for a few squids put this together, should be great with the 1200 after some tlc smile

Let me know if you have one you want to sell or know someone who does... thanks!!! smile


I wasn't at home last few days and some problem occured with our post office during this time.
So the parcel was re-send yesterday. You should to receve it within this week. Sorry for delay.

so perhaps I was worrying for nothing.

bought the tr-808 midi kit from this guy

bought a midi kit for the polysix years ago and had no problems... this time I have made a payment and the guy said it would be shipped within 5 days from payment received but I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks, other than getting an email from PayPal straight away saying the payment was accepted, and he's not responding to emails enquiring if the kit has been shipped or not... has anybody else had trouble with the guy?


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thanks! The frame is a carbon fibre CX specific, built and purchased from the X-pace factory in China, where frames for very famous european brands are built (Merckx, Fondriest and others).
A bit soul-less when compared to a beautiful lugged steel frame but very light, stiff and super fast!


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finished and tested!

tx7!!! and this for free

i have sorted the jen sx 1000's dco this way:

as per the crumar trilogy, it turns out it needs a bit of a service before I think about mods...
a couple of knobs are bust and it needs (i think) a good look at the vca on all voices... some are louder than others, on all three sections.

rude, the ds2, NOT ON! I want one.   big_smile  big_smile


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more shabby slacking with an overlaid, half working crumar trilogy and a 606, and a bit of digital delayhhhh lol  no midi involved, all by hand and you can tell haha!

thanks a million for the precious tips sneak. am gonna relay this info to my tech as it's far too advanced a project for me hmm

thanks! I have a contact or 2 I could ping for some help and I'm not that bad at soldering myself although having a look at the link you suggested I can see it's going to take quite a bit of research... but there's hope! big_smile

Just bought a Crumar Trilogy in decent shape. It's as close to an OB-x as I can afford, and does the part quite well! In my ignorance I am wondering if this big ass thing could ever be modded to respond to MIDI... The polysynth section, that is. Probably won't be possible as it might use these divide down thingies like my Delta etc...

Would appreciate all the wise suggestions I can get, and slag me off if I'm hoping for the impossible big_smile


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and... … na-testing


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unfinished and unmixed shabby slackers... supposed to be testing the setup, which has to be taken down again soon hmm … al-testing

schmoltz wrote:

soviet tape echo machine

not actual photo, but looks exactly the same + a diy safety-lid mod on top  big_smile

looks badass. plug something into it and upload samples please! smile

Just sorted the left side of the spare room and started squeezing out some beats and... it looks like we are moving again! So take the whole thing down and do it all again. yey!


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Robert Schroeder - Driftin'

sorry, not installed myself but had one fitted by them on my Moog Prodigy and it works a treat. I have opened the synth since and traced the connections they have added and... now I wish I had done it myself. Not becuse they did a bad job of it, but just because it looks SO simple I could have saved myself the dough I payed them to install it wink

cs-10 and sh-09 came back from repair... cs-10 has never been working so it's a real new booty for me. I cannot believe how good this synth is. super lush and full of nice touches like the TIMEx5 on both filter and vca envelopes, and highpass, bandpass and lowpass filter. I'm loving it!


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@ ytz: are you responsible for the Roland TB-303 manual translation at all? big_smile  big_smile  big_smile My wife is Japanese so for the last few years I have been slowly delving into the delights of hiragana and katakana...what a headcfuck!


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@ tek: loving the cats wink
@ inkinen/jacderida: i can never stop being jealous of programmers. I enjoy a little bash scripting and writing small cocoa applets with a friend/colleague of mine every now and then and wish I could do that for a living...guess I studied the wrong sheez.
@ heifetz: I'm not a pure IT manager, more Audio/Video/Broadcast background, but I feel in the same position of some when trying to get new kit... I say release the money to the poor IT managers, what's a business case anyway? wink


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This is probably my last deployment of Apple Xserves, as they are now discontinued. I thought I'd post a picture of this ok looking stack wink This is an Xsan install for the post production facility I manage. In the meantime I am also deploying a transcoding cluster on Linux boxes, and Windows (!) boxes... picture will come.

What are you up to at work? Post some pictures or whatever else?

@rude: porn!!!

fantastic score Tony! I wouldn't mind growing a pony tail if that makes me eligible to a super deal on a minimoog  big_smile


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14 min 41 of juice