavaria.de/wiki/Ami_Marie from this book:


@ score100
"Aus den Haag citay, aber teil bayrischen Ursprungs!"
-> ah!

"Wie wars?"
-> die black box is der hammer... super sound! leider haben sich nur wenige dorthin verirrt, obwohl das ganze festival ziemlich gut besucht war. lag vielleicht auch daran, dass der schwerpunkt eher auf den bands lag.