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all the street lights in Frankfurt went out at 18:10 tonight. A coincidental but fitting tribute.


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yeah, a true legend, consistent over many years and true to himself and the music.
A reminder to not spend any day wasting time, it is limited. It seems to me like Pete never wasted a minute not making music.

How about jiggling the 3 position switch at the back? I thought one of the write protect settings turns the midi off as well


Synthi-A .. let's see what it hits

Tom Dee wrote:
Henri Puolitaival wrote:
Tom Dee wrote:

a yamaha cs 30 on the fleamarket...for 50 euro's cool

I always thought these kind of things only happen in the US of A.

Except for a dx7 and a sk1 i never found anything decent on a flea market and i've done a lot of them over the years. Records on the other hand...
I sometimes dream about finding gear on flea markets. The night before finding the yamaha i had a dream about finding a 808. Maybe next week? Really strange...

Maybe next time you have such dreams, let us know here on the forum wink

Tom Dee wrote:

a yamaha cs 30 on the fleamarket...for 50 euro's cool

no way!!  what planet is this on?


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that is really pojebane

DTronics DT200, and all of a sudden the MKS30 and Jx3p are so much more.
I've been telling myself for years that programming with that single slider is fine, but now I can see it is a huge downer in the way one goes about making patches

Yes, the lack of obvious destination for EG2, and no random LFO (even though the SW update for monotribe has it) gave it away

edit: no I look bit more.. there is no VCO mixer, and that stupid joystick looks very much tacked on

Just saw this go on ebay.de today as well. I guess you hold a step and adjust the 4 parameters?
Let us know how it is !!

I reckon if the hanging note is due to 80017a, its a good price. Ppl charge between 100-150 eurobux to fix all six chips with the acetate treatement

picked up a Jupiter 6 with one dodgy voice. But I'm going to keep it for over. Now just a CS30 and I am done.


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vincentkoreman wrote:

anybody have CRAP, CHEAP drummachines they want to get rid of?
wil pay of course, if needed.

not looking for roland/korg stuff as much as casio and yamaha...!

How about a DDD-1 with some cards? Where are you?

Ok, Dynacord MCX 1900 Mixer is here. And I got a Peavey Dual Noisegate with Sidechain to silence those pesky Roland Choruses.
The Dynacord seems to be a bit of a rare one. It clips nicely on full gain, and it feels quality, even after 20 years. 20 direct out (every channel, even stereo).


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MCA : Adam Yauch

mekonin wrote:

What is your opinion on the Soundtracs console?

I think I know to little about the intricacies of british eq, summing paths, etc to get that much out of it. It was certainly very flexible, but I did feel it had quite a high noise level. Again, I am no pro, so maybe I had the "gain structure" all wrong... although I must say, I did follow all the rules, and it's not like I was using mic inputs, so it is usually easy enough.
In the end, I always though if I had more channels I would do things like take all the 707 and 808 drums out individually for seperate EQ and effects. However, with 24ch, I never did, and always had heaps of spare strips.

Did you get one of these recently? My buyer didn't want the roadcase, so it is still in my cellar.

Right, mixer change. Soundtracs Solo Midi is out (too darn big!!) and a Dynacord MCX 1900 is in!
A wonderful opportunity to unplug everything and clean up the spaghetti. maybe just in time for ifm demo contest?

sneakthief wrote:
mushaden wrote:

I want to start producing analog,...

Neither of those are analog. What is it that you want to do?

You beat me to it, must have been on everyone's itchy trigger fingerz.

Monotribe... for €135 you can't really go wrong. Maybe not great for leads pads or basslines, it does some great spastic sounds

in the end, it's often the limitations that also add to the character of a synth. A lot of great synths don't have a second OSC, so I can't see why this thing should- if you must have a two-osc mono, there are other candidates.
But can someone confirm for me, if they are in the know, if the arp will output to midi and cv?

The A-station rack is underrated, I reckon.  Maybe not enough analog nuances for recording,  but good for live stuff,  very wide range of sounds


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yeah, you are right. I was referring more to the internal sequencer, which is so great to use, because it's so simple!


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I was thinking of selling the 3p, since I have a MKS30. I decided to turn it on and have a play, it's a keeper! Just one sequence, but what a sequence
http://soundcloud.com/acidalius/acidali … -justified


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ok, If I'm there I'll have a Creme t-shirt on. Don't be shy, say hi!

the row of 16 buttons is generally always out of line. Never mind about that.

If your sens slider is stuffed, you can always swap it with another, like the Brilliance slider, which is kinda useless. Check the values, but I think they are the same.

Perhaps also check the function of the write enable switch, maybe it is broken, those slider switches tend to.
Btw: the MKS version of the 3p is the MKS30 (but it is not exactly the same synth, it uses the Juno105 80017 chips)