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Agree with all the above. It's a topic that seems to get a serious amount of oxygen these days.

Coae is dead right. This politics of "feeling" is a fucking useless self-centred way of looking at the world around you. Within this only positive feelings are seen as valid, argument is censored away as being either negative or even inflammatory. I always end up thinking, how long has the war being going on in Yemen and this shite is important?

Thanks score100 for sharing the npr podcast. I had seen it doin the rounds before but hadn't bothered with it, I'm glad I did as it's a really good example of one narrative overriding another. The US is obsessed with this idea of the "first" as in the "founder" or the "original." This constant attempt to explain electronic music out of the US is just one narrative and it is very very simple one i.e. house and techno exported to Europe. It misses all the real honest messiness of the process. Having Ron Trent on the podcast as a voice of authenticity, leaning towards being the voice, is such an easy claim to make and reduces everything to such a simple story that fits the narrative of being a "founder."
Guy is correct, music is a text or a story as he puts it. You can interpret it any way you like; be offended, laugh a it, mock it, whatever.
The issue arises when certain stories begin to clash and the overarching narrative, "founding figures of house", is either adapted or adopted and the claim of authenticity with it. If you choose to believe that his overarching narrative it the gospel truth, that this story is not malleable, like all stories are, you're going to find yourself having problems. This is just a tiny sub example of so many of these narratives that are spouted day in day out, the constant use of WWII imagery in British politics is an easy example.
I do like npr and they do good stuff. This podcast is a great example of beginning with the wrong end of the stick for me. It also is a far bit of kudos for Guy, he must be pretty good a writing to make the tale so believable. The interviewer would also have done well to ask Ron Trent about the whole aliases thing in electronic music, he's got like thirty of em.

I'm never to sure where cultural appropriation starts and cultural appreciation stops. When this topic starts up with folk I always think of Irish history, me being from Ireland, and then kinda heave a sigh.


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Audio and text interview I did with Lerosa recently with a nice selection of tracks from Dublin's adopted son.


https://bordelloaparigi.com/la-gazzetta … interview/


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Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/r … ith-cignol
Mixcloud : https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-fo … -29062020/

Cornflakes & Paul Cignol today/Desayuno con Paul Cignol hoy on/a través www.radiorelativa.eu @ 12.00 to 14.00 CET

Music and chat with a selection from Cignol on/Música y conversación con una seleción por Cignol por:
Lunar Disko Furthur Electronix Distant Worlds Computer Controlled Records Analogical Force and more including All City Records


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Sid Could : https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/r … co-spezial
Max Could : https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-fo … -02062020/

Today : Show number eight, Italo Disco Spezial, of WE FORFEIT on Madrid's Radio Relativa with two hours of italo packed action as the lads lead you from 1980 to 2020.
Music from the likes Number One Ensemble, Fred Ventura, Brando, Brand Image and loads more. https://www.radiorelativa.eu/ from 16.00 to 18.00 CET (15.00 to 17.00 GMT.)

Hoy : Edición número ocho, Italo Disco Spezial, de WE FORFEIT, dos horas llenas de italo mientras los tíos guían el camino a partir 1980 a 2020.
Música por Number One Ensemble, Fred Ventura, Brando, Brand Image y mucho mucho más. Desde Madrid a través Radio Relativa (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) a partir de las 16.00 a 18.00 CET (15.00 a 17.00 GMT.)

