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didn't catch the hype at all.. stumbled upon it a few days ago when searching a few movies for the ipod.

i liked the facial expressions of the father-prawn.. and the hanging mothership gives for some nice pictures.
besides that the beginning with the interview bits already put me off somehow. the story aftwerwards is like wet toiletpaper. (and not the kind that's supposed to be wet)

finally getting close enough to this galaxy get some messages through.. wink
wasn't expecting the journey to be this long. but i can tell you the vast empty spaces inbetween are as cold as you think they are.

so, thanks guys!! smile very excited and pleased with the results here.
and my gratitude to the synth slackers.. without whom this wouldn't be here in this form.


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A big loss. Rest In Peace Xavier!


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real photoshop:

view large: http://www.flickr.com/photos/18697966@N … 5/sizes/o/


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i saw that, but still i'd rather not have anyone saying that in any discussion..
and the 'all you' part in this case can easily offend people with long toes.


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cebteq wrote:

all you lazy cocksuckers

cebteq mind your woRds.
name-calling is way outside 'be nice'.


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ouch - looks like you used gilette beta


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still up - restarted it. should be up 24/7.
sometimes it fucks itself up somehow hmm
it's weird because some people can still connect but most can't.

if you can see the playlist and statistics here: http://www.basror.com/radio.php then it's online.
please report here if you can't connect.

gecondoleerd en heel veel sterkte..


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it's back!!! smile

new IP though:

mix mix mix day today.


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looks great smile
saw a small EP jet on the field today which sounded exactly like a mosquito.. hehe.

the good news: got to fly the graupner first time today big_smile

and it flew like a dream! very stable and responsive plus the engine ran great.

a bit of flying by Roel with his calmato sport:

the bad news: one of my two elevator servo's died when i was in a roll heading staight down.. when giving some up to get out of it, only one half of the elevators reacted so it kept on going down, only slightly turning out of the roll. i managed to turn it so it was horizontally at


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smile coolex


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the new wireless modem from the provider has killed my radio.. hope i can work around it somehow latoR.


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sweet! thanks all smile

@stinki: started the label with the data leak fellas.


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not a gif.. but please forgive me wink


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yep, i am smile the rudder/aileron/elevator surfaces are about 4 times bigger; setting up all push/pull rods and servo's to minimal so it will be more controllable. the previous owner had it set up for 3d/acrobatic flying so everything to the max.

got another engine (6.5cc) on the purple calmato today and it flew again! had to trim it a lot cause it ain't as straight as before hehe.
only i forgot to bring the camera...


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here it is:

an 'Extra 300' 1.60m wide (same width as the purple one)

...a moustache and a yellow disco suit?


(Leki is the sponsor of the real-size version of it.. they make hiking equipment and stuff hmm)


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no video - 7.5cc engine is bust sad
but i got my hands on another engine that needs a new screw-thread to hold the carb. going to our mechanic at work tomorrow to drill it out a little and put in bigger screws.. then put that on the plane and hopefully fly again.

i'll post a pic of my new plane latoR smile it has a pilot figure with moustache!
that one still needs a receiver and proper setting-up before it can go up. plus a short lesson on the ins and outs of flying it.


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it's all back in one piece!!
servo's work, tomorrow check the engine, range of receiver and then put it back into the sky!

also going to check a 2nd hand sports plane tomorrow big_smile
this model: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghtiVk7h8EU (watch out crappy music) 1.60m wide with 15cc engine

@screenvinylimage: i'll bring my photocamera, so expect crappy video wink


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yes, just got me some wood, more glue and cover foil for when i'm done.
need to trim the last piece of original wood a milimeter since the fit isn't as exact as before.. the wings still fit so it should be ok.
it should be back in the air tomorrow! big_smile

option 1; record the arrangement with added slight tinkering the volumes/eqs/fx on the mixer.
any jamming/tweaking is pre-recorded as midi where possible.


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evolution .46NT