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che BOMBA!


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Septicstudio wrote:

is it xmas time again tongue

caught!  big_smile

alex_d_steak wrote:

can't see anything in that picture, man smile



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give me a sign if you like, i'm located between florence and rome...in the green heart of italy.

arrived today, in arround two hours i'll have the first listen.
are there white and black ones? edit: i mean the "stained glass" painting..


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looking forward


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don't know if there's interest over here but i'll try it anyway.
i've a synthesizers.com, Q961 Sequencer Interface up for sale. the module is in like new condition, as i've used it realy rare due to another module.
asking 100euri + shipping.

yes, sure.

mono-poly wrote:
Prisoner of love wrote:

c961s gate sequencer & c1680 voltage controlled analog delay ...ohhyeaH!

you got the q960 to?

c961s gate sequencer & c1680 voltage controlled analog delay ...ohhyeaH!


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me=lazy user
and so'n...

ave fellows,
got a no more functional ensoniq dp/4 here. i've tryed to change the battery, but he's still in sleepy mode...brought it to an tech, but he's not realy familiar with it, so he asked me if i can come up with a circuitboard-diagram.
i only got a dp/4+ manual from the netz arround, but without cb-diagram, and then again it's a + one.
anyone maybe could help me out with such?
i won't believe he's gone..gone forever....
dankyou in advance.


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zora wrote:

ive asked a colleague to right down the iceman lyrics for me. he told me it was exceptionally difficult, and that they dont even make much sense (surprise surprise), but apparently iceman is some kind of a super hero (?).
my colleagues englisg isnt that good, so maybe somebotty can translate them?
its not complete, but here you go  big_smile

i signori della galassia - iceman

strada buia senza vita
poi la luce e gia suanita

piedi e mani transparenti
troppo fredde e potenti

lui intorno era un uomo
ora vive sopra il ???

la mia mente che vacilla
mentre il sole gia scintilla

iceman.. iceman..

esperta la mia fronte
primo raggio dietro il monte

queste gocce de sudore
stillicidio de dolore

se ne vanno i pensieri
come ignobili scudieri

??? ??? ??? ????
chiusa in bolle de sapone

dark street without life
then the light is (suanita??? don't understand)

transparent feets and hands
too cold and strong

all arround he was a man
now he lives above ???

my mind that glimmers
whilst the sun already twinkles


???(esperta, makes no sense )my forehead
first glow behind the mountain

these sweat drops
dripping pain

the thoughts are gone
like lousy shield bearers

??? ??? ??? ???
closed in soap-bubbles

...more or less.


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for the robettes between us... http://www.alienina.com/


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via dc this morning...

> Greeting
> My name is Ivan, and I am a big collector of disco music, 70s - 80s and I would like to buy the album Marzio - Smoke On The Volcano, but I do not know how to pay you because in Serbia (Europe - Balkan) does not function the transfer of money in the world . and you pray that we worship recording in mp3 format or another format, I'll keep it just for me. My email address is loto***@gmail.com
> Thank you for your help best regards Ivan.

"I don't see any for sale, other collectors say this is a good price so I'm thinking about buying it at that price..."

hahahah, please jump down the bridge and please give your money before to someone who realy need it

"collector words"

nearly entered... http://www.molvania.com/video_medium_2.html ?


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oulala, bella mick. (badabam big_smile) only saw the topic today. any chance of getting one?.., maybe via the man from untertuerckheim.?..



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...a MOSLAB FILTER BANK 914 module? a.t.m. 150eurix.