Number One Ensemble :: Love Express (Radio Records)
Number One Ensemble :: Down To The Disco (Radio Records)
Den Harrow :: To Meet Me (Hole Records/Hispavox)
Squash Gang :: I Want An Illusion (ZYX Music)
Angie :: Clouds (CBS)
Brando :: Rainy Day (ZYX Music)
Brando :: What Now My Love (Victoria)
Duke Lake :: Do You (Memory)
Brand Image :: Are You Loving (ZYX Music)
Forbidden Fruits :: Disco Halloween (Delivery Records)
Daniela Poggi :: Break Up (Hysteric Edit) (Bordello A Parigi)
Fred Ventura, Alden Tyrell & I-f :: Streets Allright (Viewlexx)
A Visitor From Another Meaning Featuring Fred Ventura :: Neon Lights (Bordello A Parigi)
Fred Ventura :: When I Let You Down (Savino Remix) (Bordello A Parigi)
M&G :: When I Let You Down (Sensation Records)
Denis & Denis :: Ti I Ja (Bartoszeck Edit) (Frigio Records)
Night System :: Flight to Zanzibar (Flemming Dalum Remix)(Cyber Dance Records)
Kano :: Another Life (Full Time Records)
Model 500 :: The Chase (Smooth Mix) (R&S Records)
Time :: Shaker Shake (Dub Version) (Fly Music)
Vertical67 :: Let’s Dance (Magic Waves)
Evelyn Thomas :: High Energy (Record Shack Records)
Lime :: Do Your Time On the Planet (Polydor)



Wee mix from playing back in Madrid in January.
https://www.mixcloud.com/igloomag/we-fo … io-012320/
https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/w … cio-230120
Tracklist ::
Boytronic :: Bryllyant (33 1/3 Plus 8 Remix) (Dark Entries)
Repeated Viewing :: He’s Here (Antoni Maiovvi’s None More Cosmic Remix) (Disko Obscura)
Jonny 5 :: Bengali Dub (Bahnsteig 23)
Yello :: Desire (Polydor)
Crazy Gang :: Telephone Computer (Edit) (Flexx)
Rimini Rimmers :: Oppio Mane (Nufragio)
Kirlian Camera :: Helden Platz (Dark Entries)
Timothy J. Fairplay :: Night Strike On Fish Island (Charlois)
Pakrac :: Breakpoint (Fenix Fire)
Void Vision :: Sour (Vanzetti & Sacco Remix) (Mannequin)


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DumbBot wrote:
Guyver 303 wrote:

Great day listening back here.

Mick Wills was class and Interstellar Funk's set was super boss. Playing this gem right now:
https://www.discogs.com/Unknown-Artist- … se/6186655
Totally underrated record with a blistering techno butcher on there.

I've not manage to catch Mick's set yet, reckon I need to watch re-runs for a month to catch up on all that i've missed.

Those Wargames records are Robert Bergman, got em' myself....his live was a bit full on for home listening/couch raving, wouldv've been great in a club. I'm getting old.

"Getting"?  lol  lol

Didn't know it was Bergman. I love that Wargames record.

I'll be on the repeats myself, top stuff altogether.


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Great day listening back here.

Mick Wills was class and Interstellar Funk's set was super boss. Playing this gem right now:
https://www.discogs.com/Unknown-Artist- … se/6186655
Totally underrated record with a blistering techno butcher on there.


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Whoever is playing Shortwave Mystery now, big thumbs up!

Streaming has been ace, great idea and working beautifully.


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Saw Albert One passed away there on Monday.



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Sound Clod https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/r … va-7-abril
Manx Cud https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-forfeit-30042020/

Show number seven of WE FORFEIT on Madrid's Radio Relativa with two hours of chat, from our house and heart.
Music from the likes Gescom, Micahel Fakesch, Lord of the Isles, John Beltran and loads more. https://www.radiorelativa.eu/ from 12.00 to 14.00 CET (11.00 to 13.00 GMT.)
Edición número siete del WE FORFEIT, dos horas de música desde nuestra casa y corazón.
Música Gescom, Micahel Fakesch, Lord of the Isles, John Beltran y mucho mucho más. Desde Madrid a través Radio Relativa (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) a partir de las 12.00 a 14.00 CET (11.00 a 13.00 GMT.)

