an asr10 for free? get it! And if you feel you need the eps specifically then you can sell it and buy one.


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Victor D wrote:

I predict Italy is going to suck (yes, as usual but this time without winning big_smile).
I'm all for Holland this year (hope Robben is going to make it) and I'm curious about what kind of football England will play with Capello as a coach.

What did I say???
Go Holland!

Stalker wrote:
Victor D wrote:

mine doesn't do that, there must be something wrong with the noise generator.

Strange....I've found on net samples from 3 different CS-5 and they are all noisy.

mmmh but in this case it's not just the simple average noisy output (which many older synths have) but it seems like there's some noise from the noise generator leaking out. Just for reference my CS5 is not even that noisy but the output level is somehow low in comparison with other synths, this is no problem at all usually as when I crank up the level on the mixer channel the sound is clean and well defined.

mine doesn't do that, there must be something wrong with the noise generator.


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rude66 wrote:

yes, well done to switzerland.. it takes a super defense to hold of the spanish allstars..

come on... if there was Italy winning like this against Spain everyone would have been horrified!!! Shame on you all, you bunch of hypocrites!!!  big_smile


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I don't know that much about Dutch politics but I assume that Geert Wilders' Freedom Party being the third party with 24 seats is not a good thing... Besides I don't even like the word 'freedom' when associated to a political side (we have our own freedom party laying around here in Italy since 1994).


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I predict Italy is going to suck (yes, as usual but this time without winning big_smile).
I'm all for Holland this year (hope Robben is going to make it) and I'm curious about what kind of football England will play with Capello as a coach.


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heifetz wrote:

Victor D: beautiful. what breed is she?

I don't know, she's just a beautiful street cat but indeed she looks like some kind of persian breed... The only thing I know I saw this cat near the castle and I had to take a picture!


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no posting since april??? That's bad!
Here's some kind of a feline princess in her castle!

mekonin wrote:

I heard very good things about Sequential Circuits Multitrak keyboard as well as it's sound, but never had the chance to find out myself.

I have a multitrak and I must admit I've never thought it had a good playing action... as for the sound it is an interesting synth for sure but it requires patience (like the sixtrak). Anyway just for reference I think that despite its clunky feeling the dw8000 is more pleasant to play than a multitrak.

ensoniq dp4 and alesis wedge

crc wrote:

victor d: i finally i got that synthlib working with my dx. was a bit tricky. must have been that edit mode thing where i failed earlier. haven't tried loading the soundbank back to the dx yet. hopefully it's not as complicated this time around. thanks!

cool! I'm glad I could help smile

crc wrote:

configured it and all, but then nothing happens. all menus are empty ect.
must be too dumb to use it tongue

is the dx21 in edit mode when you use it?
If I remember correctly that software won't let you edit anything if in patch selection mode.
Shit if only I had my dx21 here with me I would have checked sad

with dx21 in edit mode
in the main window go to library/new library
then patch/get
select patch (or bank) and go.
insist on it because it was the only way to save patches for me...
tried sound diver too (and its generally the best thing to store edit patches) but it had problems regarding the dx21 adaptation.

have you tried this one
It works with winxp, don't know about vista.


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meschi wrote:

stentec, thanks for the MAM tip. people seem to be ragin about it on the nets. Ill check some vids and samples when I get home tonight. thanks.

brian: again, Ill check out the novation as well thanks. Ion looks cool. Ill try and get a 2nd hand price on that. I remember Koova saying about this one too when I went to buy something from him.

james, cool. I might try and get a play of the r3 soon then.
Sounds good to pick up the poly61 for a wee while as well. I won't be around until the weekend after next. Ill give you a shout then. smile

how much would a second hand virus skin you?

The Novation Nova is six part multitimbral, and it's really straightforward to assign patches to different channels (unlike just for example a newer VA like a waldorf blofeld), has multimode filter and as some people says a really good vocoder (never tried that)...
Nice synth, real real fun when coupled with an rm1x or similar sequencer.
I cannot think of another virtual analog with the same features for the same price.

I got this surprisingly good sounding little synth and  replacement chips for an old model of Motu microlite which now runs flawlessly on winXP. Got Silent Way, that software which basically does the same things as motu volta but runs on win(and is ahem... much cheaper) an that works nicely too with the Teisco!   


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Mademoiselle wrote:

Nothing more painful that the end of a long relationship, specially when you still live together "for convenience".
Sometimes there is still love and affection but it can't work maybe because the weight of everyday life is too heavy.
I feel so tired morally and physically by this situation. I've to move, find an apartement, find a new job but I've no energy to do anything. I thought 2009 was a very bad year for me


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karamanga wrote:

@victor D - any news? some cats are happier with their freedom, we still see my cousins cat around on the streets, he was an island cat and just couldnt settle as a house cat, he left after many years at home too.

No, I haven't had the chance to get any news about her... sad


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I'm so sad because it's been a month since I haven't seen this lovely little furball in the park near my house...
She's so beautiful and friendly I'm sure somebody took her and I hope she's more in a more comfortable and warm place now. I still think the cat shelter in the park wasn't a bad place for her, she had everything she needed (there's a woman who takes care of cats there) and she could enjoy more freedom than in a home environment...


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it's raining too much in Rome and our beloved river is almost flooding

I can't stand this shitty weather anymore!!!

If you need a converter for the CS5 you can get a novation basstation, that would be cheaper than a kenton pro solo it absolutely works with yamaha's Hz/volt and you have a nice mono synth as a bonus.

krk rp6 here and for the price they're going I recommend them


great! Thank you!

I was looking forward to get a kenton  to control a yamaha cs5 via midi, because I know it handles yamaha hz/volt.
The point is it seems that a novation basstation could do that as well.
Has anybody tried to control a yamaha cs synth with that?

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