11/06/22 - 18.00– 03.30

WE FORFEIT Presents...

A night of debauchery and devilment with the first ever WE FORFEIT night in Killing Time.

To inaugurate this new venture, the lads have enlisted the services of a cracking musician and electronic innovator; Neud Photo.

An artist steeped in electro, raised on new beat, soaked in acid, led the wrong way by techno and addicted to italo; Neud Photo is an artist guaranteed to bring the goods. Bordello A Parigi. Frigio Records. Rat Life. Just some of the labels that have featured his intoxicatingly unique sound. And we’ve got him for one of his first live sets in Spain. Unmissable.

WE FORFEIT will be sharing the cabin with a cracking collection of Djs. An exciting upcoming selector, Nahuel is primed for some choice cuts.

Orco, of Fill-Lex Records fame, will be on hand to deliver a cold blend of electro, techno and wave.David Verdeguer, the man behind HC Records and Killing Time, will take to the cabin with a guarantee of pure quality.

Killing Time, Carrer del Dr. Sumsi, 21, 46005 València


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … mora-rr-hq

Teo Mattress :: Fairfield (Speedin' Mix) (Tech Startup)
T&K Crew :: Memory Child (Balkan Vinyl)
?? :: ?? (Mind Records)
Kraftwerk :: Radioactivity (Francois Kervorkian 12" Remix) (Kling-Klang)
Leonid :: Mind Control (Lunar Disko Records)
Costalloe :: Moon Transmission (Slowburn Remix) (Signal Code Records)
Flux Of Pink Indians :: Nothing Is Not Done (Vinilette Edit)(Frigio)
Heaven 17 : Play to Win (Traxx Edit)
Neud Photo :: Simulations (Pylon/Custom Craft)
Timothy.J.Fairplay :: Autoduel(Pinkman Records)
I-F :: Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Viewlexx)
Metropolis :: ?? (Pinkman Broken Dreams)
Roberto Auser :: Unscarred (Lunatic Rec.)
En Direct :: Willingness (Lunatic Rec.)
Principia Audiomatica :: Distorted Information (Alert Command Remix)(Frigio)
Mutant Dance Beat :: ?? (??)
? :: ?? (??)
Asymetric80 :: Dark Lights(Aspecto Humano)
Voidloss :: Dominion (HC Records)
?? :: Sharevari (??)
?? :: ?? (??)
Dee Jay Bert & Eagle :: Import (Alessandro Adriani Dub Remix)
Lata Ramasar :: The Greatest Name That Lives (Alessandro Adriani Remix)


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … s-valencia

Grey House :: New Beats the House (Dark Entries)
John Beltran :: Brilliant Flood (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix) (Delsin)
DJN4 :: Bolognase (Emotional Rescue)
Gerd :: Planet F.D.M.X. (Mix 909) (Royal Oak)
Mutant beat dance :: vibrational nature (the spirit center) (Nation)
JTC feat. Rodger Devine :: The Monolith (Nation)
Paul Hardcastle :: 19-The Final Story (Chrysalis Records)
Pusscat :: Crack is Whack (Creme Organization)
Hyboid : Italians and Spacemen (Bordello A Parigi)
Kissing The Pink :: The Last Film (Medusa Edits)
An-i :: Gutz (Cititrax)
James T. Cotton :: The Boxx (Ghostly)
The Sun God :: The Library Of Babel (Bio-Rhythm)
VernoN :: Pfonk4dawgz (Night allery)
Qnete :: Grey City Anthem (ZCKR)
Front 242 :: Headhunter (Red Rhino)
Umwelt :: State of Matter (Shipwrec)
Gesloten Cirkel :: Zombiemaschine Acid (Murder Capital)
Philipp Gorbachev  :: 5th New Century Feat. Polina (PG TUNE)
Hugo Massien & DJ Haus :: Network Processor (Unknown to the Unknown)
Kraftwerk :: The Telephone Call (Kling Klang EMI)
Anbau :: Disco Z (Aspecto Humano)

Just came across this and thought it might interest a robot or two.

https://www.doorsopen.co/job/4135/creat … adim-haqq/
Creative Commission: From The Depths - Celebrating Drexciya and Transatlantic Exchange with AbuQadim Haqq
We’re commissioning two artists, one from the North of England, and one from the USA, to collaborate and produce new music reflecting on the legacy of Detroit electro-techno duo Drexciya, described by Resident Advisor as the “most important electro artists of the 90’s”.