Gescom :: Keynell 1 (Skam)
L’usine :: Charydis (Isophlux)
Metal Beast :: Upcgriqr(L'usine remix) (Eat This)
Michael Fakesch :: Sega (Musik Aus Strom)
John Beltran :: Wet With Rain (De:tuned)
Scanner :: Eros (Bitten By The Black Dog) (De:tuned)
Lord Of The Isles :: Galicia (Shevchenko)
The Actors Pedantry :: House (Ampoule)
Boy Robot :: Your Neighbour (City Centre Offices)
DJ Stefan Egger :: Cosmic Esmeralda (Antinote)
Dutch Dream Girls :: TMF 1996 (Mothball)
Shitcluster :: Love Machine (Bio Rhythm)
Frak :: Dimthings (In The Dark Again)
Underground Resistance :: Mercury Bearing
Savage Grounds :: Motoric (Lux Rec)
Torrent :: Order Blacklist No. 17 (Schrodinger's Box)
Mater Suspiria Vision :: Book Of Eibon(Parasols Remix)(Giallo Disco)
@Snuffo :: Body to Body (KSTS Remix)(Clasicos Del Ruido)
Aviador Dro :: Cromosomas Salvajes (Mecanica)
Pantser Fabriek :: Keine Zeit (Bunker Records)
Beau Wanzer :: He Spilled My Drink (L.I.E.S. Records)
Smersh :: Hard Wired (Dark Entries)
Stage :: I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind (Delivery Records)


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Super sorry to hear about your mother's passing man, deepest condolences to you and your family.

I'm in Madrid and been in lockdown for forty days. Lockdown means don't leave the house unless ya go to the shop, the pharmacy, the bank or walk the dog. I haven't been outside a three block radius in that time.
The whole thing feels very unremoved, I've had mates and their folks getting it here; though the worse case was a friend in the UK who was hospitalised for like a week.

I work in a secondary school here so work is all online, which is fine but way too much time in front of a laptop. Spend the time listening to music, like Jay making mixes, doing some reading, playing with cats and spending too much time on a laptop. I'd happily never facetime anyone again. Been cooking too, making gnocchi, bread, stuff prob wouldn't put the time into otherwise.

The uncertainty is difficult, the lack of outside stimulus is pretty hard too as variety goes out the window fair quick.

Could be worse. I'm healthy, as are my family. Just grin and bear.

For football just watching back some classic games, tis alright.


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Some nostalgia and good music.

Mxcld : https://www.mixcloud.com/igloomag/igloo … 1996-2016/
Sndcld : https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/2 … -1994-2019

Tracklist ::
Aesthete :: Plus One (Computer Club) (2016)
Phonem :: Untitled (Morr Music) (2002)
Dual Purpose :: Rubbaband (30mil Recordings) (2003)
Push Button Objects :: Non-Existant (Chocolate Industries) (1998)
Protocol :: Ndc (Boomchain Mix By Shad T. Scott) (Isophlux) (1999)
Takeshi Muto :: Ntak (Schematic) (1999)
Funckarma :: Lellectr (Djak-Up-Bitch: DUB) (2001)
Phonem :: Bliphop (Jetlag) (1999)
Swap :: Untitled (A2) (Musik Aus Strom) (1999)
L’usine – Coded (Isophlux) (1998)
Kettel :: I Live You (Djak-Up-Bitch: DUB) (2002)
Ambulance :: Redudents (Ultramack) (2000)
Solenoid :: N120d (Outward Music Company) (1998)
Phonem :: Phonetik (Morr Music) (1999)
Gescom :: Keynell (Autechre Rmx) (Warp) (1996)


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Hour long electro mix done for Dark Science Electro in their guest series.


