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anyone got a warped copy hanging about that they no longer need since they got the replacement? i'd be willing to take it off your hands for a fair price smile
been listening to flemming's mix since it came out, but hadn't noticed the pre-release announcement for the vinyl so i missed out - whon whon sad


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Transistores wrote:

Hazell Dean – Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)
most probably Dub Mix:

that's the one - big thanks. been seeing a lot of hazle dean (though never this one) but passed it up as it looked like it was gonna be crap (like most uk late 80s hi-nrg seems to be, or at least the majority of uk hi-nrg records i find here), guess i'll have to start giving her a fair shot.  smile


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can someone id the track that drops at 2:44 during el Pollo Loco's No One Listens To High NRG megamix from the MMC 2006?
this popped up on my playlist today and smacked me in the face with it's awesomness smile

download link can be found here if you dont already have it


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please tell me someone is recording it - been having trouble keeping the stream going today on the computer i am on.


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ronin wrote:
PlatOr wrote:

anyone have a tracklisting for this megamix? or can anyone identify the track that plays at 6:30 with the "your love" vocal?

pls & thnx

starcluster - smoke and mirrors

OMG - awesome! me & my partner have been trying to figure it out all summer. he kept insisting it was paul parker doing vocals (i had my doubts).  big thanks!


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AdiDaSkiller wrote:

great track & great album
i got to see her and her band perform in a small bar here in toronto back in 2004, great performance. sadly it was only appreciated by me and my friend, and 4 others spectators. oh wells, better than being crowded by hipsters.

here's my contribution. didnt exist on the tube so i had to upload it.


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anyone have a tracklisting for this megamix? or can anyone identify the track that plays at 6:30 with the "your love" vocal?

pls & thnx


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YAS wrote:

yes! i enjoyed a lot of the stuff on jackpot records back in the day, i can listen to it and enjoy it still (even the stuff i hadnt heard before) sadly it seems to be a touch underrated (especially gauging it by the discogs price)

here's a good one which i had only ever heard a small clip of (in footage of sasha & digweed spinning it at tribal gathering 1997) and i had searched years to learn the title and artist behind it, but had finally given up many moons ago - recently i found it while digging through a djs old collection he was getting rid of, made my day! hard to tell if it was the highlight of the day though, he had lots of goodies including peter lichts sonnendeck, bill drummond's the man lp, and orbitals times fly 2x7" ep all in mint condition! things he inherited from a buddy's shop that closed down.
strange thing was i used to shop that store a lot and never saw these items there.

anyways i digress - the trance track i speak of is Tenth Chapter - Whiteland

love the break and the cosmic/outerspace feel


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i'll make you one wink
any colour you wish


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0 items for sale - did i miss out? sad


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nothing as spectacular as some of you robots, but who knows, some of you may need to fill in some gaps:

The Flying Lizards - The Flying Lizards
low price & lower price!

Gino Soccio - Love The One Your With
low price & lower price!

JDC Mixer
volume 7 & volume 8

The Flirts - Passion
in immaculate condition!

Fancy - Chinese Eyes / Come Inside (9:00 American remix)
in immaculate condition!

La Jeune - (Love Is Only) Skin Deep
in immaculate condition

Julius Brown - Party
low price!

Lime - Sensual Sensations
Original Pressing!

Divine - Native Love '84
on bobby o,'s memo records!

Sally Shapiro - Remix Romance Vol. 1
Canada only CD collection of remixes!

Gino Soccio - Outline
in immaculate condition!

Taffy - I Love My Radio
in immaculate condition!

Finzy Kontini - O La La / Bass & Drums
in excellent condition!

Kano - Baby Not Tonight / Don't Try To Stop Me
Italian Full Time pressing!

Trans-X - Living on Video / Vivre Sur Video
in immaculate condition!

Aleph - Fly To Me
in immaculate condition!

Gary Low / Mike Mareen - La Colegiala / Dancing In The Dark
2 hits on 1 12", in excellent condition!

Gipsy And Queen - Gipsy Queen
another hit from Crivellente & Farina, in immaculate condition!

Gazebo - I Like Chopin
Romantic Classic!

Peter Jacques Band - Welcome Back
Hard to find follow-up! In excellent condition!

Chanson - Chanson
low price!

Bumblebee Unlimited - Everybody Dance
Excellent track in Excellent condition! Original release!!

Dee D. Jackson / Antonia Rodriguez - S.O.S. (Love To The Rescue) / La Bamba
excellent record in excellent condition!

Munich Machine - Munich Machine
Dancing robots cover!! Giorgio Moroder must have!

Various - Cruising (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Disco/Punk/New Wave rarity!

Grace Jones - Do Or Die
excellent cover art! in immaculate condition!

Roberta Kelly - Gettin' The Spirit
Another Moroder production in immaculate condition!

Dschinghis Khan - Rom
Original Gatefold sleeve! Immaculate condition!

Sylvester - Dance (Disco Heat) / Stars
Patrick Cowley goodness in immaculate condition!

The Staple Singers - Slippery People
Talking Heads cover! In excellent condition!

