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I've seen Automatic Tasty bring a Roland SH5 out to gigs in Dublin with him, madness. If I owned one of them it'd be on an altar in my living room, never to be moved.

Oh come on, it can take it..



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oh yeah good stuff  smile

If you're not doing live sound or working with a band is there really any great use for pre fader aux sends?  My mixer has aux sends 1 & 2 factory default set to pre fader and I never use them.. they are switchable between pre and post fader but you have pull out each module in order to change jumpers.  Having FX on post fade sends is nice for easy routing and feedback tricks and it'd be nice to have two more.

Figured I see if there was any convincing reasons for leaving them pre fader before investing the time to pull it apart?  I suppose you can set up a presumably mono monitor mix which is independent from your recording levels but is that any better than monitoring the tape returns routed to the main stereo bus?

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thanks rude smile

they don't seem to be the cheapest for sure although they have some kind of "points" scheme, a bit like airmiles, where with each module you buy you get a discount on the next, and the more modules = the more points = the more discount. Plus they have the option of buying the modules as kits rather than pre-assembled saving about 30% on the module price. customer oriented ha!

MOTM canceled their points system and kits a few years back.. occasionally when they have an excess of parts they'll make up some kits on a limited basis.

Can't you make the filter self oscillate or use noise from the mixer to determine if the VCF to VCA path still works?


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Notice the charts 15 seconds in.. blasting your nips really boosts your confidence when giving a powerpoint presentation at work

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Also my Oberheim 6R tends to skip notes in certain patches. I think it has to do something with the second voice but Im not sure.. Any 6R users who know this error?

Run the calibration command several times to see if you can pull the voice back into spec.  If that doesn't work open it up and try reseating the voice in its connector.  The final option is to get a new CEM chip.

yeah this show is great.. definitely worth checking out, especially if you live in texas and/or like fishing

try here: … epair1.htm

good mixer for the price.. warm sound maybe a little muddy or woolly.  nice eq for electronic music.. the swept mids can almost be like bandpass filters.  lots of features but I had some problem with mine picking up radio interference even with quality cables and RF chokes, so I ultimately ditched it.. might just be my location though as I can see several broadcast towers from my window.


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dont forget this one:

I had a RBF but ditched it because it was too tame.. maybe it sounds better in stereo

do you record your final mix into a computer?  why not use a plugin eq?

constant Q on a grapihc eq doesn't seem that impressive to me.. i'd rather have a decent parametric

linear phase eq is supposed to be some hot shit for mastering

the resistive element inside the pot may be worn which would require replacement


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The Score and The Thomas Crown Affair

I would say around $500-550 for the set.

you guys should come to texas next time !

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I have just fallen in 1978!
Marantz SR 1000 big_smile

Thats the receiver my dad had in college and I used to listen to my first records on when I was growing up.. he still has it somewhere.

After a mixer upgrade I noticed I can no longer overdrive/distort mixer channels like I used to on an old Tascam.. I guess maybe there is too much headroom.  Can anyone recommend a good overdrive or distortion for primarily x0x drums... I'm not looking for a bitcrusher or anything crazy like that.. just looking to add a little grit.

These are pretty cool.. cheap, very adjustable, but a big on the big side: … sku=452069

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What would be a correct price for a Jupiter 6
What are the pros & cons..??
there's one just over  1000

Save your money for a used MPC-1000 or get a Boss DR-660 or something else


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this has probably already been posted, but what the fuck, it's awesome

check this one out

compression is easy to understand.  say you're throwing a loud party (thats your signal level).. at a certain volume your neighbors get pissed off and call the cops on you (threshold).  it takes a certain amount of time for the cops to respond and show up (attack time).  they tell you to turn the music down by some amount (ratio) and then they linger around before they go away (release) and you can turn it back up again

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