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New listeners was/is a important reason (I thought Ference announced something like that in the show) to not have double-entryrules yes. Understandable cause what do they have to do with records that were voted for already three years (last previous one was from 2010 right?) or before that. New listeners are more inportant than fresh titles?...for survival probably yes.

But the list will always be a mix of classix, new discoveries and new releases. It's the mix you could complain about. And there's always something to complain ofcourse cause it's not your list but a list of all listeners who voted.


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hysteric wrote:

Polyphonic Size boxset on VOD
totally awesome  cool

I got the Live For Each Moment LP which I really like and wondered if the box would add anything. What do you think?


Since you said "totally awesome" I guess yes. smile


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Very nice comps!




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It was a "fresh" start after many years of abscence of the IFM Top 100. Also no rules were applied so that was an open door for all the known classix to enter the list again I think. Classix remain classix, that why they are called classix. tongue Enjoyed it though (am I getting old?).  I vote for doubleentry-rules again for some fresh input next year!


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Come to Scheveningen to overcome all login-problems! wink

https://intergalacticfm.com/content/ifm … -11-12.php


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Bender wrote:

Frederic Mirage - Atlantic

Great one. Still on my wantlist...


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DumbBot wrote:
psenders wrote:

hi can anyone mabye ID this track for me:

played by mark du mosch at bordello a parigi.

http://www.discogs.com/Kirlian-Camera-C … ase/175171

I heard it live yesterday. smile


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Very nice docu of Soft Cell, thanks.


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narcisco wrote:

that's on m 'wantlist in the back of my head'

Don't want to rub it in but I think that Super Souris LP was waaaaaaay back in my head. wink

narcisco wrote:

I typed/copied/pasted the whole list yesterday, but at the time I wanted to post it I had been logged out, so the post was gone.

I had that once too. Since then I save the typed list with CTRL+C (windows) in between. Or if you go back a page the post is mostly stil there.


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Well did you enjoy? I did...although it was a lot of bargainhunting/going through the cheap crates (which is nice too I think) while the "known classics" were often (too?) expensive. I think the influence of the trade on the internet was quite noticeable this time.... Thanks for "de gezelligheid" and until the next one.


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Very fitting song for IFM and should be in the top 100 for once!

https://intergalacticfm.com/content/tra … transvolta


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DumbBot wrote:

I'm surprised you got Rude in a Fiat Panda never mind all those records...hes a big lad. More to the point, where the hell do you store all the records?...you live in a warehouse or something, or perhaps a vast underground lair like a bond villain lol

Rude is tall but not too tall for my (new model) Fiat Panda. IKEA EXPEDIT are the magic words for storing my records. I just live in a one story apartment and still have enough space so no space problems.....yet. wink

hysteric wrote:

sold 400+ techno records for $1 each and bought Camomilla - Queen of the Night  big_smile

That's a way to solve your storageproblems too. big_smile Magical find George, enjoy!


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Haha, no just my Fiat Panda and there was even room for Rude66 and Narcisco. wink It was two small trolley suitcases full of records (1 on saturday and 1 on sunday). "Veel voor weinig" (a lot for little) as the Dutch say. wink The "french guys", from whom I bought a lot from over a year ago and who weren't there last two times, were there again! They sell the music I like for 2euro a piece on saturday and 1 euro on sunday. Condition wasn't always the best so you really must check or clean. Bought over 50 records there.

I think my greatest catch was Steel Mind - Bad Passion (ZYX) in NM condition for 5 euro which was standing between the pop albums.

Most expensive record I bought there was Video Liszt - Ektakröm Killer (Epic) LP for 35 euro.

Rest is mostly stuff between 1 and 5 euro.


