Jellyfish/Pirhana is the first in Track Meet's free release series - Track Meet Free Agents. Milan-based producer Nobel's 2-track release features remixes from Track Meet label bosses Ynfynyt Scroll and AiR DJ.

Free Download via … nha-tmfa01

Show starts 11pm CST Sunday January 29

a very special engagement for the TRUE at heart.
TRAXX & ALIENATA are producing special extended episode/live stream
for 4 hours on TechnoSports this Sunday.

The first 2 hours of the show that will consist of a standard
radio format of listening and minimal conversation talking....

The second half will consist of 4 of dek sessions split
into 30 minute half hour live mix sessions between the
both of them to play music material from many points of various sound.

We ENCOURAGE u 2 join US as this will be Magical Bliss~

Denton is Burning in conjunction with TechnoSports Intl Present:

TRAXX : Nation (Chicago)
Alienata : Nation (Valencia/Berlin)
Convextion / ERP : Frustrated Funk (Dallas)
R9 : Down Low (Dallas)

9pm - 2am

21+ : $3 before 10pm - $5 after
Minors (18+) - $8

Traxx: … hicago.mp3

In an age of digital perfection Traxx is analog; when he DJs he plays vinyl and when he's in the studio he uses hardware. His sound recalls the past but pushes for the future with an overtly emotional and experimental approach. In addition to releasing music for other imprints Traxx also started his own label Nation in April of 2007 which has allowed him to develop and recontextualize the various aspects of his sound.

But it is perhaps on his many mysterious 12"s that Traxx has set the ground work for this his first solo album in the last five years where there's been a constant stream of them burning up dance floors with their wild new JackOffBeat sound recently releasing an 'Adjustment Production' for Gavin Russom of DFA's LCD Soundsystem for a sombre tingling cosmic, deep disco brilliance concept and also releasing with another New York label Rong Records adding the quite excellent Mutant Beat Dance to their roster with this excellent release Another World/New News Is Old News to releasing a stunning solo-project on MOS Deep Under The Poetic Painter M pseudonym, with a frenetic yet hypnotizing house track that echoes memories of downpitched Newbeat material and the hooky coldness of new wave.

"Traxx is possibly my favorite DJ in the world. And while many DJs can't successfully execute their ideals in their own productions, his music is exactly the kind of amazing stuff that he would spin. His overwhelming passion for great music comes through in his production. The pinnacle of his art, whether he is DJing or producing, is his ability to seize the moment and make crucial changes only when they are necessary. His art is not just a 'back to basics' approach, but a refinement of styles that have been abandoned for music with slick transitions and needless ornamentation. This is JackOffBeat in its rawest form." Tadd Mullinix aka James T Cotton, Dabrye, Saturn V, 2AMFM, X2

Alienata: … en-alien-3

It all started in 2000 and since then this mysterious ladylike lifeform has dedicated herself to learning & analyzing sound in all of its forms: Obsessive Analogy, Microloops coming from any source (even including fridge's plug),Dub, Dark Disco, IDM, endless Miles Davis songs, JackOffBeat, Analogic Textures, Sexual Dark Experimental Hybrids,Cosmic rhythm and beautiful Aquatic Dark Electro tracks.

In this small biography you'll read about some of unforgettable moments this lady went through in her life: those timid and young sets at Ocio (Murcia) and many other city clubs in Spain while touching down on uncountable raves and nights across northern Italy - having first contact with german scene through the homoelektrik group in Berlin and Leipzig, Moss club (Murcia), Fusion Festival (Lärz)...

In 2006 she collaborated with the Overflow Collective that was not only involved in parties but in theatre and music workshops dealing with technology. She became a part of Montreal's electronic scene and Mutek festival.

She lived during 2007 as resident deejay at Laïka venue and participating in different clubbing events, like Piknik Electronik, sharing billed events with many famous European and North American artists.

