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We've uploaded another one today.

'In the final episode of this season of International Top Ranking, we discuss K-pop instrumentals, vocoder reggae and the originator of Korean metal'

https://www.mixcloud.com/ITRPOD/itr_pod … uth-korea/


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score100 wrote:

Went through the Ukraine episode, very cool. Really loving to hear you and Jonny passionately talking about it and discussing this. Loving that acidfolk track. What was the artists' name again, electroheart/herd or something?
Brings me to the only point I'd like to add: would love to have a tracklist for this. My Scottish has gotten a bit rusty and I can't go backwards in mixcloud when I overhear something  neutral

Hey man  thanks for the feedback.  big_smile  We probably get more Scottish after a few beers as well, so it probably gets harder to follow later in each episode. Here is the acid folk track here https://elektroherd.bandcamp.com/

Also the tracklistings are on our Mixcloud page https://www.mixcloud.com/ITRPOD/


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coae wrote:

The Turkmenistan episode rocks cool the anthem sounds like it's taken from 1959 film Ben-Hur or something.

Nice one. Going to need to check out the Ben-Hur soundtrack then  smile

Love the video. Similar to Rowshen Halyyew on the episode, just not quite as hard rocking! We have compiled all of the videos available on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS2nj6 … /playlists


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Glad to hear you're well mate. That looks like a lot of fun, if not a bit scary haha!


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DumbBot wrote:

Props on the Google-fu skills digging up these obscure gems, and also respect on the pronouncement of the native languages without butchering, or spitting all over the mic.

Shouts to family.

Alright Iain, how are you doing? Hope things are good man. Still on the Yoga? I'm into jogging these days, not been to a night club  in 2 years!  lol

Not all the tracks are obscure really but they are new to us both, is the only criteria when we were picking them. Not sure about the pronunciation on a lot of the tracks to be honest, a few retakes were needed that's for sure.

coae wrote:

Good stuff, really interesting concept!

The first track in the Swedish episode is a most likely a modern cover of some old traditional folk music and "the funeral march flavor" is something called Vemod and is something typical Swedish. There's no English translation (that i know of) but something like: a calm longing and sadness over something that will never return, the calm beauty in sadness. "Det Svenska Vemodet" is a somewhat used phrase. Some stuff by Jan Johansson that you mentioned is an good example he's album Jazz På Svenska used to be played over and over again on the Test card back in the day when Sweden only had two channels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2D5HlKLh34. Another example is the intro of a famous tv-serie that public broadcasting provided back in the day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEnWE2ybZjE

Coae, thanks for the feedback and for the information about Vemod. That is really interesting that Jan Johansson fits into that mood to, I hadn't drawn the parallel between their music and the first track, but it seems obvious now you mention it. Love Jazz På Svenska

score100 wrote:

Very cool Joel. Gonna listen. Not sure if that be in your concerns, but Rotterdam is doing o.k.

Hey Moritz, nice one man. Good to hear from you and to hear things are alright in Rotterdam. Hope you dig the shows!


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Guyver 303 wrote:
arabot wrote:
S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

Hey arabot, the perfect timing to check this out. I'll give feedback later. Peace and stay safe!

Cool cool man thanks for the response, hope you dig some of the music and conversation!

Nice one Joel, must give it a listen. Great idea and a real spread of countries.

How's life with yourself? All good in Glasgae?

Hey Robbie,

Nice to hear from you.

Aye, pandemic aside, things are sound in Glasgow. We are pretty settled. How is Madrid going? I must have moved back to Glasgow just after you left, been a while now!


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S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

Hey arabot, the perfect timing to check this out. I'll give feedback later. Peace and stay safe!

Cool cool man thanks for the response, hope you dig some of the music and conversation!


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This is my first post on here in a few years.

I wanted to share a podcast series that I've been working on with a friend where we select a country at random and then find music connected to there, to chat about, over a few tins.

There are 9 episodes up now, with one more to come shortly:


Any feedback welcome  cool


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I've done the link again, Julian Cope - The Modern Antiquarian. Nice insight to some of the best Stone Circles around the UK.


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Looking forward to it!



First time been to the cinema in ages and saw this dazzling film. So nice when you get a packed cinema with film showing on 35mm film.

Haha, aye I guess you could say that. She's got the moves, if you fancy coming out of retirement, you would be more than welcome along mate!

A few promos mixes up on the Soundcloud now https://soundcloud.com/bizarre-tempo

Cheers Robbie

DumbBot wrote:

Sad as it is that this place keep limping along, there are plenty of ghost forums worse than r4r(have no idea why TLR bothered to re-started G.D ).
...forum culture has been dieing for years, and music forums seem to have taken the hit from facebook worse than other domains of interest. People seem happy to tweet an emoji and call that a discussion. Whatever, fuck em'...i'll still be here posting shite and laughing at techni's cartoons till the end.

I feel the urge to start a thread just to spite all those facebook mft'ers

I read this and started looking for the heart / like button.


with an eerie high pitched bark, she beckons you forward. yielding but resisting, you brace the sharpness and stinging of the waves. the moans and cries, the sonorous echoes and murmurs of the deep tempt you below. beneath the water, her shadow dances its obscure and blubbery dance…

Bizarre Tempo, G42 collectors and selectors, present the first night of what we hope to be many.  A vinyl only quest into the techno machine of the future: throbbing, dreamlike, acidic, fluid.

The Bizarre Tempo Collective:

Joel (Tabernacle)         Kev (Calderroom)         Emily (G42)    Andy  (Jak/Full Dose)


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Mule Driver wrote:
DumbBot wrote:


Charles MANIER - American Manier

Disappointing...nowhere near as good as the earlier album on Nation,

I expected this one. so far 2 out of 3 Bopside releases are letting me down.
and the one i liked - 2am/fm is not as good as their other releases

Edit: so after what i wrote above, i checked it on Bandcamp. not bad at all.  i'm taking back what i said, and i might order this one

I've picked this one up and I'm feeling it. Loved the release he did on Nation as well.

Presently been listening to a lot of stuff on Silent Season and enjoying Gigi Masin Music from Memory release.


Great Scottish writer at the moment, this one is superb!




High quality documentary of a very sad story. It is made by the same guys who did Senna and they manage to achieve a similar thing where the documentary becomes something that is not just for the fans. Is a must watch.

Slow West


Champion debut film by John McLean. Nice and compact take on the often tired Western format. Charming film, but not in a lame way. The film looks great throughout and is clearly made with an artist's attention to detail. Excellent story about a young Scottish aristocrat traveling to America in the 1800s to find a lost loved one.  Worth mentioning that it also has Fassbender in it who is the don it would seem at the moment. This guy is definitely going to be a film maker to follow in the next few years. Personally I was always going to need to see this one as it made by the ex beta band keyboardist, and I was a massive fan of them in my early 20s and they always had great films to accompany their music.


Caught this on a flight to Istanbul and enjoyed it, very tense and it rattles a long at quite a pace. It is about a student jazz drummer trying to cut it in some elite nyc jazz band run by an extremely scary dude. Perhaps a little on the cheesy side but still...


Caught this when it was out which was a solid film about a adolescence in a tough Parisian suburb. Director manages to capture something pretty real and non judgmental.

Finished the Sopranos -  the best! Doing something very different but easily up there with the Wire.


What's the plan for the electro worm release?