Dr Break :: 1983 (Main Dropper) (Doctor Break)
E.V.I.A.N. And The Atlantis Posse :: Techno City (Techno Cut Records)
Microthol :: Acid Bosons (Marco Passarani Remix) (TRUST)
The Exaltics :: The Hunch (The Exaltics' Annihilate The Planet) (Last Known Trajectory)
Morphology :: Evaportation Residue (AC Records)
Der Zyklus :: Formenverwandler (Frustrated Funk, Clone)
The Isolator :: Distance (Lockertmatik)
Junq :: 303 Days On Kepla-47c (Brokntoys)
Spesimen :: Satellite (Frustrated Funk)
Privacy :: The Flow (Klasse Wrecks)
DMX Krew :: Urgent Inquiry (Breakin’ Records)
Detroit’s Filthiest :: Social Engineering (Philphtrax Records)
Sansibar :. Ghetto of the Mind (FTP)
Dark Vekto :: Es que no lo veis (Util Records)
Jensen Interceptor :: Aqua Lung (Craigie Knowes)
Arctor :: Soulless (Tremors)
EPY :: Dreierlei (Trust)


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arabot wrote:
score100 wrote:

Went through the Ukraine episode, very cool. Really loving to hear you and Jonny passionately talking about it and discussing this. Loving that acidfolk track. What was the artists' name again, electroheart/herd or something?
Brings me to the only point I'd like to add: would love to have a tracklist for this. My Scottish has gotten a bit rusty and I can't go backwards in mixcloud when I overhear something  neutral

Hey man  thanks for the feedback.  big_smile  We probably get more Scottish after a few beers as well, so it probably gets harder to follow later in each episode. Here is the acid folk track here https://elektroherd.bandcamp.com/

Also the tracklistings are on our Mixcloud page https://www.mixcloud.com/ITRPOD/

I thought that was Johnny, soft dulcet tones of his big_smile  Give him my regards!


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https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/r … va-6-marzo


Show number six of WE FORFEIT on Madrid's Radio Relativa with two hours of chat, reflections and perplexions,
Music from the likes Le Syndicat Electronique, Mystic & Quantum, 030303, Rephlex, De:tuned, Crème Organization and mountains more. https://www.radiorelativa.eu/ from 16.00 to 18.00 CET (15.00 a 17.00 GMT.)

Edición número seis del WE FORFEIT, dos horas de charla, relecciones y perplejidades.
Música de Le Syndicat Electronique, Mystic & Quantam, 030303, Rephlex, De:tuned, Crème Organization y mucho mucho más. Desde Madrid a través Radio Relativa (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) a partir de las 16.00 a 18.00 CET (15.00 a 17.00 GMT.)

Cylob :: Flicklife (Rephlex)
Bishop :: From The Same Mould (U-Trax)
Mr. Beef :: Ziel Verfehlt (Clear Memory)
Le Syndicat Electronique :: The Men Who Killed The Beat (Invasion Planète Recordings)
Yarn Init :: Blind Step (Clear Memory)
It & My Computer :: The Player (Invasion Planète Recordings)
Liðvarð :: Heat Wave (Mystic & Quantum)
Zaphyd :: Milo (030303) www.030303.nl/
E.R.P. Beacon Monitor System (Forgotten Future)
Erik Van Den Broek :: Primerose (Mix 2) (De:tuned)
The Kosmik Kommando :: Biosurvival (Mike Dred's Acid Mix) (De:tuned)
Dj Rush :: The Family (Djax Up Beats)
Brame & Hamo :: Pressure (Brame & Hamo)
Theo Parrish :: Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix) (Synchrophone)
Jonny 5 :: Tum Tum (Bahnsteig 23)
Experimental Products :: Glowing in the Dark (Gigolo)
Luke’s Anger :: Whipsaw (Bonus Round)
Steve Murphy :: Man In A Box (Hot Haus)
DJ Sugeles :: Saif (Str Mrkd)
IVVVO :: Our Journey (Crème Organization)
TenGrams :: Pop Song (N.O.I.A. Records)
Betonkust & Palmbomen II :: Nintendo Pantera (Dekmantel)


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arabot wrote:
S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

Hey arabot, the perfect timing to check this out. I'll give feedback later. Peace and stay safe!

Cool cool man thanks for the response, hope you dig some of the music and conversation!

Nice one Joel, must give it a listen. Great idea and a real spread of countries.

How's life with yourself? All good in Glasgae?