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Two days of Utrecht recordfair:

Chapell Band - Get Away / Breakdown (Cyclade)       
Break Down - Hot Spot (Martin's Music, Disques Vogue)           
Chrisland - Angela, Angel (Baccara International)
Corey Hart – Sunglasses At Night (EMI America) 12" w
Lipstique - At The Discotheque (Mercury), LP
Cerrone - Cerrone's Paradise (Malligator), LP   
Saint Tropez - Je T'Aime (Pathé Marconi EMI), LP
Michele - Magic Love (West End Records) LP t
Mc Lane Explosion - Space Music (Delphine) LP    
Revelacion - The House Of The Rising Sun (Crocos Records) LP
Richard Hewson Orchestra, The - What Shall We Do When The Disco's Over? (Splash Records) 12" w    
Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch - Alternating Currents (T.K. Records)     LP
Milkways - Astroport / Love For N.R. (Barclay) 12"
Colorado - California Dreaming / Space Lady Love (Pinnacle Records ) 12" t
Giorgio And Chris - Love's In You, Love's In Me (Atlantic) LP t    
Mankind - Chain Reaction / Funky Revolution (Pinnacle Records) 12", Cle    
Nick Straker Band - Future's Above My Head (Decca) LP
Karen Silver - Hold On I'm Coming (Arista) 12"    
Martin Circus - I've Got A Treat / Shine Baby Shine (Disques Vogue)  12", Blu    
Nightlife Unlimited - Nightlife Unlimited (Unidisc) LP w
Laura Lee - Sat-Is-Fac-Tion / Your Song (Fantasy) 12"
Super Souris - Super Souris (Carrere) LP
Mino - Assez Super (Vogue) 12"
Seventh Avenue - Love's Gone Mad (Record Shack Records)     12"
Gino Soccio - S-Beat / Heartbreaker (Warner Bros. Records, RFC Records) 12"    
Five Letters - Yellow Nights (Atropa Records) LP
O'Hara - Touch Me Baby (Martin's Music) 12"
501's - We Are Invincible (Ariola) 12" w
Paul Rein - Sex / Communicate (Fago Records) 12"
Ceejay - A Little Love (What's Going On) (BCM Records) 12"
New Paradise - La Fete (RCA Victor) LP
Energym - Aerobic (Méthode Douce Et Progressive) (Music For Pleasure) LP
New Paradise - Easy Life (American Remix) (RCA Victor)
Nightlife Unlimited - Just Be Yourself (Remix) (Unidisc)     12"
Five Letters - You Sky Me (Atropa Records, Atropa Records)     12"
Night Force - Hold The Night (Carrere)     12"
Orphée - La Belle Et La Mort (TELDEC) 12"
Claudja Barry - No La De Da Part 2 (Personal Records) LP
Claudja Barry - Work Me Over (Polydor )     12"
Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix) (Chrysalis) 12"
Shannon - Give Me Tonight (Polydor)     12"
Life Force - Invitation (POLO) 12"
Al Corley - Square Rooms (Mercury) LP, Album
Jeannie - Freedom (Striped Horse) 12" w
Nicci Gable - Strange Desire (Passion Records) 12"
New Paradise - Get The Look/I Love Video (RCA) 12" w
Saint Tropez - Je T'Aime LP (Pathe Marconi) LP t
Munich Machine Introducing Midnite Ladies, The – Munich Machine (Carrere) LP

Italo Disco:
Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do (TELDEC)     12"
Mike Cannon - Stay (Memory Records) 12"
Steel Mind - Bad Passion (ZYX Records) 12"
Carrara - Carrara (Carrere) LP, MiniAlbum
Deborah - Danger For Love (Lombardoni Publishings )     12"
Den Harrow - Mad Desire (Special Remix) (Gong Records) 12"
D.J.F.T. Band - Fun Funk (Master Dee Jay) 12"
Solid Strangers - My Delight (ARS Productions - ARS 3680) 12"
Tom Hooker - Real Men (Swedish Remix) 12"
Taffy - Walk Into The Daylight (Ariola Benelux) 12"    
Max-Him - Danger Danger (ZYX Records - ZYX 5459)
Jeannie - Freedom (Striped Horse) 12
C'Zar - I Remember (Look Me Baby) (RA - RE Productions) 12" w
Albert One - Secrets (Time Records) 12", Cle
Eddy Huntington - U.S.S.R. (ZYX Records) 12"
Company B - Company B (ZYX Records) LP
Albert One - Hopes & Dreams (One Records) 12"
Martinelli - O. Express (Flarenasch) 12"
Curacao - Yiasou (Koch International, SA Records) 12" w
Radiorama - ABCD / Bad Girls (Radiorama Productions) 12"
Tina - Crazy For You (Metronome) 12"
Vanessa - Crazy For You (Carrere, New Deal) 12"
Ken Laszlo - Red Man (Touch Of Gold)     12"
Proxyon - Space Travellers (Rams Horn Records)     12"
Scotch - Pictures (American Disco) 12" t
Dr. Felix & MM Band - Self Control Rap (Full Dance Version) (Polydor) 12"
Coo Coo - Upside Down (ZYX Records) 12"
Laserdance - Cosmo Tron (ZYX Records) 12"
ARM - Number One (Carrere) 12"
Den Harrow – The Best Of Den Harrow (Baby Records) LP

