French synthpop & bitter vocoders

2nd tape from Le Matin

Limited 75 hand-numbered tapes edition on Third Type Tapes, released on January 15, 2014.
Artwork by CCCPu, silkprinted by Bruce Silkscreen.

Get it here : … n-chnasons

First tape still available here :


A night of electro full of bubbly acid basslines, 808 kicks and punching rhythms.
Fuck_Fusion_Festival : We got beats for you to knock your head off just about here

Line-up /

Franz Underwear
Dj Set (Slow Motion, Tusk Wax, Wrong Era)

Le Matin Live Set (Mathematics, A Propos Pommes)

Uri DjHamster Dj Set (Israel/Berlin)

ElectroDon Dj Set (Mechatronica)



Promoter /
Alle gehen zum Fusion aber Electro bleibt!  lol

Wir haben für euch eine Tolle LineUp zusammen gebastelt, die eklektische Space Italo Disco von Franz Underwear, der schöne Produktionen , unter anderen für Slow Motion, Tusk Wak veröffentlicht hat. Dabei wird auch der Produzent aus Frankreich Le Matin sein, mit einem knachigen Electro Live Set mit Machine und Uri djHamster aus Jerusalem, mit seinem Electro Mischung nur auf Platte. Die Party wird mit Acid, Electro Techno von Mechatronica dj Resident ElectroDon geschlossen.

MoStefProd wir die Party mit seinem VisualArt beleuchten!

Finally released, a 80 minutes personal electro-synthpop mixtape of tracks from Le Matin. Including a download link for ba digital version.

Listen and order :

00:00 Coltard
02:36 Gray Monday
04:44 Fog of War
07:01 Driver Instrumental
09:03 Bavure Policière
10:25 Brave Sir Robin
12:51 Resoneuronal
14:20 Chiling in the Scotch
16:33 Lily
18:59 Tout dans la Gorge
21:00 Hoodie (pantin : 1 cercle)
24:35 Consequences
28:05 Treize Ans
31:14 le Matin 46 - night bird
34:50 la machine infernale


00:00 Rien à foutre du manuel
02:08 Live tot dans la matinée
04:14 Insatisfaction
05:50 NON A LA VIE
07:42 Indisposed Life
10:00 Jean Baltringuounet
11:10 Mongolkele
13:19 Sa puer la merde
17:10 Technicien Exploitation
19:05 Pitreux etat
20:58 Oizal
25:00 Picorette à Marx Dormoy
27:39 Rater sa vie
31:12 Locker
33:37 Hygiène Bucco Dentaire
36:48 Warum fällt es mir so schwer mich zu konzentrieren

Le Matin website :

A new blend of electronic old skool stuff such as 8 bit, cosmic disco, electro, new beat and vor allem whateverwave !

NAKS (Dreams Of Neon)
DEBMASTER Live (Da! Heard It)

Eintritt / Entry 3 €
Mit Plüschtier / with teddybear : FREE

Lurking from the Finnish underground, Naks has been involved in everything from making 8-bit hardcore and wonked-out techno to running electro labels, from organising parties to DJing in moldy basements and glamorous discoteques. But most of all, his heart burns for italo disco. Over the years, he has built up an enviable collection of the very finest italo, electro and synth records from which he teases out flawlessly mixed sets of pure dancefloor joy.

With his borderline obsessive “wonkiness”, Julien Deblois, aka Debmaster, trims his mustache every day the same way he trims his music.
A kind of tornado of bleeps finding its strength as much in hip-hop as in more obscure genres such as Moldavian 8bit or African accordion.
One thing is certain : he never goes half way. His live shows are a kind of kick in the ass to the lack of variety and slackening of electronic
music (sound familiar?). After a 4-year debut in France, he now lives in Berlin, which allows him to sweep the European rooms at an
unrestrained rhythm.


@ The Zone
Reuterstrasse 95
12053 Berlin
U-Bahnof Boddinstrasse / Rathaus Neukoelln

sorry for the eye insulting flyer but

I'm doing a live set, and I'm looking for more gigs, come check it out !

Im prächtigen Keller des Freudenreichs werden die Franzosen von "À propos Pommes" Italo Disco, (Electro) Funk & Acid House spielen. Bringt eure Pferdpulver, eure Plüschtiere, eure Fertiggerichte mit, und lasst sie mittanzen.


