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fantomas wrote:

Ahhh Ronin! You made my day! Thanks!


The robotic disco track at 2:11 is on the tip of my tongue, but can't quite find it.


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fantomas wrote:

50:35  ??? Insane trackkkk!!!


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The videos are back up.


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fantomas wrote:

synth wave track...( release name could have " Decay "...or maybe Artist name...not sure about that )...lyrics saying something like..." ....for moving on...reality what I Might be...) thx

Twice A Man - Decay

"Overdubbing in my mind. I wish I were another kind."


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S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

I've watched a bunch last year and then kinda forgot about it. Now the channel is gone. Anyone know what happened? I really enjoyed listening to his story.

He was encouraged to make the series by friends. I think the main objective was to generate/gauge interest in the stories so they could be pitched to a streaming service with the aim of making a tv series.

One of two things may have lead to the decision to pull the content from youtube. Either he is talking with a production company over exclusive rights..... or any of the multiple stars featured in the stories may have taken legal action for making public some details of their private lives. That would only have required the removal of specific passages, however. There is every reason to be hopeful for scenario one.


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coae wrote:

If i'm gonna be a bit cynical, remorse, responsibility, honesty, self-doubt and humility
ain't usual traits of the leaders we choose. I doubt he has any problem with bad dreams.

Yes. Those would be exclusionary factors in the main. I was aiming for satirical promo blurb. Works better if you read it with an emphatic news segment delivery.

Can't help feeling like he is subconsciously or otherwise, desperately trying to rebrand his legacy.


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Not many portrait artists can add "war criminal" to their list of accomplishments. Surrounding himself with gormless friendly faces in an effort to keep at bay the many faces of death that haunt his dreams.



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JayStarbo wrote:

really liked both parts

excited to report part 3 is dropping soon  cool


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Hostal La Torre, Ibiza Compilations... nailed it.


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Neuronix wrote:

Need id for this one: https://app.box.com/s/u0n9n61uhjqzw2x4j1rtdvw1bwv5za1c

Martin Dupont - He Saw the Light


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Funkbox wrote:

anybody know


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Bender wrote:

What is it?

That would be the ron hardy edit of the demo tape. Best version by far.
https://www.discogs.com/Ron-Hardy-Untit … se/2390549

guess elon saw my profile pic



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The conservative elements will always want to preserve the traditions and limit the wide-scale adoption of new cultural upsetters. Combine that with the PC culture on the left, wanting to reduce everything to the least offensive and most homogeneous form possible. I'm not sure that music today has the same identity forming force it had for previous generations. Is it a sign they genuinely have less to rebel against?, or have they just become nigh permanently distracted (sedated?) by their hand-held devices providing a never ending thirty second fix?


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robototitico wrote:

I know this is obvious, but I am suffering brain deadedness


sounds like the mclane explosion version of magic fly.


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24/7 splatfest at intergalactic TV is a treat


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coae wrote:

roll £649! crazy!

The price of the smaller vessels is much crazier if you go by pence per cm^3. The smaller vessels average out to 2.46 ppcm^3, whereas the larger vessels average out to 0.6 ppcm^3. The 84cm long Falcon comes in at 0.66 ppcm^3, but Boba Fett's Slave I undercuts the Falcon at a measly 0.54 ppcm^3. Worth mentioning Slave I probably isn't as feature rich and one third the size.

It appears to be a case by case removal policy. Naturally the more prominent releases will be dealt with first, as they have copyright lawyers snuffing out every avenue. Supersound/Automan releases may not have the prowling eyes drawn to their releases yet. As long as the edit is obscure enough, it is more likely to remain available.


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I recall one of the demo contest entrants was from Medellin. Had a track called "Mariposa" I believe.
Found it: .
Cool trip-hop vibez. Maybe he still hangs there.


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Donald Fagen is the undisputed master of the feel good hit.


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mushaden wrote:

https://soundcloud.com/donparadise/the- … y-20161209

anybody know this disco slammer?

pappyion - time machine

WarmTone from Viryl Technologies

Cool to see this process get some 2017 treatment.


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kuczera wrote:

i get error messages via tube

are you entering the entire link address or just the id code? you only need to enter the id code.
if you insist on entering the whole address, then drop the "s" from https. hope that helps.

sozz for drifting off topic. some techno: