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some indie, some may be guilty pleasures, so shoot me!

another one by the Wombats:

en als uitsmijter :-)


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dolcevita wrote:

btw tek!:

sorry but this song you posted is awful: this girl trying to pretend to be melancholic or emotional touched is such a bad actress. and then the beach and the waves - holy shit.  mad

well yeah i get your point, she's a bit over the top at times but so was nancy fortune sometimes :-)

i saw them play live at metropolis this sunday and although they have the tendency to get a bit etheric, when they shift the accent to synth or even shoegaze it's mindblowing. It was a great performance and black video is definately one of the indie anthems of 2011, no matter how much the videoclip sucks!


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Sonny Crockett wrote:
somaticae wrote:

J'aimerais bien écouter la musique d'un truc pareil !  lol

http://youtu.be/y8cJ0LB3Yiw wink

didnt expect the music to be good, but it is! Too bad not on vinyl, the cover needs it to be fully appreciated smile


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that's how it goes sometimes...have fun there for me!


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fuck the amsterdam show is on friday. only day i cannot make it  sad


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is my 2nd Fantasy copy btw, if anyone is interested hit me with your trades! (preferably italo or synth)


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talking about house (addicts thread) just in the mail:
Z Factor - Fantasy 12"
Jesse Saunders - Funk you up 12" (test pressing)


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if a certain kind of music is boring you you are looking in the wrong direction IMO.

I have to say i've been experiencing some fatigue with new electro wave output lately as well. OTOH when i put on studio brussels or 3voor12 i hear great more mainstream indie music dropping by all the time.


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amazing  yikes  lol


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oh wow yeah remember you were looking for it already ten years ago (probably even longer?)

did you try another browser?

this is as good as it gets


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poopy times reminds me of the turd twister


spaghetti turd is my favourite:


sounds delicious

damn right

Mr. Satellite wrote:

And again i have to login twice.
Wtf ???!!

maybe something with your cookie settings? you seem to be the only one with this issue?

Mr. Satellite wrote:
heifetz wrote:

italo got mainstream

That´s exactly the reason why i lost interest in italo.

I don´t like mainstream music.

I still listen to my italo records, but the the crazy hunting after italian italo records i quitted years ago.

Same happened to me with "underground" electro.

It´s just boring to me now..

I guess it's personal taste but still i dont get how people outside of you liking something affects your own interest with the music? Then it seems you like music more for it's cool underground status then for the music itself.

Me, i like it when the music i love becomes more mainstream. I can relate to both pop and indie music now so much better then during the nineties...

it blows my mind when kids classify lady Gaga as electropop. Still on top of its time that's just wicked big_smile

nice soundbite but wrong diagnose.
GD had the drama but the drama prevented the site from growing. people may yearn for the CBS times but to me it was mostly a forum with lots of followers. R4R is more like the alumni hangout for people that cannot let go.

But if you like sunsets R4R is a nice place to hang out.

before that there was the good ol'globaldarkness days. still seems yesterday it went online, in what, april 2001?
so that's a decade that has passed since then.

damn everything seemed really exciting in those days...

sorry i got carried away by scarface's belly

this thread is the most exciting thread in ages ++


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Obi1r wrote:

I'll stick with myspace, great post apocalyptic atmosphere since everyone gone now

so true! i never imagined to browse through a virtual ghost town...

didnt the scene already die with the CBS forum? life goes on...