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glued the two main pieces back together:


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hehe would need some large speakers with all the engine noise.

the only paint is in the engine bay to protect the wood. all the rest is 'oracover' foil that you can iron on (glues on at 60


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if all the wood is glued back it's probably stronger already hehe. but thinking of giving it a layer of epoxy for strength.


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[a nice invoice with my Tshirt; Bob's head is an orange sticker]


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it broke in a 'good' place and i still have all the wood bits; i will attempt a heavy glueing session to repair it and put some extra strengthening on it. i think all my electronics and engine are still fine.

@squadra: as i was flying low it was over in a second. And in that second i already realized what was going to happen so immediate disappointment set in; no time to get excited.

on the other hand, yesterday someone had trouble in the air (with a bigger plane than mine) and i could watch the plane turn towards my parked car. the plane took 6 seconds to zero in on my car and then crashed on the white plastic reflector pole in front of my car! the plane broke it's wings and ended up between two cars, not hitting them. i was much more excited by that.


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i was flying low, then a bit of wind rolled the plane a bit. i reacted the wrong way with my right thumb and a second later it was down. sad


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Leak 001 is finally here: the first Data Leak release on Data Leak Records!

A1         Data Drip (Original Mix)
A2         Data Drip (Playground Mix)

B1         Data Drip (Syncom Data Remix)
B2         Data Drip (Duplex Remix)

Get yours at clone or your local vinyl dealer.
Logo Tshirts available soon via clone.

Happy Happy Joy Joy! big_smile


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i've been working a job requiring to be up at


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thx zora & poodle.

i got my lisence yestoRday!! big_smile big_smile
no more need for instructoRs to stand next to me..


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pure horror, popping up in my head again and again for over a week now:


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smile got some stickers on..
made my first complete solo flights this week!
i hope the weather stays fly-friendly; last few weeks sucked with wind and rain..


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hmmm hmm will restart the whole transmitting computer.. my url is still the same.


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fri till 21:00
sat till 17:00 i think
sun closed.


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thx Krimson; the purple isn't going down too well with the veteran rc flyers at the club.. haha.
i keep forgetting to by some de-greaser so i can put on some CBS stickers.. then with those rainbow colors they'll probably think i'm gay.

as long as you don't do your radio stuff on 35Mhz then.. (especially channel 64) wink

i like this quote:
"It's not like we're not going to not continue."
nice and confusing..


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off for another afternoon of flying!
need to learn these asap for my lisence:


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yay! good to hear.

lixa-6 wrote:

I was so eager to get her in i jammed my finger in the front door, ahhh but i dont care. Yayy!

haha i wish i coul've seen that. love it when two extremes mix.


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Cray fell down cause he was thinking of records and stuff too much:


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flew last saturday with winds up to 5 bft. continuous correcting needed plus a lot more concentrating. but still fun big_smile

@ jay: 17th is off since too many ppl are on holiday...

@chairman chen: 0 minutes flying sims; 99% of them won't run on a mac.

i thought How Long was a chinese dude?

the test is hard through my laptop speakers..


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it was perfect flying weather today wink


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motorcycles are dope too but i don't trust myself to not kill me...


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@ jay: my car only holds 1 extra person and the seat is already full. maybe you can get F to go that day; he wanted to come watch too. (and is already thinking of making an rc nazi ufo)
and i won't have my brevet by then so i won't bother practicing flying that day..


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on the landtong behind rozenburg.

so which sounds worse, a bad mp3 or a bad wav?