Yes! Aciiiiieeeeed smile

Looking forward to this! Have seen the guys play a couple times before, so eager to see what it will be like this time. Extra cool they come to the Netherlands wink Noted in calendar!


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Well, the easiest pic of me I can show is my avatar. Donno how old I am... 1-2 years old, getting started with the piano smile I'll try and dig out some more pics.

This will be a nice one! (And a great way to start my summer holiday back home...)
Looking forward smile


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x-bobo > Lies is back in the record store here, luckily for me also wink
neferos > At least I like the new Faber, especially the flip with the guitar parts.

Here's a disco minimix of mine from some time back already, but if you didn't catch it earlier...  relaunching now!

Disco Dream

And tracklist, though it's short and easy to know smile

B.W.H. - Livin Up
Steel Mind


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Jeez, that was fast... meaning those who already hit the member limit smile


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Hm, to be honest (and I'm very ashamed of it...) I never reached robette status on the CBS forum even though I was a listener I think more than 3 years (and I am talkative live). So,  trying to see the bright side... maybe this time I can actually get there and not be a thousand posts behind everyone else?


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Hello! smile