Grey And Hanks - Dancin'
in excellent condition!

Tantra - Ma-Cum-Ba
Low price!! & Even Lower!

Kano - Don't Try To Stop Me
Promo! Excellent condition!

Time Bandits - I Am Only Shooting Love / Only Lovers Will Survive
immaculate condition!

Material - One Down
Bill Laswell classic LP in immaculate condition!!

Giorgio Moroder - Music From "Battlestar Galactica" And Other Original Compositions
Beautiful cover art! in excellent condition!

Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity
In excellent condition! put your trust in the 'stache

Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus / Double Dutch
In excellent condition!

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Meets King Pennett
August Darnell production!

K.I.D. - I Wanna Piece Of The Action
in pic sleeve! in next to perfect condition!

Radiah Frye - Power Hungry
rare Gino Soccio production!

Kumano - Kumano

Roberta Kelly - Zodiacs / Love-Sign
Moroder produced disco burner!!

Nightlife Unlimited - Nightlife Unlimited
in immaculate condition!! sexy!

Machine - Moving On
in excellent condition!

Gino Soccio - Closer
another excellent release from gino soccio!

The Love Machine - Desperately / Don't Fly Away
beautiful disco 12" in immaculate condition!

Supermax - World Of Today
in excellent condition!

10 Speed / Slingshot / Nighthawk - Tour De France / Do It Again, Billie Jean / Eye Of The Tiger
in excellent condition!

Norma Lewis - Maybe This Time
next to perfect condition!

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle / New York By Night
in excellent condition!

The Strikers - Inch By Inch
in immaculate condition!

Tangerine Dream - Wavelength
in immaculate condition!

Tangerine Dream - Optical Race
in immaculate condition! die cut cover!!

Skinny Puppy - Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
in excellent condition!

Skinny Puppy - Cleanse Fold And Manipulate
in immaculate condition! & in excellent condition!

Skinny Puppy - Chainsaw
in immaculate condition!

Legion Of Green Men - 21st Century Disease / Ambrosia Rising
in immaculate condition! special limited release!

Keith Emerson - Inferno
original italian pressing in excellent condition!

...and plenty more here!!

robots feel free to make offers on anything you see, contact me via PM here on RFR  or via PM on discogs (be sure to mention your robot name for special discounts)
happy hunting!


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interesting to learn that big ben tribe isnt that hard to find, being in canada it sometimes feels like any italo is rare and impossible to find. you're lucky to score a fancy record when diggin in these parts.

well, if anyone is interested, it's here
http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?releas … &ev=rb


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today i found big ben tribe's tarzan loves the summer nights
its priced at $200. the sleeve is VG/VG+ with some sticker wear and seam splits, but the record looked pretty good, VG+ at the least.

but as i am struggling to make rent, i dont know whether this is a wise investment or not. what say you robots?


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cloud9 wrote:

it reminds me of orbs little fluffly clouds

thanks, that means a lot smile

i think LFC, along with 808 states pacific state, and sven vath's l'esperanca were references for the concept i presented to the band. definately a balearic throwback.


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now enjoyable in HD *oooh*


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whats this track playing right now on SD radio on IFM1? "final call for flight 207, passengers to montreal"


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frigid wrote:

...jesus was a cocksucking jew from galilee, jesus was just like me - a homosexual nymphomaniac...

Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth was a fantastic album (albiet one of covers).
i think, based on the liner notes and other sources i recall reading, the album was produced by drew while procrastinating/as an addition to his dissertation paper while working towards his PhD.
coolex smile


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suzanne ciani is super hot! her voice makes me melt! i've only recently learned of her through this thread (xenon video = awesomeness!)
thanks for the clip miravalles smile


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short doc on the AMEN break


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the only accepted form of sexuality is consented sexuality.

do not defend his actions just because he was musically gifted.


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the stickers on the micheal make it look like a reissue too, no?


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if he is charging 2 euro for packaging i would hope he uses some sort of pre-made outer packaging to ensure record safety. i hate when you pay an extra 5 euro than what the stamp on the outside of the package is and the package itself is some random cardboard (not even 200 lb) that they cut up and tapped up around the records. >:(

italian sellers are the worst offenders for this, they do horrible packaging jobs with cheap reused cardboard, the cardboard doesnt wrap around the edges (they are sealed with tape, which topuches the edges of the records inside) and come opening time you have to be so carfeul to not cut your records sleeve.

i almost feel like demanding a partial refund on the shipping costs in those instances, 5euro is a lot of money to tack onto shipping for about 5 cents of tape and free cardboard.


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did micheal even perform his final show in the uk!??!?!?

when was that suppossed to be!?


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i was grocery shopping when a news report came on the radio and i scrambled to find someone to talk to about it but, this being a chinese grocery, it seemed that no one was listening/paying attention.


has anyone seen ebay!?
http://cgi.ebay.com/michael-jackson-off … 1|294%3A50

http://cgi.ebay.com/Michael-Jackson-Thr … 1|294%3A50

!!!!!! ack yikes