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DumbBot wrote:

SCD Live at EMIL festival March 15th, 2003

Ooft, gonna be all over this like a drunkard on a hard earned bagga chips!

Florence comp on Delsin.

https://www.delsinrecords.com/release/6 … xpressions


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Mxcld : https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-forfeit-10022020/
Sndcld : https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/r … ks-of-2019

Show number five on Madrid's Radio Relativa, recorded in their new studio, (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) from 17.00 to 19.00 CET (16.00 a 18.00 GMT.)
Top tracks from 2019, mostly, with music from Bahnsteig23, Juanpablo, Kord, E.R.P., John Shima, Tagwell Woods, WLDV and heaps more.

Edición numero cinco, hoy para todo el mundo en el mundo en Radio Relativa, grabado en el estudio nuevo, (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) a partir de las 17.00 a 19.00 CET (16.00 a 18.00 GMT.)
Una selección de unos favoritos de 2019 con música desde Bahnsteig23, Juanpablo, Kord, E.R.P., John Shima, Tagwell Woods, WLDV y mucho más.

"I'm having an hour or two off today to listen to it, feck the count." - Irish Taoiseach : Leo Varadkar

Other shows and odds and ends here, https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152, here https://www.mixcloud.com/WE_FORFEIT/ and here, https://weforfeit.blogspot.com/

Todo Todo :: Digital Dancer (Juanpablo's Edit)(Frigio)
Kord :: Vilse (Femur)
Filmmaker :: Extinction Wave (HC Records)
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor :: Rotorwerks (Rattleznake)
The Sun Corporation :: Te Suena (Primitive Version)
Tonovelle :: Event Horizon (Where We Met)
Tagwell Woods :: Bench on the Hill (Distant Worlds)
BOA Featuring Mathieu Deranlot :: Lumière Électronique (FireScope Records)
Russ Gabriel :: Planet Discovery (Exalt Records)
John Shima :: Empires (FireScope)
Ziggy :: Trance Gigolo (Bahnsteig 23)
Electro Force :: Getting High (303 Records)
Younger Than Me :: Dirty Sex Ft Justine (Bar Rotterdam)
Exhausted Modern :: Cima Da Lägh (Electronic Leatherette)
Junq :: Altered State (Furthur Electronix)
E.R.P. :: Spurned (Forgotten Future)
Negocius Man :: Meditation (Microm Records)
Versalife :: Clandestine Development (20:20 Vision)
Vangelis Katsoulis :: Earth Beat (Edited By – Bartoszek)
WLDV :: Inner Communications (Waste Editions)
Simona Sierra :: Muchacho (I.D. Limited)
Antoni Maiovvi :: The Wolf Void (Artificial Horizon)


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JayStarbo wrote:
DumbBot wrote:

As One Album is great. Shame the De:Tuned stuff isn't available digitally.

Nore is it on cd, which i don't get really, as it is the perfect medium for this kind of immersive listening techno, and isn't a CD the perfect 90s retro artifact?

2019 had some really nice techno albums I think!

Highlights for me were:
* Shed – Oderbruch [Ostgut Ton]
* Jeff Mills – Moon (The Area Of Influence) [Axis]
* Placid Angles - First Blue Sky [Magicwire]
* Function – Existenz [Tresor]
* Nu Era – Evolve [Omniverse]
* Scan 7 – Between Worlds [Deeptrax Records]
* Special Request – Bedroom Tapes [Houndstooth]
* John Beltran – Hallo Androiden [Blue Arts Music / Delsin]

Good shout on that Nu Era and John Beltran releases. Beltran is a real underrated master.


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There are some cracking releases of late.

10 Years of De:tuned
https://www.discogs.com/label/1590378-1 … of-Detuned
Absolutely ridiculously good. Best techno project in a decade for me.

As One – Communion
https://www.discogs.com/As-One-Communio … e/14417075
Best stuff I've heard from Kirk Degiorgio in years.