Le Matin - Hardware Live set (Mathematics, Infoline / Paris)

The Lightnint Molts - Dj set (Italo-Disco, Berlin)

Trim - DJ set (Acid Poney Club, Flava / Berlin)

Cool I like this absinthe place


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i'm not really into the bassdrum on this last one, but i'm listening your other stuff and I like it !


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ho, many thanks !!

oui enfin "released", c'était justement "unreleasable"  wink ce site dépotoir ayant finalement été liquidé, à présent les meilleurs morceaux sont releasés sous forme d'albums "propres".

et cette photo en question, je ne suis pas sûr mais il est possible que ça ne soit qu'un avatar...

voila sinon je prépare d'autres choses pour la suite de l'année ... (et je rêve toujours secrètement d'un peu plus de vinyle ... ça devrait bien finir par arriver un jour ;-)

cheers !


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live played @ panke (berlin) 09/03/2012

kind of synth pop, weird electro maybe . … atin-panke

A bunch of irregular electro-pop tracks … U%20MANUEL

any idea of labels that would do this kind of stuff ?


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Fresh mix of Danny for the Musicassette

Thx to him and enjoy :

this is why you can barely hear any detail in the music on most of the dancefloor.

Exactly my feeling. I was really surprised by the bad quality of the sound. At the end it was also really loud, I think my ears are still bleeding. I don't know if it's because of the door policy (looks like everybody is shitting in his pants in the waiting) but I found there was something fake in the mood inside. Went in for the 2nd time, same feeling, so I will never return in that club.
I really prefered when Ferenc played at About/Blank for example, that was cool !


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smile now  one from martial canterel: … lusive-mix


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A mix made for the musicassette

novamen – the hague city
le syndicat electronique – memorial
the silver locusts – a barren garden
porn darsteller – wedding day
le syndicat electronique – 559_00
mr fingers – can u feel it
lego feet – b5
$tinkworx – mnemosyne
a guy called gerard – wonderful world
jackmaster corky – dimension 106
actress – hazyville
scape one – machine code
suburban_knight – alpha game
scape one – acid of light
perspects – tender taming (cruel shoes)
the soft rider – the pool
it & my computer – la danse des âmes (feat. rollinka)
anne clarke – our darkness
creme de menthe – we are living in the light
tuxedomoon – what use (heinrich mueller technik mix)
dopplereffekt – denki no zuno

sounds good !!

Live acts & Dj set in the continuum of electronic music heartbeat looking forward to the future, exploring new beatscapes and exposing inner emotions, bright or dark, successful or mistaken.


Undergrind Legacy (wrong planet production)
Le Matin (unreleasable rec., mathematics,


Jeune&Jolie (


Atelier Überall
Oppelnerstr. 12, BERLIN
U-Bahn : Schlesisches Tor

facebook event :!/event.php?ei … 1946478941

you're right, thanks ;-)

this shop looks amazing too !

Hello, yes it's pretty hard for me to find the stuff I need here (actually, now I'm looking for a 2nd hand sp-404 sampler, and I'm in a hurry !)

I'm extending the question, what are the shops, websites, ads, to get some gear, new or second hand in Berlin ? Craiglist is poor, kijiji you can find some stuff but not that much, I don't like ebay and auctions ...

I just know this famous shop at kotbusser tor but it's more about modular / expensive gear (but still, it's wonderland if you got money wink )

I come from Paris, gear seem easier to find there, and cheaper (mostly thanks to that website :, does a german website like that exist ? audiofanzine has a german fork, but it's totally empty)

When I ask; most of people answers to me : ebay or mauer park .. but didn't found what I need there yet.

It feels strange because of all this electronic musicians here of course, I must be ignorant of all good adresses :-) If you can help a lost robot !

I don't have turntables ! Is it possible to buy it mp3 somewhere ? I really enjoy this record ...


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merci beaucoup. oui je suppose qu'il faudrait que je commence à envoyer des demos à des labels ...
pour le morceau dont tu parles c'est dans les tuyaux, mais rien n'est encore fait, alors j'espère .


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a bunch of naive melodic tracks … 0INVISIBLE


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Hi robots ! Can you tell us any place, like a bar, to listen good music (you know what I mean) in this city ?

Thanks !  wink

that was great ! i'm new in Berlin, I was glad to meet some robots. thanks !