As you know I am a very patient individual. Any chance of the recordings to share ya fucking radge! tongue

DumbBot wrote: fly by the seat of your pants, chaotic madness. Good on Jay & Maaco for being good sports, dropping some heavy shit. Overdose nearly broke the turntables those tracks were soo heavy, im mean this shit was XXL *BOOM*...not sure a glasgow crowd knows what to make of Maaco's live Mc'ing...but then some of the crowd looked like monkeys that had been dragged backwards through topshop roll But everyone seemed to enjoy it,...

checked the recordings, think they came out ok..

Did someone say recordings?


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Looks good. Checkin.

Even thought it got a tad sketchy at the end I really enjoyed the night too. Due to this I am now retiring from going raving it was one of the last acts I really wanted to see and until something really exciting comes along Im aff it.

A tad excited.

Aye. Going to be up then off to Peebles for some post rave RnR looking forward to seeing you and the crew.

Ive got a bag of unicorn shit but cant find any of his mixes.  tongue


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Dude If you can't sell it soon I will take it off your hands but I wont have the monies il next month.

Bring the noise.

That means I will be seeing you goons for two weekends in a row after a year.  smile

Nice looking venue. I need to get over to Berlin again soon.


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Girlfriend: Just come to bed
Me: I will just have another one and watch the Champions League highlights
Me: Three more pints later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on the floor.

Jacked up on Codeine and sweating like crazy but hey its my last day in this office.  big_smile


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llcoolkm wrote:

Thats Outstanding. WANT.

Any Robots in town for this ?

Im in.  big_smile  Hopefully get the another of my always wanted to see acts crossed off the list.

DumbBot wrote:

Lol...i didn't get to play any disco, i was working my way up to that big_smile Were trying to get our own bouncers in for the next one...the same guys that help us out at the afters. Yup was also thinking that a fiver door will keep the chancers away.

Any word on D.I.E playing? I need to get booked up at least a month in advance these days !


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Brilliant route man. Sukothai was cool with the old ruins and  I saw a dub soundsystem just playing in the middle of the road with no one listening or watching very weird but very thai.


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Tottieheid wrote:

@ Leo Slayer

Congratulations, man. Incitement to positivity works when you read something like that.

Cracking beer brewed in Buxton, by the way. 'Axe Edge,' 6.9% Double IPA. Very pleasant.

Totally with you on the beer front they are outstanding. Applied for a job with them too and hopefully getting a tour when I move. My personal favourite is the wild boar IPA lovely stuff you should check out the Thornbridge ales too from Bakewell in the Peak District too.

Any recordings of the italo action ?

How young we talking about, did you feel like old perverts sniifing the youngsters dancing sweat?  tongue


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byron wrote:
Leo Slayer wrote:

I bought a house!

i thought you was on the dole? man i am doing something wrong with this 9-5 shite.
jealous congrats to you

I was man now got a job in the Countryside working doing outdoor activities in Mental Health capacity. Off to Buxton.


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Great afternoon sounds man. Merci.


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Chiang Mai has an amazing vegetarian restauran called Blue Diamond. That and there are loads of cool off road motorbike races round Pai.

Sham wrote:

Had a quick play with one today, it was good fun and I like it. Only a quick ten minute go so no solid conclusions, filter is ace. Cant argue a jot with the amount it does, build quality seems reasonable. I'd consider parting with my sh-101 for one, though im not sure the sub-osc has the same grittiness. I dont know, im not gonna pretend im any sort of expert - there's more than enough smartarse-ery going on around here as it is. Would still choose a slim phatty first probably, horse for courses.

When did you get a 101 ? I will hoprfully get to test drive one in the next few weeks before purchasing they seem to be appearing in shops now.


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Ive got stretchmarks on my Beer belly anyone else suffer from this fitnes issue ? I think it may have soemthing to do with three bottles of wine a day in France on holiday but cant be sure.

The fitness kick needs to start with some better weather and spring is nearly here.


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Maiovvi wrote:

good point Leo.

I am happy for the following reasons

- I'm writing a lot of new music and I think it is good
- girls seem to like me
- an appointment got cancelled today so I can stay in bed a little longer
- Antoni Maiovvi is playing in London at the same festival as Slayer, Mogwai, Mudhoney, Harvey Milk, Balam Acab, Melvins, Death Grips, Demdike Stare and Ultramagnetic MCs in May. It will be by far the biggest live show I've ever done.

I tell you all this in hope that the 'pure universal noise love' (as I call it) will radiate out and make a lot of other people happy as well

Congratulations on the show. I noticed your name added to the bill the other day it looks amazing I was hoping to go especially to see Slayer but Death Grips look cool too. If you need a PA or roadie I would be happy to assist.  wink


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Excellant. Thanks for sharing.


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Any robots up for some recycling ?

Moving to a new house and will be looking to set up a studio space. Any neglected gear in need of a good home ?  tongue