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again, Cav' really deserved to be disqualified, not really Hushovd. He's more dangerous than Djamolidine Abdoujaparov at his glorious time. I think you'll have to wait until Chateauroux to see him win


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what about the hot water bucket ? big_smile


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so crayon box is still unrated on IFM, you guys talk about discogs rating system, which is useless since the start of it, while IFM rating system is not very used, except by propaganda people (nothing against them, i'd just like them to also rate other tracks...). We are very few to rate, so any votes makes huge differences, come on people, RATE !

already waiting for Mark


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Ray Van Mechelen wrote:



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I started today making the list on discogs for the IFM top100, here: http://www.discogs.com/lists/Intergalac … 2010/28988
I reckon it's another good promo tool for the radio
I first thought it was going to be easy...
Got multiple problems:

- For unreleased records, i once saw a list with unreleased stuff, how should we proceed ?
- More puzzling, sometimes, the reference to the list doesn't appear on the release page, which make the whole point of the list useless (for promo), like here for exemple: http://www.discogs.com/Three-Of-You-New … se/1453480     I've tried several times to add/remove it, with no results

That is all for problems, so far... help please !


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Great to hear ! funny, i also mailed them, this mistake was also on the CD releases they made some years ago
Does anybody know if this gonna be avaiable in usual shops ?

yes, nice party, nice chat with friends
like all good parties, it went super fast
j.error and me might take in charge one, but no clue when (damned belgian rhythm)


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oh no, not again


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naaa noct', support for jupitershero, one of the last funny thing on that forum, and the guy doesn't really listen anyway
No hater, just fun


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without having anyone between the two as a favorite, i'm really pissed off with that controversy, cause i just think there's absolutly no controversy...


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komputerdisco was on the road to Mende, but couldn't find him on TV...


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zora wrote:

and the viewlexx one ?  would be nicest.

nah, this is forever a slipmat


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yeah, i hated that, specially to not make the sprint for the green jersey at the end...
today was great, i hope they will always try to organise  such stage in the Tour, like they do in the Giro every year (with for exemple this year the famous strade bianchi)
Now there's at least 3 boring days, let's go to the beach...


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hehe, yeah... third time he fell this year, bringing with him other guys of course. This time, that wasn't really his fault, all the big guys wanted to be in front, arriving in a turn at 65 km... badaboom paf poof
Columbia should put M. Renshaw leader for the green jersey quest, Cav' is out already, but that of course won't happen (same problem than with the other big sprinter in the team, A. Greipel)
Today, i hope something exciting happen, with that mini-Liege-Bastogne-Liege track, a guy like E. Boasson Hagen could take the flowers


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and where is that...?


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the exciting part of the satge, in Zeeland, with possible breaks in the peloton is almost over, i guess it's gonna be a classic sprint, i see T. Farrar win (hope Cav' won't win any stage... hehe)


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now i'm really for a holland-spain final...
though Germany plays a really nice football, it's physically impossible for a french to support them
"football: a game that involve 11 players by team, and where germany always win" (Larousse dictionnary 1986)


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hahaha, yeah, i haven't bet finally...


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I still don't get how anyone with no Uruguayan relation could support anything else than Ghana...
now this is the game so awaited, really don't know who to support or make a bet...


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yeah, Cancellara for me, that's one of the easiest bet of all tour stages
another game: find charlie computerdisco in the crowd this afternoon


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horrible, a shame, but what a thriller


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First, congratz Holland, 90% in final already

ytz wrote:


what's the story about doping?

bah, just fed up of the systematic cycling/doping stuff, but never a word with football
it's well known that all footballers takes product, but the FIFA hides it (remember the only big case was the Juventus trial, which was highly political, thanks Berlusconi)
to be fair, it's all sport=doping
I know, it's beeing tetchy, let's celebrate and have some of their great stuff they take


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He could do well, but he'll be obliged to back up walker texas ranger
the Alpe d'Huez stage was with a gusty face wind, so nooen of the 3 guys in front (conta, szmyd, brajko) could really do something alone
but this guy is really strong, hope contador's gonna be attacked a lot (Saxo, Liquigas, Radioshack, if they teamplay, can be very dangerous)


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so, can we talk about doping here too ?
Who's got the best product ? Germany ? (remains of the good old DDR)
Did the italians missed their latest research in the famous Milan Lab ?
anyway, tough choice this afternoon, a boat ride or the match...?