It was cool, nice sets from everybody and great crowd that was really into it! Nice atmosphere!


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sucks that it got cancelled, I wonder why ... Anybody know?


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And what happened to Brian's blog?

Normally it's kind of 'agreed' that -18dbfs digital would show 0dbvu on analog. That way you have plenty of headroom, and if you want to ride your analog mixer channels a bit harder (even to distortion) you have room too so you don't overload your converters going above 0dbfs. So that's a good way to calibrate the meters, set your tone at the logic -18, then cal your VU's to 0. It's not a rule set in stone though but a good practise

The thing is Mule Driver that normally digital and analog meters are different. So if you send 0dbfs (digital) to your mixer from Logic it's not 0dbvu (analog) on the mixer.

dBVU is what an analog mixer uses for reference, 0dBVU would be where the mixer works at it’s optimum. Noise is the least, while having enough output to drive the sound card.
dBFS is what a digital sound card uses for reference. 0dBFS is where the sound card will reach it’s maximum and if pushed beyond that it will badly distort. There is no “optimum” level in the digital realm per se, as long as you are above 16-bits of usage.

You should check your soundcards manual and also Mackies manual I guess .. I don't know if in this case the Mackie is kaputt, do you get enough signal when plugging in synths etc?

Mule, does the channel where you feed the 0db signal read -7db?

Not necessarily, depends what the meters are related / calibrated to, or something like that .. Somebody more technical minded could give explanation ..

of course it's a joke and good one at that lolz

dirty dutch, like afrojack, laidback luke and that kinda stuff

Haha, that's great joke. I love this guy

All of them would be decent for your uses. Since you are using PC you need a soundcard with solid drivers, I think M-audio is ok in this regard, don't know about the lexicon. Btw. if you are running win7 check first that the soundcard works on it! I think the last one for example doesn't ..


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You can always think that maybe aging was not so gracious for her and she could be 100kg and look like a monster .. It happens, 15 years is a long time. Bad joke I know but just meant to cheer up really


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I have slight really high frequency buzzing in my ears all the time now, kind of like tv was on or something. Not too loud and it doesn't really bother me too much and I can sleep well. After a loud club night it gets a bit worse though but calms down soon. This has happened to me because I was producing long time mostly on headphones .. Of course club gigs might affect it too but I really think it's mostly down to headphones


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I would rather buy the new Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V plug-in. It sounds seriously good and is much better than the previous plug-in version.


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really poor


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I hope there won't be any bugs in the code!

XILS PolyKB2 (emulation of the french RSF Polykobol) is just amazing! Cpu hog but the sound is very very nice for a softsynth, I'm sure few purists here would be quite amazed too .. Sami from Bangkok Impact did this demo track for it, only sounds from Polykb2 used except for the drums:

Sounds good no?


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plikestechno wrote:

It's kind of made me question how much I want the Yamaha CS polys or any vintage polys. I think I have enough polys and then have the PolyKobol II and Arturia Collection in software on top of that.

That PolyKB2 software is some seriously amazing piece of kit. I just am finishing a track for competition using only sounds from that softsynth + drums as samples. It sounds very very good indeed to my ears. Of course the cpu hit is quite big too. Will post the track to music section later ..


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Doing sound design (loop libraries mainly) and some music

I like that the track with the flutey melody. Sounds fresh!

for the dancefloor maybe .. noodlings are not always good for the floor ya know

It's a pc running linux with c64 case basically ..


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RIP Loleatta Holloway ..


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Good that you didn't get killed

so lot's of people got in too, that's good