Once back in Spain (Valencia), she took up her career again as part of the Overflow team, where she began showing her exquisite and authentic musical selection through plenty of clubs around the country and also abroad. In 2008 Alienata was also responsible for musical direction of Overflow records label, where she was able to expand her musical taste.

In late 2011 she decided to move to Berlin.
She is currently working for Nation - the label of Traxx where she is preparing her first productions to be released in the late sping early summer of 2012.


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first track on andrew morgans giftsmix from like 08 or something. … u-giftsmix


blow your miiind


Visuals provided by Lars Larsen (LZX Industries)

tryin to secure a venue in austin..stay tuned.

audacity did the trick for me. 

thanks for the input

i'll give audacity a shot. 

Mainly i need to it record dj sets / live sets.

Logic is not good for this.

Any ideas?  I hear audio hijack could work pretty well...

i have to get headphones asap.

What do you guys think of the Sony MDR-7506 ?

I can get em for $80.. which is a good price range for me.

Will be using them for a lot of field recording / post production for film as well as making techno.

is that the classic travelin thru space screen saver or just gunk on the monitor? Nice setup


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someone once told me most of them are in the ukraine.  I went to russia a couple years ago and had no luck finding anything cool.. granted i was in siberia..but still.

kenton pro solo mkII!


Maybe a midi filter thing?

acid shoes studio is dope!

i always wanted an esq1... i got too much shit already though.. maybe one day.  You like it?

Hey guys,

We've been keepin this show up strong.

Visit our blog for all the episodes:

Current list of past guests:

Robert Lane of //TENSE// 
Walter Jones
Remy J
Luke Sardello
Baldo Gallego
DJ Majora
Tony Schwa

Next weeks guest is Jonathan Graham (DJG).  We feature a lot of local talent from Texas, but also have international guests. 

We are cookin up some tasty business for the upcoming shows! Stay tuned and check the blog for updates!

Brian.. the uncertainty and confusion is my problem too.  Looks like i blew out a few of the fuses and now have a PSU problem on my hands.  I'm going to take it down to my synth repair friend soon as to avoid exacerbating the problem.  I'm not scared with the soldering iron, but when i'm not sure about what i'm doing and how it affect other parts of the circuits it turns into a big mess.

i didnt have a pointed tip for my iron so i had to do the joint soldering a few times, thankfully i had a nice magnifying lamp thing... need to stock up on the proper tools. and probably some circuitry literature heh. 

Hopefully i'll get this thing fixed soon.. the synth sounds sooo good.

and now it's not powering on at all.. oh no.....

Well.. all the buttons are working now except for 17-24 .. and now the function mode  led is displaying incorrectly


Picked up an ax-80 w/ the membrane button issue... cant seem to find the repair tutorial on the internet (link that everyone references is dead).

Can anyone help me out with this?

A service manual would be nice.. Seems like a straight forward re-soldering of the contacts joining the two circuit boards.. which i can do. I just dont even know which screws i need to take out to open this thing up proper. (trying to avoid unnecessary steps)

Also..been thinking about preventive measures so this wont happen again.. I know you can do the wire thing, but what about just reinforcing the housing? seems pretty weak in the middle.. hmm.



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the heart of texas, the texas motor speedway


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what was that dang peruvian derrick may flute shit? played several times at the end......

betdat -live PA - Dallas

Bodytronix -live PA - Austin

Cygnus -live PA - Dallas

no-fi wrote:
rsprats wrote:

A buddy of mine is manufacturing this beast.

funnily enough, BOB-SNARE from this forum did the electronic design of these modules.

we did a little impromptu A/V analogue jam at a friends place a few weeks ago using a single 3U rack of these modules, and a simple video feedback system. You can do a lot of really fun stuff with just a few bits of gear, and it's very cool to watch the video move in time with sound and CV from your audio rig.

yea.  Him and lars worked (and still working on new modules) on the design.

It really is cool to hook up an audio rig to the video synth.

He has been using the prototype quite a bit for a few music acts.  Just recently did the video for one of our live sets.