Hell, stand still too long..legowelt will probably remix you


Video for Light, on Tabernacle Records

DumbBot wrote:

genuinely i think you are more likely to sit and listen to a tape, rather than skip through it like an mp3.

hit the nail man. with tapes, the listener is forced into experiencing the music as a whole.
Tapes are also a great, inexpensive way to get good music out to people who truly want to listen.



Cellarkalt – Zweitondimension
C20 Cassette Tape + High Quality MP3 Download
Pre-Order Now, Shipping Sept 2013


Anlasser 400
Staub der Sauger
Sirenenaire Nr. 7
Dream On Girl

Hommage a Noize
Comm Unikat e
Pyscho Ballgame

ER006, written and produced by Snuffo, one half of Acid House monsters Snuff Crew, is a view into the darker recesses of the mans mind. A blend of noise and electronics.


Paul Mitchell – Outside Perspective
C60 Cassette Tape + High Quality MP3 Download


A: A
B: B

ER005 is a journey through your own perspective. Paul Mitchell threads together a textured world that evolves and flows at a hypnotic pace. Music for meditation.

Limited Release, shipping August 2013 pre-order here


Dr Guilty – Caged Panoramas
C42 Cassette Tape

Distant Balconnade
Everything's So Quiet

Like Waves in an Old Movie

Next up on Elephant Recordings, Italy's Gabriele Quartero, delivers four tracks of stunning beauty recorded on C42 green cassette tape. Gabriele's emotion cuts through this release, and pulls the listener ever deeper into a wonderfully textured soundscape.

Limited Release, pre-order now on www.elephantrecordings.com

Artwork: Gabriele Quartero

ER003 Valanx - Through Stygian Forests
ER002 Ian Martin - The Wanderer
ER001 Aleks Jurczyk - Brutal Britain SOLD OUT

deal wae it


Valanx - Through Stygian Forests
C60 Cassette Tape

Gravity Flux
Agitation Reversal

Remnants of a Burned World
Idealistic Concepts and Models

Our third release features Arne Weinberg in his Valanx guise on solid black C60 cassette tape. This album encapsulates the dark and foreboding world of the uncertain. Continually unsettling, it darkens the soul.

Limited Release, preorder now on www.elephantrecordings.com

Photo: Arne Weinberg

Available now!

http://elephantrecordings.bigcartel.com … sette-tape

Pre-Order came up quicker than expected...
shipping in two weeks.

http://elephantrecordings.bigcartel.com … sette-tape


Ian Martin – The Wanderer
C50 Cassette Tape


Dark Horizon
The Wanderer

Double Cross

For our second tape release, Ian Martin features with 6 tracks dubbed onto grey C50 cassette tape with inlay artwork from Ian himself. This release is one of a darker realm, music which allows thoughts to wander and permeate the deeper recesses of ones mind.

Limited Release, Buynow

Artwork: Ian Martin

Out now at the Elephant Recordings Shop


best small synth ive bought in a long long while

Guyver 303 wrote:



When ya coming across for a visit?



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Hosted on Elephant Recordings




Aleks Jurczyk – Brutal Britain
C40 Cassette Tape

Side One: Brutal Britain (Movement One)
Side Two: Brutal Britain (Movement Two)

Sound Clips and Pre-Order
Shipping April 2013

The work ‘Brutal Britain’ was originally created as a soundtrack for a series of photographs that formed part of a piece on Brutalist Architecture by textiles designer, Emma Shannon. In keeping with the work it was created as an accompaniment to, the soundtrack was made using a field recording taken from a key example of Brutalist architecture in Glasgow, the Wyndford estate in Maryhill. This recording formed the basis for the soundtrack. It was then woven together with several live synthesised performances to form the completed piece.

The images that inspired the soundtrack were captured as part of research undertaken to creatively document examples of Modernist and Brutalist architecture around the UK. These estates are considered by many to be depressing, ugly carbuncles and many of them currently face the threat of demolition. At one time, they were full of hopefulness and represented a bright, new future for those who were lucky enough to move from slums and into these new examples of modern housing. As we lose many of these examples of this architecture, there are precious few documents to show that they ever existed. The soundtrack ‘Brutal Britain’ seeks to establish an audio response to this loss and create a memory of these brutal buildings, one that encapsulates all of our feelings towards this example of architecture, from oppression and claustrophobia to hopefulness and a new found appreciation for what these buildings can represent.

- Aleks Jurczyk

The piece was made using the following equipment:

Tascam DR-100 MKII
Rode NTG-2 condenser microphone with PG-2 pistol grip
Analogue Solutions Vostok semi-modular analogue synthesiser
Chimera BC6 analogue synthesiser
Doepfer Dark Energy analogue synthesiser
Waldorf Pulse analogue synthesiser
MOTU 828 mk2 audio interface
Apple Powerbook G4 running Logic Pro 7


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man, haven't been back on here in ages.

I signed up to the Edinburgh Marathon in May and my training is getting off to a real nice start. Looking forward to it.
If anyone's on runkeeper, hit me up here: http://runkeeper.com/user/paulmeschi/

should be able to lose a good bit of weight, get fit and raise some good charity money smile


I haven't seen many of the London bots in a while... would be good to catch up at this smile

https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.asquith? … 463341726/

thanks for the advice Jerklin! I now need to wait 3/4 weeks to put it into practice smile

I've decided to sell loads of shit and start building synths...
I know very little about electronics and have soldered once in my life, but I need a challenge and some fun along the way...

Just picked up the MFOS Noise Toaster as a start up project, but if this goes well, then it will be a sequencer and a semi modular after that... then on to some modules... maybe even one day designing my own PCB's, but I think that's years and years away.

Post here your experiences, tips, tricks and projects. I'd love to see them.


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haha, now available for download...



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I was having a nice day out smile


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Hosted on www.bodytonicmusic.com

01. Julian Priester And Marine Intrusion - Anatomy Of Longing
02. Madteo - Mad See Scrolls (Marcellus Pittman remix)
03. Professor Inc - Path Illumination
04. Delano Smith - Nebula
05. 2400 Operator - "NWS PT 1" (feat Rev S)
06. Norm Talley - Travlin
07. Omar S - My Naffew Randy
08. Lerosa - Hope
09. Jus-Ed - Jazz House
10. Marc Vacher - I Know
11. Nicholas - Free To Be
12. Mateo and Matos - Maw Basics (Gerd's NY Stomp Mix)
13. Subterrania featuring Ann Consuelo – Do It For Love
14. Thando - Let's Do It Right (Hot 7" Mix)
15. Logic - The Final Frontier (The Groove)


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http://soundcloud.com/meschi/meschi-str … eige-promo

Wee half hour promo mix for Streets of Beige party I played at on Friday...

01. Meschi - Walker (Boe Recordings)
02. DJ Qu - Blvd Beats (Reiterate Music Group)
03. NCW - Untitled (Apartment Records)
04. Madteo feat. Sensational - Very Sweaty Palms (Kassem Mosse Remix) (Meakusma)
05. Omar S - Who's in Key (FXHE Records)
06. Lerosa - Ordinary People (Uzuri)
07. Ladzinski - All Night (Boe Recordings)
08. Ladzinski - Looking Back (Boe Recordings)
09. Semtek - Pizza (DJ 3000 Remix) (Don't Be Afraid)