Distant Worlds is consitently brilliant. Lovely deep emotive techno.


All dayer on this Saturday in Madrid in La Matriz Espacio. Starts at 2pm. 7 euro in and ya get a drink with that.




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Mixcloud :: 
Soundcloud :: https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/r … va-4-enero

Show number four of WE FORFEIT on Madrid's Radio Relativa with two hours  of chat, new years resolutions, competitons, listener questions and music from Perälä, Caustic Window, John Heckle, Mark Forshaw, Negocius Man, Rotterdam Electronics and loads more. https://www.radiorelativa.eu/ from 18.00 to 20.00 CET (17.00 a 19.00 GMT.)

Edición numero cuatro del WE FORFEIT, dos horas de charla con todos los asuntos importantes, propósitos del año nuevo, concursos, preguntas del oyentes y música de Aleksi Perälä, Caustic Window John Heckle, Mark Forshaw, Negocius Man, Rotterdam Electronics y mucho más. Desde Madrid a través Radio Relativa (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) a partir de las 18.00 a 20.00 CET (17.00 a 19.00 GMT.)

Intro :: From the laps (Bitmapped)
Irazu :: Levander Mist (Hooded)
Aleksi Perälä :: Nl-L56-18-07473 (Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB))
Mr. Fingers  :: Inner Acid (Aleksi Perälä Remix) (Alleviated Records)
Aleksi Perälä :: NLL561606935 (Clone Basement Series)
Itako :: Fly Over The Forgotten Cities (Artificial Horizon)
Caustic Window :: Cordialatron (Rephlex)
Red Tape :: Coir (030303)
RX-101 :: Themis (Suction)
3 Phase :: Rota (Tresor)
Surgeon :: (Dynamic Tension Records)
Tr One :: Viceroy-9c (Apartment Records)
Mark Forshaw :: Table Etiquette (Computer Controlled Records)
John Heckle :: Blindman's Bluff (Tabernacle)
Negocious Man :: U Gotta Bounce (Microm Records)
Affective Sauna :: Lobby Groove (Galaxunity)
Fractions :: Dissuasions (Rotterdam Electronics)
Anthony Rother :: Sex With the Machines (Kanzleramt)
Nighthawk :: Eye of the Tiger (RFC)
Freeez :: A.E.I.O.U (Virgin)
Bam Bam :: Where’s Your Child (Tresor)
Decadence :: On & On (Mannequin)


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Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/r … en-records
Mixcloud - https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-fo … -09122019/

Show number three on of WE FORFEIT on Madrid's Radio Relativa, special guest interview, chat and music selection from Hyboid  from Astro Chicken Records! https://www.radiorelativa.eu/ from 17.00 to 19.00 CET (16.00 a 18.00 GMT.)

Edición numero tres del WE FORFEIT, entrevista y música con el huésped y músico fenomenal: Hyboid, el dueno de Astro Chicken. Desde Madrid por Radio Relativa (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) a partir de las 17.00 a 19.00 CET (16.00 a 18.00 GMT.)

Expect unreleased tracks, gear chat, inspirations and guilty pleasures from the synth maestro.

Tenemos música nuevo de Hyboid, conversación sobre el proceso creativo y mucho más!

