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Second show now on Soundcloud: NEON 02

1. Mittland Och Leo - Heat Wave
2. Mittland Och Leo - Jupiter Festival
3. Plant Bach Offnus - Gwastraff
4. Mixed Feelings - Another Place (Like Home)
5. Not Only Bones - Where Are You Sleepers?
6. Lebanon Hanover - Ice Cave
7. Peche Mortel - untitled #5
8. Incubated Sounds - Anne's Death
9. Urbantech - 9/5 Figment
10. Iron Curtain - The Condos
11. Minx & Zimmerman - Tearoom In The Rain
12. Violence Conjugale - Mirador
13. Karin & Ivo - #5
14. Plastic Flowers - Strange Neighbors
15. Xerxes Von Munshrein - Violettes Imperiales
16. Vanila Pakt - Andaluziya
17. Elegant Unease - Time
18. Danton's Voice - I Hear The Bells
19. Night In Cologne - The Final Design

ja idd, avond & nachtvullend programma

this friday!

doors open at 1900h, first performance at eight dont miss out  cool

Looking for someone in Rotterdam that has such a machine?

I have this great and rare record that is nearly in perfect condition, except one part where there seems to be something inside  the groove for about 4 cm...you can see a very thin whitish line inside the groove there. I tried cleaning it with record cleaning fluid multiple times, tried to brush it out dry and wet but nothing worked!

So maybe such a vaccuum machine could get the job done?

The dirt or whatever it is generates quite a loud noise for almost a second in one of my favourite songs so it's annoying the hell out of me...  sad

Hope someone can help me out!

da's een flinke line-up :-)

kuczera wrote:

tot hoe laat duurt het K?, vanwege trein enzo
mss kom ik ff kijken

geen sluitingstijd, dus totdat de mensen het welletjes vinden... [no closing time]

eventueel kan ik wel slaapplek regelen voor jou en rafael, laat me weten!


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Every month I will be hosting NEON on Red Light Radio.

From the underexposed to the unadorned, from bedroom synthpop to basement darkwave, proto electro to minimal synth.

First show: NEON 01


friday april, 6
free entrance (vol=vol)

line-up (in no particular order)

Das Ding [ NL | Minimal Wave / Tear Apart  Tapes ]
Das Ding is Danny Bosten, who was active in the early 80s releasing his and friends music by his own cassette label "Tear Apart Tapes". Powerful and dark electronic sounds that defy the era they were made as much as embrace it. A beautifully remastered LP of these early recordings was released in 2009 on "Minimal Wave" (NYC) and has been greeted most enthusiastically by electronics heads worldwide. At De Fabriek Danny Bosten teams up with his brother Laurens and Johan de Koeyer (Les Yeux Interdits).

Plus Instruments [NL/US | Dewclaw Ditties / Kremlin ]
Truus played together with Nasmak on one of the first events(1980) at the just squated De Fabriek. Playing odd electronic instruments, bass and vocals, most of the Nasmak performances were improvised. She teamed up Michel Waisvisz (Steim), the inventor of the Crackle Box Synthesizer in numerous performances where they peddled their Bandt + Instruments single "Special Agreement" on Plurex. In 1981 she got on a plane to NYC never to call the Netherlands her home again. Armed with background tapes of electronic percussion she reformed Plus Instruments with Lee Renaldo (Sonic Youth) on guitar and David Linton on Drums and so recorded their first and last legendary Februari-April'81 album on Eindhoven's Kremlin records. Around 1983 Plus Instruments went into hibernation. After many other adventures Truus by surprise spawned in 2011 a full length Plus Instruments CD "Dance with Me" a selection of songs with driving beats and grinding synthesizers. At De Fabriek Plus Instruments will feature Truus de Groot playing several of her self designed and build synthesizers, Toon Bressers  (Nasmak/ Beukorkest) on Drums and electronic effects and special with guests Younes Riad.

Modern Witch [US/NL | DDB / Disaro / Clan Destine ]
Modern Witch started in Denver as a collaboration by Mario Zoots, Kristy Foom and Kamran Kahn. High internet DIY driven exposure includes collage video/ artwork but it is the music, a blend of lo-fi atmospheric vocals and wobbly Darkwave bass synthlines that makes Modern Witch standout. Tracks made available by download found their place on the upcomming like-minded scene compilations and limited pressing by gallery record labels. At De Fabriek Kristy will perform solo.

Absynth [ NL | NullZeit ]
Joris  [ NL | GroenerGras ]
CC [NL | CrashComfort ]

more info: 

De Fabriek
Baarsstraat 38, 5615RG  Eindhoven

what's neo-disco? is that the music after cocadisco or do you mean also the viewlexx/creme stuff from the early zero's?

it's one thing not playing it that much if at all nowadays, but another not liking it anymore...

Well i do regret trading some records away! i traded away my fockewulf 190 - gitano with picture sleeve instead of the one without, not knowing it was that rare!  Another regret trading away is syvvi foster - if are you master althuogh i'm not superfond of it it is a true gem.

But my biggest regret was trading away Chris Kraft - Discosmic Dancer LP.

Another regret, but that's all in hindsight, was trading away OP.8 - Butterfly and Charlie for Venise - Payboy when it was still superrare.

I dont regret any record i bought, since i always sell it away if i dont find it interesting.
OTOH, i do regret some records i did not buy.


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Technicolor wrote:

I wouldnt say that's witch house...pretty straightforward coldwave with postpunk influences

November Novelet may be pre-witch-house, but they're riding that narrow slightly occult line between minimal synth and darkwave that reminds me so much of witch-house.


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Pluta Conexxion - Communication LP
Jeff Walton - Danger Boy EP
Ki Di Me - Mother is... 7"
Greg Vandike - Parallel Universe 7"
Stahlnetz - Vor all den  Jahren 7"

atom crystal LP

cosmetics LP

FHM? oh come on!

this thread needs more fashion!



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Herr Flick wrote:

That's brilliant. I want one!

can't you buy one in, like, every clothes shop?


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"spreken is zilver, maar zwijgen is goud"

Scarface wrote:
--/~~~~ wrote:

Too bad we missed out apparently scarface...

That's the second time we miss out on eachother (remember the party at Worm?). I was the guy in the yellow Cariocas/Batida T-shirt observing the crowd and listening to the music. smile

That Grand Prix-track is rocking, indeed.

I remember that party vaguely ;-)


was very cool party, although i missed most of TLR & Bangkok Impact. But I-F rocked!

great to see so many people again from way back, some even for the first time! Too bad we missed out apparently scarface...


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hysteric wrote:

Jyl LP ... Thunderbolt pressing to sit next to my Inteam one  tongue
Oppenheimer Analysis - "New Mexico Cassette" bootleg CDr from Spain, limited 15 copies LOL

my New Mexico Cassette bootleg CDr is even more limited to 1 copy  big_smile

But seriously i dont get why so many people love this so much. It's nice synthpop but not mindblowing to my ears.


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Technicolor wrote:

Looks nice, who's is it?

Cyprien Gaillard


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i'm getting old...