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … nationshit

¡Muchísimas gracias Carlos!
Mynationshit :: Little Blue Housecoat (Waste Editions)
Mynationshit :: Dull Mentor (Waste Editions)
Copy :: Hard to Care(Audio Dregs)
CiM :: Do Not Multiply Models (DeFocus)
CiM :: By A River (DeFocus)
Voiski :: CDG MUC (Super 95)
Alako :: Spiral/Spacific (Notte Tempo)
Kettel :: Mauerbrecher (Lapsus)
Gimmik :: (Worm Interface/Lapsus)
Dead Husband :: Icebox (Waste Editions)
Vortice Mortale :: Voci Dal Nulla (Waste Editions)
Versalife :: Neogenesis (TRUST)
E.R.P. :: Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix) (Semantica)
Quadratschluz :: DYLD Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB)
Delayscape:: Voices Of Time (Noise to Meet You)
Jesu :: Consciousness (Avalanche)
Hørd :: Bodies#13 (Avant!)
9ToEarth :: Petal Of Ice. (Artificial Intelligence)
Telefon Tel Aviv ::  Not Breathing (Ghostly International)
Vertical Dimension :: Distorted Reality (Noise to Meet You)
Heinz Beauvaix :: Ruimteschip Em Ruimtemoster. (Cold Beat Records)
Undo &Casiowaves :: Call Me Tonight (Factor City)
Volta Cab :: Echo Park (Waste Editions)
Visonia :: Claroscuro (Frigio)
Emitió a través de Radio Relativa 08/04/22


Pretending to be Scottish at the weekend.
19/08/21 - 12.00 – 00.30
Killing Time, Carrer del Dr. Sumsi, 21, 46005 València


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … lo-moderni
https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-fo … -16032022/

Clay Pedrini :: New Dream (I.D. Limited)
Who is Adrián Marth and what is Italo Moderni?
Adrián Marth :: Disorder (Wrong Era/ Italo Moderni)
Rapha :: V More Karabli (Italo Moderni)
How did you become influenced in electronic music and, in particular, italo? Who are your influences?
Adrián Marth :: Black Ritual Witches (Wrong Era/ Italo Moderni)
Why did you decide to set up your own label? What style is Italo Moderni pursuing?
Journeyman :: Something Dies In The Soul (Day mix) (KosmoramaDisco)
Win2Win :: Fantasia 500 (Wrong Era)
L&O::Even Now (La Musique Fait La Force)
Shortly after you started this project, the world entered into a pandemic. How were you able to adapt and continue to develop your label and yourself as a performer?
Anne Clarke :: Our Darkness (Virgin)
Petra & Co :: Just Let Go (Dub) (La Musique Fait La Force)
Your live show has seen you perform in events such as IFM streaming festival and at the Operator stage at Ombra in Barcelona. What is your process for performing live? Is it different to how you create music in the studio?
Adrián Marth :: Adrian Marth - Experiment Man (Italo Moderni)
You’re based in Barcelona, but your collaborations and various artist compilations draw artists from all over the continent. How do you find artists to collaborate with? What do you look for when you want to work with an artist?
Chino :: Shoplifters (Italo Moderni)
Italo disco continues to see a resurgence in popularity. Why is this genre so endearing?
Larry Day :: Fashion Girl (I.D. Limited)
Alba :: Philomena (Aube)
Suicide Booth :: Aura (Das Drehmoment)
How is the music scene in Barcelona?
Mata Hari :: Mata Hari Mata Hari (Blanco y Negro/Bordello A Parigi/Moustache)
It appears that the electronic scene in Spain favours darker sounds: we’ve already spoken of Ombra festival, countless artists talk of their love of post-punk and industrial while labels like barro, fill-lex and soil really push this sound. Why do you think darkness continues to be so prevalent in the Spanish scene?
Boris Divider :: Parallel (Arcanoid remix version 2) (Frigio)
What are you releasing next? Any snippets for us?
Timothy J. Fairplay :: Altar Room (Italo Moderni)
Univac :: Aegis(Italo Moderni)
What do you have planned for the future? (tours/shows/record releases etc. remember this interview will probably air mid february)
And to finish,, what is a guilty pleasure track for you?
Axxess :: Dancing Shadows (Lamborghini/Medical Records)


