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The 202 has a "power save" mode that puts the unit into a low power consumption mode and still retains the pattern memory, but yeah once you unplug it your patterns are gone.

unless you save to tape,  lol

buy the 202, play around with it, see how you like it. You can always sell it for same or more

Somewhere in between? Actually the 202 is most like a rough 101. The 303 is much further away in sound and character

Erroraudio wrote:

Should i buy a MC-202 for 335€ .... Quick reply cos pickup is tonight!!

That's an average price. And a 202 is < 303. If anything, the limitation to just 2 patterns which get wipped at power-off is the major flaw of the 202, compared to the 303.
If you want the 202, by all means do it to complete the team,  but don't flip the 303, you will always regret it!

Auto-tune,  hate it with a passion. Especially now that Every pop track has it


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testing, calibrating braking functions (abs, regeneration, brake assist) for the Volvo V60 hybrid. but i don't work for Volvo


maybe it's a musthave for dub step producers

Roland System 100-101, I am using the white noise to settle my 2 week old girl to sleep. she seems to find it calming

played with it at the messe today. fun fun fun. the 8 steps thing is ok, since there are only 3 drums sounds. it is really just there as a better sounding metronome. The Korg stand was in the percussion hall, so even with headphones on max, I could not hear too well, but  I think the drums sounded ok. Bass kick seemed usable.

The synth is like the monotron, kinda lacking a real adsr, i though. But the fast lfo-fm stuff is nice.

The flux function is just a phrase looper of what you do on the ribbon. So using this, you can achieve greater than 8th steps.

And it is tiny

this just appeared too

this approach agrees with my budget sensibilities. so desk and monitors facing books and records behind me

I moved recently and now have a comfortably large space for the studio
but now I am spoiled for options. So I turn to you robots for opinions

Where would you place monitors and a 1m wide 24ch desk?
Consider that I will also put up at least 2 lots of stolmen keyboard racks.
And that I would probably like to keep one half of the room free for records and books

The window goes to the floor, so needs to be kept free.


Looking fwd to your inputs


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Tel Aviv has much Bauhaus/International Style architecture. I had a google for a good walking map of the White City area, but failed. Maybe if you start off at the Bauhaus centre

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Akai Ax60 leaves me mostly cold. (but there are two different models)

hmmm. I'm moving house, so while packing everything up, I took the ax60 from its case, where it has been for a while. (this current place is small on studio space).
After a good couple of hours mucking about with just the ax60, I must say I could have been mistaken. There are some amazing fm sounds in this thing, and I also discovered that the VCF and VCA envelopes are seperate, so now I understand the synth a bit more. I'm gonna try and use it more soon.

(While packing, I also found an Ek22 i totoally forgot I had... a sign of too much gear?)

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For free....  smile

they're all such good little boxes. is that the one with the "sampler"

Some 7 years after the original CD, comes the digital release (via Bancamp).
Just in time for the next decade.


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god their upload tool sucks hard though. no bulk uploads, and a dodgy flash uploader that doesn't work on my win7 computer, but does on the XP.

Yeah, also keep in mind that most hardware sequencers cannot handle Facebook or eMail wink

also, don't put the music computer on the network. (it should help the soundcard too)

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leftcorporation wrote:

Someone should open a robots repair shop me thinks.

i'm turning into a robot repair shop... cool

How are you with retrofitting midi kits? And how about leak-affected polysixes?

good luck and have fun!

and have some cocktails at el coctel upstairs to warm up

apple have a lot to answer for, concerning white electronics

leftcorporation wrote:

I can get whole JP8000 for less than that. What you guys reckon? Sell the current one for spares?

get rid of that piece of crap! and don't get another one. I though we once had a discussion about how much jp8000 suck. how much do you like an arp that doesn't even sync to midi properly?

it was my birthday last week. Last night was a small party and I got an awesome gear surprise from my wife:


credit goes to Anne from amazingcakes.de


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name's Radek
do make sure to hang out in Shanhgai a bit. When I was in Suzhou, I only went into Shanghain once in the 3 months, and I kinda regret not going more often. Travelling those 50km is a 10 year time machine

yeah, it's pretty good for both of those things. But seriously, I use it to mix jams, but i I am recording something into the computer I tend to do it from the mixer direct outs, on track at a time.

I have that very desk, with the additional MIDI option, which I have never used. I like it, but I can't really compare it to D&R or TASCAM, since I've never used them. I do have problems with the gain structure sometimes though. with hiss coming through, but I am sure the problem lies with me more than the desk. Also, the caps on my power supply leaked and I had to replace them.

In the end, I think I will sell mine though, as it is really big and heavy, and I do not wish to move house with it any longer. And I don"t record through it