Jimmy Ross & M.T. Foundation - New York To Moscow (Carrere) 12"
Shannon - Give Me Tonight (Polydor) 12"

Front 242 - Interception (Red Rhino Europe) 12" t
Video Liszt - Ektakröm Killer (Epic - EPC 84773) LP
O.K. - Okay! (Mixed Media Edit) (Seven Eleven) 12"
Elli & Jacno - Oh Là Là (Celluloid, Disques Vogue)     12" t
Grauzone - Träume Mit Mir (Off Course Records) 7" t
François Feldman - Ma Petite Video (Barclay) 12"
Peter Baumann - Repeat Repeat (Portrait ) 12"
Blancmange - That's Love, That It Is (London Records) 12"

Techno/House/New Beat
Nux Nemo - Hiroshima (Clip Records)     12"
Cappella - Bauhaus (Media Records) 12"
Bingo! - Arabeat (Holy Hole Music)
Neon - Sexuality (Target Records) 12"
Amanda Lear - Do You Remember Me? (Disco 3) 12"
Digital Boy - OK! Alright (Music Man Records) 12"
Malcolm McLaren Presents World's Famous Supreme Team Show, The - Operaa House • Aria On Air (Virgin) 12"
T99 - Anasthasia (Who's That Beat?)     12"
Pleasure Game - Le Dormeur (Music Man Records - MMI 9042)     12"   
Pleasure Game - Le Dormeur (The Remixes) (Music Man Records)     12"   
Apotheosis - O Fortuna (Indisc)     12"
Eq-Lazer - The Heart Break (Groove Kissing) 12"
Face The Bass - Dance 2 The House (Music Man Records) 12"

Laserdance - Megamix Vol. 2 (ZYX Records) 12", P/Mixed
Various - Hula Hoop (Il Discotto Productions) Mixed
Various - Italo Boot Mix Vol. 12 (ZYX Records) 12", Mixed
Various - Bolero Mix 2 (Blanco Y Negro) LP, P/Mixed
Doctor's Cat - Martinelli's Remix Medley (ZYX Records) 12"
Various - Strike 2º (Il Discotto Productions ) LP, Mixed
Various - The JDC Mixer Volume 2 (JDC Records)  12", Mixed
Various - Greatest Hi-NRG Hits (ERC Records)     2xVinyl

One Of Them - Jump In (Polydor) 12"
Attack - Can't Stop (Hotsound) 12"
The Control Band - La Colegiala/Susanna 12"

From narcisco's non-profit shop (thanks and i.o.u.) :
Illusion - Illusion 7" (Dureco)
Diana Est - Le Louvre 7" (Dischi)
Danny Boy - Repper de Klep 7" (RCA)
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder – Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder LP (Virgin)
Anne Clark – Sleeper In Metropolis (Extended Remix) (Rough Trade) 12"
Red – In Motion LP (Disques Vogue)

t= tips by fellowbots (thanks!)
w = from my wantlist

Other purchases:   
Alan Brando/Tommy Sun - One More Time / Beach Love (Five4It Records) 12"
Sweeps - Optimistic Melancholic (Rebirth Records) 12"
Umberto - Confrontations (Not Not Fun Records) LP
Umberto - From The Grave... (Permanent Records) LP, Album
Marc Fruttero Feat. Polymnia - Hero (Bordello A Parigi)     12"
Massimo Vita - Jenny (Bordello A Parigi, Moustache Records) 12"
Soft Metals - Lenses (Captured Tracks) LP
Umberto- Prophecy Of The Black Widow (Not Not Fun Records) LP
Mladen Franko - Contemporary Sounds And Movements Vol 2 (Sonoton) LP
Cocy – Computermixage (Not On Label) LP