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … a-25-enero

Int Main :: Setup II (Clear Memory)
Digitizer :: Machine Learning (Pulse Drift Recordings)
Robyrt Hecht :: The Cone (Clear Memory)
Laura Brannigan :: Self Control (Atlantic)
Raff :: Self Control (Carrere)
Pop District :: Red Eye (Distant Works)
Roy of the Ravers :: Oriental X0X-Press (90's Bassmix Edit) (Emotional Response)
Roy of the Ravers :: The Clock House Pt.2 (Emotional Response)
Aphex Twin :: Heliosphan (R&S)
Kinaesthesia :: Kobal (Rephlex)
Technical Onslaught :: Eyes Of The Mind (Rawax)
Joey Beltram :: Proto Four (Ownlife)
Sweet D :: Thanks Ya (Traxx)
T.Traxx :: Piano Project (Clone)
Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio :: Aum 8 (Hivern Discs)
Mr Fingers :: Outer Acid (Upsammy Hearing Voices Remix) (Alleviated)
Melatonin Man     :: Garrol (Nous'klaer Audio)
Gene Hunt & Rob Hardy:: 16 & Indians (Rush Hour)
Leron Carson :: China II (Sound Signature)
Juzer :: The Saturators (RUBBER)
Benedek :: Lighten Up  (L.I.E.S)
Gridlock :: 364 (One Day With Proem) (Hymen)


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https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-fo … -11012022/
https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … ks-of-2021

Galvanica :: Nightlights In Japan (Dekmantel)
Isamar & Compañia ::No Estas (Dekmantel)
Diego :: Walk in the Night (ZYX)
Mark :: Dreamland (Dekmantel)
Attack 41 :: Soviet Calculator (P89 Remix Vocal) (Unusual Systems)
P89 :: Acid Dream (Unusual Systems)
Fugue ::Contrapoint (Likemind)
Nuron :: Mirage (Likemind)
Alphonse :: Beechwood (Klasse Wrecks)
World Crime League :: Morning People (Infinite Wisdom Glasgow)
Mariska Neerman :: Transatlatic Romancer (HC Records)
Simbolo: Synchrono (Mick Wills Edit) (Frigio Records)
Martin Matiske :: Ran´ningu (Femur Records)
DMX Krew ft Black Tony :: Night Creatures (Breakin’ Records)
Javonntte :: Monday Love (Prayers For The Long Life)
Axodry :: Loosing You (DBH Records)
Humanoid :: Pyramid 17 (De:tuned)
Roger Van Lunteren :: Saskia End Courts (MASA Series)
Antenna :: Timables (Clone Royal Oak)
Omar Josoef :: Morning World (Hard Fist)
Promising/Youngster :: Both of You (Analogical Force)

New year acktion.


Neud Photo and We Forfeit playing at Recreo Bar tonight.
C/ de la Mercè 26, 08002 Barcelona
From 20:15 to 00:30 a.m. FREE ENTRY


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … ra-special
https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-fo … -15122021/

Off to Ombra. Festivals and factories in Barçelona. Two hours from artists and labels who are playing this year and have done so previously including Adrian Marth (Italo Moderni), Clock DVA, Credit 00, Das Ding, Gamma Intel, June, Esplendor Geometrico, Mark Du Mosch, Neud Photo and label like Frigio, Soil, Pinkman and heaps more.

Vamos a Ombra. Festivales y fabricas en Barçelona. Dos horas de artistas y sellos asociado con el festival como Adrian Marth (Italo Moderni), Clock DVA, Credit 00, Das Ding, Gamma Intel, June, Esplendor Geometrico, Mark Du Mosch, Neud Photo y Frigio, Soil, Pinkman y mucho más.


