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wrong topic

Squadra Smackos wrote:

Some other good ones imo are

Deep Synthesis http://homepage.mac.com/synth_seal/html/index.html

That one is really good, especially if you need info about fm and weird digital synths: not the best choice if you're looking for vintage analog synths. But there's Bluesynths for that.


that one is good too

biotek wrote:

emu doesn't make ad/da converters.. also the emu1616(m) is actually very affordable. if you want the 'special' z-plane filters you can use emu's emulator x software sampler.

The 1616m is affordable but he said he got that sampler for free...

Kenzaburo wrote:

Thats pretty neat. Anyway I am mostly concerned about quality of the filters.. I guess it doesnt really have real analog filters.. So whats the point using it if it is digital.. You could use software instead

I think you need a pretty expensive audio interface to get a sound quality as good as with emu's converters. And don't forget that using your sampler and its digital filters you save your computer power for other tasks like very complex vsts, max/msp, reaktor or whatever.
Anyway, there's a lot of non analog gear that's worth using for making music.

e io sto valutando se


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Central Services wrote:
Vomatron wrote:
Central Services wrote:

damn I wish I was in Heerlen smile
try living in Cosenza, Calabria hmm
i really hope to be out of here soon as I might kill someone ahahha
its the perfect Idiot City - pasta, pizza, clothes, TV, car and cellphone (or 2), nothing else matters
and make sure you never stop yelling and wave your hands in the air.
also you can drive however you want, total anarchy...
i guess punk's not fucking dead

lol, i can picture it perfectly somehow...

well, I made a video here these days during Carnevale, so you can see the high level of culture here.
I emailed it to the major but no reply yet ahaha.
Now ask me where the italo clubs are maybe? wink
enjoy the ride :


At least there's good weather down there!
But yes, I can imagine how living in Cosenza would be and what kind of people surround you...

Honey Peters wrote:
Cosmo wrote:

A Roland R-8

great! Now you can make some slow r&b jams.

don't forget to get the electronic card!


about the tuning pots: I'm quite sure the seller already tried that...he opened the synth also

there's a Jupiter 4 on sale near my place and it's kinda cheap because it has this problem:
one of the voices seems to be tuned an octave lower than the others.
I can't find any info about it so if you know anything about this issue tell me about it please...

that's unbelievable...even a matrix 6 is getting hard to get for a decent price.
I paid 300euros for a 6r like three years ago and I thought it wasn't cheap (well it was, and still is in really good condition).
You could look for a matrix1000 also.


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Malvasia dei Colli Piacentini - which is sparkling dry white wine


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I like november, not the month but the track...(actually I like the month too) wink

what I think after I saw that video is that the drehbank acts more smoothly: I mean I remember it was very hard not to jump instantly from a 0  to a 5 directly while turning the knobs, for me having to be really slow and careful to avoid that defeated the purpose of having hands on control on the machine. The bcr worked well with my microkorg (but that's midi cc) and pretty well with a dw8000.
The annoying thing was that it sometimes decided to change parameters on its own! 
I'm sure you did the right thing getting the drehbank wink

I used a bcr2000 to program it a while ago and after a good beginning (I was like wow now I have knobs!) it turned out I had just some cheap and unprecise controller coupled with the sluggish sysex of the matrix...
But judging by what you say (and watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h58TBIPbh0) the drehbank works really good with the matrix...

rude66 wrote:

and how silly to make it a standalone program.. this would have so much more use integrted in an environment like cubase, sonar, live, or logic..

ouch that sucks I thought it was at least possible to sync it with other sequencers...


yes I remember seq303 it's good indeed, used a lot some years ago...but I don't remember if it can sequence ext midi gear I have to check

check this out http://www.gradywerks.com/mpg64/
it works with external midi gear


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If I've correctly understood what you mean I would say some synth good at pads with added reverb and phaser.
There's no specifical need for a prophet vs I think.

check this one too
but you need a flashcard adapter


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captain duran wrote:

Joy Division`s music - sounds always kinda fresh to me. Also The Smiths`tracks rocks me if I hear it on the radio (esp. How Soon Is Now or There`s a Light That Never Goes Out or Big Mouth Strikes Again) - but it`s all indie pop/rock music.

I agree, especially There's a Light That Never Goes Out.

then you will probably need a remote control mod for it

so when somebody says something sounds like shit that means he can actually "hear" the smell... I hope so, because feeling its taste wouldn't be a good thing I suppose!


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C. wrote:
rude66 wrote:

but also rip for herr heider.. you can disagree with his views, but he was a democratically elected politician, and represented apparently the views of a (pretty big) part of the population... and a car crash is a horrible way to go, doesn't matter who you are..

I agree. The last few posts are just crazy. "Null Toleranz f

Victor D wrote:

horrible design...
maybe it's not that bad, being a voice of a prophet 08, but I think I'd never get one

I must admit I'm changing my mind about this thing: not cute, but little, good sounding and not expensive.
Only problem is I already own an evolver and I'm afraid it could be similar sound-wise, even though it has some different and interesting features...

Anyway if someone here tries it I'll be happy to read what he thinks about it...


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sunny but a little cold

I think apart single sided vinyls there no other connection between this and dissident's stuff...
I don't get this thing about single sided records anyway

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