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yeah id like to know also, ill stop by for a few days in June


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did a fast search for it here but nothing came up so i guess there is not a thread for it. maybe it should be i some other forum section but i guess it could be here.

i haven't had time to tune in myself but it's supposed to be a good radio on games.

anyways enjoy


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"jesus christ they're shooting at us!"


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im off to berlin tomorrow smile any parties this weekend?


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as biotek says it is supply and demand. digital information is now even more abundant than air. infinte copies can be made.

what we are seeing is a desperate establishment trying to achieve scarcity with digital information so that they can make profits from it. this is why they first neglected the internet and now so aggressive in trying to control it. they cannot allow anything in society not to be controlled by money. they control the money and if money controls everything they wil get: absolute power. and as we have seen here in sweden during the whole tpb affair all institutions are in on this.

the swedish government (both the last social democratic one and the present unified right wing government)

the swedish legal system (the whole tpb case has been a complete joke, a complete fuckin joke!)

religon (the christian democrats defend immaterial rights with their claws and teeth)

soon they will now longer be able to mantain scarcity of energy either as it is truly abundant in nature. digital information and energy is just the start. the people dont need the monitary system. we dont need to be their wage slaves. we dont need all their wars, survaillance, crime, media, superstition and other misery that are all fueled by money and profits and are here only to divide and control us.

we need clean air to breath and water to drink, efficient housing, education, food that is actually good for you, safe transportations that run on clean energy. a society that drives people to do good without any reward other than to grow as a human being. all the technology and resources we need to do this for everyone in the world exist. we could start tomorrow if everyone wanted to. money is all that is stopping us so lets get rid of it once and for all.

as it is today we very seldom get solutions for problems that cannot generate a profit. profits will kill us all.
we will always be a slaves in a monitary society we will never be truly united or free.

btw. this picture shows Peter Sunde of tpb with president Lula of brasil who seems to actually like filesharing. maybe this will be as "bad for his health" as many other south american presidents thru history. im counting on that economic hitmen should be well on their way by now armed with all kinds of threats to whisper into his ear.



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some robert hood here also

robert hood - minus


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evander holyfield'a boxing!


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yes all the plutocrats and fascists know this. that is why we are getting shit like the EU (similar super states are in the works on every continent). these super states will sooner or later all have constitutions that overrule national constitutions and they will all be pro corporate and not pro citizen like the national ones.

if you are irish and believe (or hope is probably the better word) in democracy then it is should be a good idea to vote NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! for the lisbon treaty. which will make the eu even more of a super state.

all these super sates might all be fused into one mega super state one day in not so far away future. a world government. do we really want this? i can tell you one thing about it, it will be in the control of bankers and corporations, not the people.

im so getting this lovely lovely baby. it walks all over iphone and google android.

its proper multitasking WebOS (linux based smile = super easy to port to and hack) seems just fuckin amazing...


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revolvers are too sexy. might have to get one.

i also like this dual deagle video:

super shotgun


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great smile

vince's studio looks smaller nowadays


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anything called electro+(something)= waste of time


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dave angel - quarter pounder


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i saw a video from some mastering company and this company at least begged to be allowed to keep the dynamics "but we know most of you guys want a loud one..."


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"eminem nice to meet you"


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biotek knows what goes down.

how things are looking will all be slaves in a not so distant fututre. we are "the bioling frog" just like the jews in germany in the early 30's the majority will understand first when it is too late.


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Felix - Stars


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most art is dated after 5 years anyway why dont let people share it?

i think the artist will profit from this in the long run


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95 years (which i think is the new one) for arts and 25 years (20+5) for medicine patents is not reasonable.

5-10 years for all kinds of immaterial rights is more than reasonable i think. this is a good compromise i think between letting the  person/company have a chance to earn back a profit and then be forced to invent something new to make further money.

a reasonable win-win situation for both the society and the companies

@ruud, speaking on cures etc. antibiotics research is not that complicated it is just that very very few companies actually want to do it.