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … 03-records

Interview. Interview. Interview. Two hours with 030303 Records. Acid. Braindance. Electro. House. Techno. Talk and secrets. Tracks from Autechre, Caramel Chameleon, Kid Machine, Plaid, Rolando Simmons, Roger Van Lunteren and loads more. Enjoy!

Entrevista. Entrevista. Entrevisa. Dos horas con 030303 Records. Acid. Braindance. Electro. House. Techno. Charla y secretos. Música por Autechre, Caramel Chameleon, Kid Machine, Plaid, Rolando Simmons, Roger Van Lunteren y muchísimo más. ¡Disfrutala!


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … y-valenica


Recording from the birthday bash in Valencia for Hypnotica Colectiva. As heard in Killing Time. Two hours of including Aspecto Humano, Bordello A Parigi, Frigio, Emotional Response, HC Records, Hivern Discs, Where We Met, Unusual Systems and loads more.

Grabación del aniversario de Hypnotica Colectiva en Valencia. Como sonó en el mítica Killing Time. Dos horas llenadas con favoritos de Aspecto Humano, Bordello A Parigi, Frigio, Emotional Response, HC Records, Hivern Discs, Where We Met, Unusual Systems y mucho más.


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Friday night fun. A couple of weeks back for SBOX Radio on Schrödinger Box's  Laniakea on IntergalacticFM. Played late September.

Barbara Mason :: Another Man (Instrumental) (West End Records)
Tuga :: Drunk Driving (Instrumental) (MCA Records)
Model Man :: Forever Strangers (Bordello A Parigi)
Information Society :: Running (Precapella) (Tommy Boy)
Paul Hardcastle :: Panic (Bluebird)
Norcera :: Tell U So (The 54 Mix) (Sleeping Bag Records)
T-Shrt :: Blow The Whistle (FTP)
Sa-Fire :: Let Me Be the One (Dub) (Cutting Records)
Sheena : Jam Jam Come On (Edit) (Jocks)
David Carretta :: Dry Tears (Libertine Records)
The Eurhythmics :: Here Comes the Rain Again (RCA)
Animotion :: Obsession (Special Dub Mix) (Mercury)
Taracco :: Drums Only (Metronome)
Dj’s Factory :: A View To a Kill (Rush Records)
Duran Duran :: The Wild Boys (Wilder Than The Wild Box Extended Mix) (Parlophone)
Debbie J :: I Can’t Control My Needs (Nunk Records)
The S:Sence :: No Time for Losers (Dub Attack) (Westside)
Miquel Brown :: Black Leather (Record Shack Records)
Velvet :: Hold Me (Touch of Hammond Version) (Deep Groove)
Fun Fun :: Happy Station (Dub Mix) (Teldec)
Will to Power :: Fading Away (Power House Mix) (Epic)
Taylor Dayne :: Tell It To My Heart (Dub of Hearts Mix) (Arista)


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Scloud - https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … septiembre
Mcloud - https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-forfeit-16092021/

Tomorrow / Mañana 16/09/2021 16.00-18.00 CET www.radiorelativa.eu

The return to Radio Relativa. WE FOREIT are back, after the summer break, with more records and unbridled enthusiasm. Two hours of electronix with records from 030303, Dip Shim, HC Records, Noise To Meet You, Masa Series, Roger van Lunteren, Something Happening Somewhere, Spazio Disponibile, Unusual Systems Records , Waste Editions and loads more.

La vuelta a Radio Relativa. WE FORFEIT vuelve, después el descanso de verano, con más discos y más ganas que nada. Dos horas de música de electrónica con referencias de 030303, Dip Shim, HC Records, Noise To Meet You, Masa Series, Roger van Lunteren, Something Happening Somewhere, Spazio Disponibile, Unusual Systems Records, Waste Editions y mucho más.

