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Nice handn't heard of that soundtrack. I saw TD twice last week one for ricochet concert where they played a lot of old stuff like keep, thief, rubicon etc and then another concert where they did the whole sound track to sorcerer in front.

My life is complete now, truely once in lifetime experience for me.

Nope i disagee...wicked veneer paneling and everything our could ever need for compu-synthing! That would take pride a joy in my lounge for sure.

Marco Tulio Thrash wrote:
computerdisco wrote:


Impulse buy, its much better than I expected...

nice ... let us know more ... is it a resource hog?
to someone who has never used an mpc but can imagine the advantages ... how does it compare ?

Yeh maschine is excellent. Soon to take VST plug ins also. Marco, it seems pretty light on resources basically you don't even need to look at the computer just have it connected at the other end of the USB cable and forget it's there if you like. Of course you can always look at it if you need further detailed editting where is acts like a giant display for your groovebox. I think this is the best purchase i have made in a long while.  As far as MPC compares i don't mind the MPC and i did own one for while but with MPC you can only keep bars as same length when looping which was a deal breaker for me. Maschine surpass it in many ways also. I can suggest to go into a store and test it out.

This 'new booty acquired' deserves it's own topic.  This is nuts


Disclaimer..this is not a purchase of ageing 80's hardware...sorry about that.

Nanostudio for Ipad (also Iphone),  Here is someone doing a trancey kind of thing. Yeh i know but still it shows some of how it works


here is another showing sampling


Unfortuntely no time to play with it as i have management masters assignement due sad.

Ipad and this software http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/046/Purple/95/f2/ff/mzl.awwsuxgk.480x480-75.jpg works with dsmidiwifi to control syths via DAW.

I can sit on my lounge and jam wireless midi melodies via ipad. Only now have to get it to work in maschine.

linndrum is 48ppqn. I'm not sure MSQ does that.


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ramos wrote:

R.I.P Manuel Ramos (My Father)

16th August 1948 - 8th April 2010

I miss you.

Hey sorry to hear this mate.

It was some mode i was using on rs7000 ive never had an RM1X, you'd record and couldn't hear the other sounds. Had last OS of course. Also you could just from record mode to play but then not back to record or change tracks.. Some weird stuff like that got me. I don't remember exact details. I did like the built in effects tho they were nice.

As far as I know JJ doesn't take loops of different lenghts, at least it didnt when i had it. No different lengths of tracks is deal breaker for mpcs.

NI Machine looks to be the new king of hardware sequencing, seems like you can do it all on the fly...any day now mine will arrive. RS is not bad but has some major issues like not being able to hear one track when you record another and such, a real pain.  Other then that Nemo or Midibox v4 would be quite awesome.

Freek wrote:

the new autotune?

yes agreed.

NI Maschine second hand. We will see if those bugs get me. If they do can always resell. I think its going to be an awesome replacement for ableton. Still have v7 of that but im just not impressed with v8 to justify, they have not really been heading in the direction I like and price for upgrade is too high. Plan to use standalone mode for maschine and then export final product to ableton. Goodbye mouse! smile.

Oh also got traktor pro upgrade for my birthday.


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Thanks Honey Peters. Yes rs7000 sequencer is not bad, i sold mine a while back and dont really miss it much. I would say the maschine sequencer looks much better in many ways. I have read pretty much most of the forum postings and watched every demo on you tube. I always expect quite a few people to wine about this and that feature or bug but im not seeing any show stopping bugs or requirements at this stage. Which bugs do you think are an issue? Maybe i overlooked something. Yes I do agree tethered laptop is a pain but it seems good you can do everything without touching your laptop at all.


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Quite tempted buy maschine now they will have mpc 60 emulation, midi out with cc. As i pretty much use hardware only it can replace ableton for my jamming but i can possibly use that at mixdown stage later. I was going to build midibox but got sidetracked. Now I actually think i can use standalone maschine as a master sequencer and jam external hardware. I guess in stand alone mode you are really getting a giant mpc with a computer monitor. The one reason i sold and disliked MPC's was the limitation all patterns had to be the same length, that was a show stopper for me, machine does not have this limitation.

I got a mental barrier loading up software to have fun with my synths so I quite often don't fire up ableton. I'm just missing some fun from it.

Anyone thinking along similar lines or have some thoughts?

hey yeh well i was thinking if i get useful jams just warp them in ableton to match then re-edit also. Should be able to mark them pretty easily.

Nintendo DSI and Korg DS10. Pressies from my gorgeous girlfriend smile. I'm a very lucky guy.

Mbase 11


Ry30 was a local legend in Sydney in the 90's and there was a whole heap of ry30 style music around at the time. They have a dynamic recordable filter and pitch via mod wheel which gave everything a distinctive wobbly sound.  It's quite powerful machine. Kinda the monopoly of drum machines.

Sony had a promotion here with free PS3 with Brava. 100 hz model is very nice, I can recommend.


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The Keep

Also love froeses solo ones and some great bits in thief, firestarter, Green desert and Tangram and many more. Not really a fan of Atem, Force majeure or zeit that much. Or much white eagle onewards. Too early = orchestral experimental mush, good period is analog sequencing, ppg lushness and such right up to hybrid digital/analog era of exit then rapidly down will all digital sound.

Squadra Smackos wrote:

I made up my mind sort of and randomly bought a Focusrite one, their advertisement talk was impressive

Nice I hear the focusrite ones have good d/a converters. Well so people seem to say.

Vote for FF400 all the way. 99% of the issues I've had are driver related and all those jokers like MOTU dont give s shit out their software/driver, they might have flasshing looking interfaces but it's like they spend 10$ on QA testing their software and drivers.

Got an RME which brought my 17 year battle with crap sounds card to an end. They make good PC drivers also.

plikestechno wrote:

ADX1 awesome,

Grats on your sweet purchases.

I have a love hate relationship with my ADX1 as at times i wish it was an 808 especially when the inconsistant kick give me grief.  In reality it's only the kick and cowbell i miss from the 808. Snare and hihats are pretty sweet on adx.

But everytime i put it in use i find a great things. Interestingly enough with the nanopad has breathed new life into it. Having some nice pads to use with ableton for sequencing the adx has made me realize what a unique instrument it is. My gf loves cowbells and that synth part does pretty damn nice cowbells.

Oh yeh big tip is that I've placed little circular stickers on the ADX around the knobs and marked on it in pen where the good settings are. Some knobs have a few settings and some none but it's important because its tricky to get the nice sounds due to the huge and probably wrong range of some settings. I also stuck a tag on there with midi note numbers smile. Yeh it's really not an instant gratification kind of machine but for complexity and range of drum sounds there is not much that will touch it.

Next stop MFB522. That will be the end of drum machine collections I hope.

big spender time... So cute always wanted a drum pad but i got both for 230$au.

Hey Tony- What brand is that metal a-frame stand? Looks practical.