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Nice list George! The one with the "vinylkiller car" is awesome. smile

Some suggestions I'm think of now:
"The vinyl and cdrs are housed in custom made box's made of perspex and bolts"

"Contains 2CD in exclusive battery-powered fluorescent plexiglass light-box plus bonus CD with 6 extra tracks."

Not intending to buy but 909 would be be a fitting price perhaps? wink


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narcisco wrote:

I also bought a new one  big_smile Almost the same, as the one shown above, but it also plays tapes, yhough I don't think I'm gonna use that often.

I saw that model when searching for images of the portable I bought. That's really cool to listen to those obscure DIY-tapes! smile



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Yes, couldn't resist this cutie. It was cheap and it's smaller/lighter than my old one. Rude has the same I thought.


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Preparation 1 installed:


Looking forward and see you there!


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kuczera wrote:
Scarface wrote:

Also checked. Cool one especially the clip on youtube. smile

for me just normal speed, doesn't sound right pitched down

Oh, I didn't even know it was pitched down on youtube.


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Another documentary about disco this time on Dutch TV (mostly in English) although I recognize parts of it from the documentary about disco from the BBC.



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Giusy Ravizza - Save The Fire (12") (Cruisin' Records)
Jairó - Night Woman / Ma Che Idea (7") (Scarabes Sound, Scarabes Sound)
Freddy The Flying Dutchman And The Sistina Band - Wojtyla Disco Dance (12") (Polydor)
Stratosferic Band - Splashdown (12") (Voom Voom Music)
Danny Keith - I Feel Right (12") (Time Records)
Flavia Fortunato - Casco Blu / Promessa D'Amore (7") (Yep Record)
Glasses - Crystals (7", Single) (SGM Records)
Pete Shelley - I Don't Know What It Is (12") (Island Records)
B.B. Bonsai - Prince Of The Night (12") (Holly Records)
Raylò - Spanish Journey (12") (Trash Records (6))
L.A. Messina - Day Dream (12") (Discomagic Records)
Ghecko - Firelight (12") (Eyes)
Gang Of V.D.P., The - Body Heat (12") (Vidicon Records)
Neon - F-I-X. (12") (Target Records (3))
2 DJ's, The - The Creation Remix (12") (Kaos Dance Records, Kaos Dance Records)
Trevor T. - Danger (12") (ChanneL Records)
Soul Boy - Baby Blue (12") (Italian Records)
L.A. Messina – Say Sandie (Bumshiva Music)
Reeds - The Game (12") (Il Discotto)
Mr. Drummond – Love Me / Video Generation (12") (Master Program)
Wijk 7 – Voor Je 't Weet, Ben Je Gek! (The Message) (7") (Rockers)
Charles Manier – Untitled 2xLP (Nation)
Various – Non Plus Ultra 1980-1989 Vol.2 (Domestica) LP
Umberto – Confrontations (Not Not Fun Records) LP
Legowelt - Teen Romance (12") (Lies)
Amanda Lear – Diamonds For Breakfast (LP) (Ariola)


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S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

Umberto - From the Grave.

Awsome stuff

Shall check!

Edit: Just did. It's great. Ordered it together with Prophecy Of The Black Widow.

Also checked. Cool one especially the clip on youtube. smile


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Already???? big_smile Yeah, thinking about it a bit too I must admit. I reserved two days for the fair anway. wink Nice find that Renee (the album or 7"?): it's one you should bump into eventually here in Holland.