Filmmaker :: Noir Times (HC Records)
Corp :: Welcome to... (Unusual Systems)
Corp :: Alarm State (Unusual Systems)
Corp :: Sucidio (Unusual Systems)
Tolerance :: Machinery (Indalo)
Tuga :: Drunk Driving (MCA)
Newcleus :: Cyborg Dance (Sunnyview)
Nightmoves :: Transdance (New York Disco Mix) (GC Recordings)
Mynationshit :: Frothy (Waste Editions)
Sed Blava :: Teoría del Cielo (Waste Editions)
Roger van Lunteren :: Saskian End Courts (Masa Series)
Roger van Lunteren :: Vanish (Aroy Dee's Classic Mix) (Something Happening, Somewhere)
Roger van Lunteren :: The Broke (030303)
PA Presents :: A Grasp (U-Trax)
Luke Slater :: Degrees of Thinking (Loaded)
Konduku :: Parlama (Spazio Disponible)
Elecktroids :: Kilohertz (Warp/Clone Aqualung Series)
Module 3F :: Nullnullnull (Noise to Meet You)
Dip Shim :: Arbetsära (Malmø Traxx)
Pan Sonic :: Fermi (Blast First Petite)
Philus :: Tele-Ctro (Sähkö Recordings)
Void Vision :: In 20 Years (Blind Prophet Records)


26/08/21 - 20.00 – 00.30
WE FORFEIT @ Hypnotica Colectiva Anniversary XVI,
Killing Time, Carrer del Dr. Sumsi, 21, 46005 València

Playing records next Thursday in Valencia as part of a four day birthday bash for HC (https://hcrecords.bandcamp.com/)
Like all at the minute, ya gotta give em a shout if ya fancy coming along (https://www.facebook.com/hypnoticacolectiva)


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Latest one for Green Fingers Collective.


https://soundcloud.com/greenfingersrec/ … we-forfeit

Mark Du Mosch :: Incense (Tape)
LNS :: 37th Degree (Dj Sotofett's DubFix) (LNS)
FLorence :: A Touch of Heaven (Eevo Lute Musique)
Versalife :: Aegies (20:20 Vision)
Lord of the Isles :: Rave May Four (DFSANT)
Affective Sauan :: Lobby Groove (Galaxunity)
Skatbård :: 31 Seconds (Keys of Life)
Circadian Rhythms :: There Is No Hope? (P-Law 1996 Mix) (Basic Moves)
Aleksei Nikitin :: Tevi (Gost Zvuk)
Mr Fingers :: Inner Acid (Aleksi Perälä Remix) (Alleviated Music)
Norken :: Arp Galaxy (Third Ear)
Jared Wilson : Seeing is Forgetting (030303)
Morphology :: Kernal Method (FireScope Records)
Future Beat Alliance :: Lo Tech Jazz (Delsin)


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Ooft, all over this. Kernkrach is such an institution, time and time again releasing brilliant music.

Thanks Manasyt!


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The picture ya used with the mix is of the Met Office near Glasnevin.




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Good sounding mix man!

That Glasnevin Met Office?


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … eckamadrid
https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-fo … -09062021/

Tomorrow / Mañana 09/05/2021 16.00-18.00 CET www.radiorelativa.eu
Last show of the season! Live recording from Specka at Bizarro in Specka from WE FORFEIT and Nöle. Two hours of EBM, synth-wave and oblong pop. Tracks from the likes of Anna Logue, Bordello A Parigi, Domestica, La Forme Lente, Ian Martin, Intergalactic Gary Heinrich Dressel, and loads more. Enjoi!

La última edición de la temporada. Grabación en viva e en directada de Bizarro en Specka por WE FORFEIT y Nöle. Dos horas de EBM, synth-wave y pop oblongapor Anna Logue,  Bordello A Parigi, Domestica, La Forme Lente, Ian Martin, Intergalactic Gary Heinrich Dressel y mucho más ¡Disfrutala!


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Tomorrow / Mañana 10/05/2021 16.00-18.00 CET www.radiorelativa.eu

Wide selection for our penultimate show of the season. Music from Digitonal,  Gimmik (Toytronic), FireScope Records, Nuron (De:tuned) , Schrödinger's Box , Sound Synthesis (Distant Worlds), styles like electro, synth wave, techno and loads more including tracks that didn’t make our set at Bizarro. Two packed hours. Enjoi!