Intro :: From the laps (Bitmapped)
Starlight Hammer Sounds :: Turrican 2 (Astro Chicken)
Hyboid :: Telepath Or Psychopath (Aspecto Humano)
Hyboid :: Trip To NGC891 2 (Astro Chicken)
Anbau :: Disco Z (Aspecto Humano)
Q 1 : For our listeners who might not know, how is Hyboid and what is Astro Chicken Records?
Q 2 : So when did you set up the label?
Hyboid :: Dr. Dabic's Pain Amplifier
Risk Risk :: Digital Love
Sternrekorder :: Sugarshaker
Q 3 : And how long have you been producing music?
Hyboid :: Space Haze
Hyboid as Erwin Eiswürfel :: Roboterbrösel (Störgeräusche aus dem Evangelium)
Q 4 : So what are your early influences? What three records really stand out from these influences?
Klaus Doldinger :: Das Boot
Paso Doble :: Computerliebe
Caustic Window :: Italic Eyeball
Q 5 : And who is influencing you nowadays?
Jan Hammer Group :: Don't You Know
Bernard Fevre :: Max Stroke
Telex :: En Route Vers De Nouvelles Aventures
Q 6 : As Hyboid you have released five albums. What draws you to the LP medium instead of EP?
Hyboid :: Terrör of the Üniverse (Intro)
Hyboid :: Les Aventures des Synthés
Q 7 : How are you producing your music? What machines are you using?
Hyboid :: Crystal of the Ancients
Q 8 : Tell us about your recently released album, Silent Signals has just hit the shops. What is this fifth album about? How is it different to your previous LPs?
Hyboid :: Starcrush
Hyboid :: Strange Signals
Hyboid :: Future Fever
Q 9 : We are here in Madrid, can you tell us about the time you played here? Will you be back soon?
Q 10 : What does the future hold for you? The label?
Hyboid :: Apocalypse in Neon
Hyboid and the Astro Chicken Allstars :: Untitled
Q 11 : What are your predictions for electronic music in the future?
Q 12: To end, what about a guilty pleasure track?
Jon & Vangelis: I'll find My Way Home


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Show number two on Madrid's Radio Relativa (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) from 17.00 to 19.00 CET (16.00 a 18.00 GMT.)

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152/r … -2-octubre
Mixcloud - https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-forfeit-07112019/

Edición dos, hoy para todo el mundo en el mundo en Radio Relativa (https://www.radiorelativa.eu/) a partir de las 17.00 a 19.00 CET (16.00 a 18.00 GMT.)

Music from Tagwell Woods, Roger23, Plant 43,  Bradley Strider, Kano, Xenon, Daniel Andréasson, Oppenheimer Analysis, Hyboid and heaps more.

Next month we'll have an interview from one of the final two in said list.

"I love nothing more than listening to it" - Irish Taoiseach : Leo Varadkar

Show number one and other odds and ends are here, https://soundcloud.com/user-457487152, here https://www.mixcloud.com/WE_FORFEIT/ and here, https://weforfeit.blogspot.com/

Intro :: From the laps (Bitmapped)
Tagwell Woods :: Hardware (W.T. Records)
Tagwell Woods :: Christmas (Photic Fields)
Tagwell Woods :: Tagwell Woods (W.T. Records)
Xenon :: Galaxi (ZYX)
Dramatis Personae :: Carcosa (Vielspaß)
Mr TC & Lo Kindre :: Contaminant (Phase Group)
Diffuse Arc :: ACTO 5. Soledad (odio)
E.R.P. :: Wishing Still (Forgotten Figure)
Stratowerx :: Secret State (Sync 24 Remix) (Caught London Sleeping)
Sorrowbot :: Palpit-8 (Schrodinger’s Box)
Franck Sarrio :: Army Of Robots (Radio Mars)
Will Web :: D Playas (@FTP)
DMX Krew :: Urgent Enquiry (Breakin' Records)
Cybonix :: Shake Yo Body (Frustrated Funk)
Detroit’s Filthiest :: Baby Makin Music (Philphtrax)
Bradley Strider :: Bradley’s Beat (Rephlex)
Parris Mitchell :: Computer (Dance Mania)
Dj Ford Foster :: Gold Cans (Unknown to the Unknown.)
Dynamite Winter Palace :: Transiberian (Knekelhuis A Parigi)
Kano :: Ikeya Seki
Daniel Kyo :: Blood Running (Giallo Disco)
Daniel Andréasson :: Track 4 (Skudge White)
Roger23 :: Deep, Deeper & Deeper (Bio Rhythm)
Plant43 :: Tellarium Snow (Central Processing Unit)
Oppenheimer Analysis :: Subterranean Desire (Minimal Wave)
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