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wow, that is cool! Like after a Neutron bomb


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china took HK back in 1997

ikea have cheap table tops and legs, each of which you can buy seperately
My mixer is about 60kg and sits on a cheap ikea table, no problems.

You can even screw the legs directly onto the mixing desk if you don't plan on moving it much.
I suggest one or two legs in the middle if you want to distribute the weight a bit better


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i am more of a Nike Air Max 90 fan

and NB 574

3 pairs of each


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teknob is short for techno knob

"Tweaking those techno knobs" is something I once heard a techno knob say on the radio, talking about a live set.


victor robots wrote:

On the other hand,i have a juno 106 with a noise( something like when you crumple a paper)  sometimes very irritating and some keys sound less, but i think that only needs a deep cleaning.

I suspect one or more of your VCA chips is on the way out. Refer to last paragraph:

and perform diagnostic procedure:
http://machines.hyperreal.org/manufactu … t-mode.txt

If it is indeed dead, slaughter an MKS7 or try this:

Dez wrote:

@teknob - how did you mount the 19" rack to the stolman? Nice setup!

I obtained some telecoms surplus rack rails. Stuff you would make server/router rooms out of. Sort of like this, but not exactly: http://www.middleatlantic.com/rackac/rail/rail.htm

Then I bolted these rails to the stolmen using the standard brackets they sell.

It happens that the standard shorter stolman shelf, at 55cm, is close enough to 19"

Actually, I should buy some more of those rails and take it 19" all the way up the ceiling!


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the worst thing about psy ppl is what they do to gear. don't ever by synths from them.
they will stink like bad incence for years, and your cat will piss on it.
this will cause you to open it up (the synth, not the cat) for a clean, to find the synth full of candle wax and other scum that you just cant identify.

Oh, and the keys are numbered, and there are shakras and whatever drawn on it.

There's been many 101's lost to psy trance


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never needed to try it, but i have always heard that ideal is to use two panes of glass, and leave the record sandwiched in between them out in the sun for a while.

Can't remember if a while is 5min or 5 hours. I am sure google can answer.

it's all been dope.. too bad but i think i have to switch off soon.
is the nasty quality back again for some of you? I've got some hiss

is any one getting anything yet?? got 404 here too

rude66 wrote:

proper soundproofing is not done with any of the above solutions.. (where your neighbours won't hear you..) most of that stuff is just for making the room acoustics more dead. the only way you can really soundproof is to build a box-in-a-box with no direct connections to the structure of the building whatsoever, only via rubber..

Yeah, you're right. We have one of those at work, Big enough to drive a car into. I think it cost millions.

here is my somewhat smaller Stolmen corner. Note however, how well 19" units fit between the narrower shelf.

carpet. on the floor and the walls

is it about the interface?

disco train wrote:

and they were not able to inform people about changes in schedule etc. they have a pa system and screens at at every floor. why is it so hard to tell the people that hercules & love affair was cancelled? nobody new what was going on. i mean, grab a microphone, say a sentence and it's done. doesn't hurt.

totally agree there. there was no info about the cancellation. just as well my wife pushed to call it a night after Kittin and Hacker, as I would have kept waiting at the tent for them to come on.

Also, on Friday afternoon I downloaded driving instructions from their website which did not take into account a detour that must have been in place for several weeks.

So those two things soured friday. But saturday was great. really enjoyed Roisin Murphy, some of the Brazilian DJ's and Technotronic!

And i did like the choice of food and food prices. Totally reasonable. The drinks were ok priced too.

yeah we was there too, got a bit wet but all good.


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byron wrote:

hey has anyone read Shantaram?
its sitting by my bed threatening to be read

I read it a few years ago. some parts need persistence, but all in all I would recommend it, as it is an excellent story.

I'm reading Spook Country by William Gibbson just now. It seem to not break any new ground.


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geez, can't a cat get any privacy?


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this is me getting to know my new polysix:


Mostly sync and triggers

maybe it will become a proper track


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thanks ytz, you're awesome


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on the wagon


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I'm going to have a busy couple of months up ahead, so can't regularly look after this.
If synthing robots want to continue the "Synth-slackers" rounds, I suggest one of you take over the posting of fortnightly tracks for all users.

I will still try to contribute when i can