Una selección bastante amplia con la penúltima edición de la temporada. Música por Digitional, Gimmik, Nuron, Schrödinger’s Box, Sounds Synthesis, estilos como electro, synth wave, techno y mucho más que incluyen temazos que tuvimos en cuenta para Bizarro. Dos horas llenas de música electrónica. ¡Disfrutala!

Gimmik :: Sarah (Worm Interface)
Gimmik :: Rhythmus Der Stadt (Toytronic)
Digitional :: (Toytronic)
Das M :: Leidenschaft Und Produktion (Hertz-Schrittmacher)
Sound Synthesis :: Planet Hope (Distant Worlds)
Dmitry Distant & Norwell :: On The Verge(Schrödinger’s Box)
Rapha (707) :: Ivanka(Schrödinger’s Box)
Vercetti Technicolor :: Hard Pill (Giallo Disco Records)
Art Crime :: Hectic (Pinkmanrecords)
Sumerian Fleet :: Sturm Bricht Los (Crème Organization - Crème Eclipse)
Absolute Body Control :: Blue Girl Black Boy (Groovy International Records)
Panster Fabriek :: Nachts (Bunker Records)
Jensen Interceptor :: Saudade (Power Station)
Cabaret Voltaire :: Nagnagnag (RHKirk Remix) (Novamute)
Challenger of the Unknown :: Unity (Natural Sciences)
Nuron :: La Source (As One Rmx) (De:tuned)
Miles Atmospheric :: (FireScope)
Artefakt :: Crystal Confessions (De Stijl)
Piegaja :: Lavanda (Left Corner)
Mod21 :: Wormhole (@methodicalmusic)
Soolee:: Tense (Unam Zetineb Remix) (More Than Less)
Rekord 61 :: Pereval (Konstruktiv)
Anesthetic :: Void (Hertz-Schrittmacher)
Relativ Kälte :: Neonlicht (Plastic Frog)


Playing alongside Nöle of Barro Records here in Madrid on Thursday night in Specka (Calle de Orense, 28020) in a night of synth, wave and some industrial.

Reserva tu mesa : 669209775 // 10€ con copa o dos cervezas




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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/radio- … blo-frigio
https://www.mixcloud.com/relativa/we-fo … -07042021/

Tomorrow / Mañana 08/03/2021 16.00-18.00 CET
Recording from the gig we did with Aitor Arch and Juanpablo at Femur & Friends. As heard live from the legendary Specka. Two hours including many Femur favs like Alessandro Parisi, Das Ding, Visonia, Rude 66 y Solvent.

Grabación de la noche con Aitor Arch y Juanpablo desde Femur & Friends. Como sonó en el mítica Specka. Dos horas con muchísimos favoritos de Femur como Alessandro Parisi, Das Ding, Visonia, Rude 66 y Solvent.


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https://soundcloud.com/weforfeit/cant-g … dnt-go-out
The Ambientist :: Free Your Mind (Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine)
Hame Dj :: On 1 Plenty (Kalahari Oyster Cult )
Dawl + Sween :: Into the Future (Klasse Wrecks)
Reptant :: MS Plenty (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
Ability II :: Pressure (Luca Lozano Remix) (Major Problems, Compassion Cuts)
Kim Ann Foxman :: Blood Moon (Dawl & Sween's Tone Drop Out Remix) ([Emotional] Especial)
Asylum Seekers :: It's Up To You (Firstcask Records)
Altern 8 :: Hypnotic St-8 (Higher St-8 Mix) (Network)
Kim Ann Foxman :: Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi's Eclipse Mix) ([Emotional] Especial)
LNA :: Maseo Flex (Agna Mix) (Dolly Dubs)
Trance Wax :: Trance 14 (Trance Wax)
Luca Lozano :: Atmosphere (Running Back)
Spooky    Little Bullet (Manse's Breakneck Reconstruction Mix) (MNS)