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waxHead wrote:
Scarface wrote:

Methusalem - Journey Into The Unknown (Ariola): bootleg

kos010 wrote:

Methusalem 'Journey to the unknown' (Ariola 1335)

How's the sound quality and overall artwork on this release?  I'm thinking about picking it up but I'd really like to know how it sounds first...

Soundquality is really good! Artwork is rough compared to the original I think. The label is just grey and not the shiny silvergrey of an original Ariola-label. Also the sleeve is not as shiny and colorful as the original but much more obtuse (= not shiny). By looking ar label+sleeve you can really see it's a copy not soundwise so that's why I'm happy with it.


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rude66 wrote:

funny enough with me, it was the other way around. instead of playing my own stuff all day, i could now tune into the cbs and hear not only most of my collection, but also a lot of great new stuff coming by...

Yeah, funny cause the CBS got me buying records for which I need time to listen but then I got no (or little) time left to listen to the CBS-radio anymore. That's somewhat contradictive but how it worked with me. Mixes mostly give me more inspiration for (buying) new music than radio b.t.w. Radio is nice when you don't want to play music yourself but just relax.


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Valaree - I Love To Love (Diablo)
Romanelli - Connecting Flight Lp (Polydor)
Ralph River Band - Strange Vibration (Memory)
Novamen - Lies (Viewlexx)
Galaxy Toobin' Gang - Galaxy Toobin' (Creme)
Warsaw - Warsaw (Plus Bonus Tracks) (Vinyl Passion)
Freeez - Love's Gonna Get You (Virgin)
Various - Space Oddities CD (Permanent Vacation)
Anne Clark - The Last Emotion 3xCD (Superpremium)
Methusalem - Journey Into The Unknown (Ariola): bootleg


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Speaking for myself. Didn't listen that much to the CBS cause I (as a collector) have more than enough to digest from the music I bought. CBS-radio (and the forum) was more a way to discover new and interesting music, not so much to listen to, every day. Maybe if I didn't buy records I would listen more to the CBS.


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it's something dutch children do, saying a name with an extension sounding like the name but starting with the letter P and "de" in between, meaning "the"

what ferenc did is a variation of this, so yes it's playing with language and now you know where it comes from

That's just what I wanted to know! Thx for that fine explanation.

(and cause there're only dutch children who do that, my question wasn't too dumb, I hope. -> I'm from Kraaaftwork-Land wink

like zora de pora, or bender de pender or ferenc de perenc

Funny thing. big_smile

Another is "Joepie de Poepie" by character for Dutch childtelevision in the 80's: Ome Willem (Uncle Willem).


Or "Jemig de Pemig"by Koos Koets


The list goes on...