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inserted wrote:

Really, really nice mix Mike, many thanks for sharing, never been to Roskilde but this would have been a perfect soundtrack to part of my festival if I was there...hope it was well received and you enjoyed it... smile

Thanks man..... the set was originally 4hs, so this edit probably sounds a bit edited... Roskilde is always a great experience although the electronic scenes has taken a way to commercial twist the past couple of years imo.....

The dub/left fields area....
A nice area covered with sand.... half of it under roof, with the stage in the middle, and a nice open area to the other side...... a lovable place to fill with smokey soundscapes on a cozy sunny afternoon..

tvdw wrote:

hi mike salta

i tried to dwnld it but i get a 'can't read source file' message twice
it may be a problem here but maybe you want to check it


Hi tvdw....

From which OS and browser do you try to dl ?
If i understand your prob right, you can download the full file, but unable to play/recognize the file downloaded ?

Im thinking it could be because the dl stopped before it was complete... i just tried to dl and experienced the dl stopped once, prolly because the storage server is busy.... when i resumed the dl, it completed and the file appear to play smoothly...

Well, if anyones interested i'd gladly provide a 320 link for a more efficient server.....

Didnt see this one coming.... Thanks and enjoy smile


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Furtado vs Jackson.... like the laid back disco feel this mash up turned Furtado into


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Led Snoopelin


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kuczera wrote:

i don't think he was an addict

Perhaps not  a music addict, but a vinyl addict ?
I dont know... Difficult to clarify what to call a guy with his approach.. and 2.5 million vinyl records, but fascinating.


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A real story from the archive smile

Worlds biggest vinyl collection

Basic Aly wrote:

looks like a hairy caterpillar from his plants went, 'mmm I'll have that lip, cheers'.

I stumbled into the idea that this could be Mike Mareens father..... big_smile

Not sure if its relevant for this site, but anyways, here's a little something to relax to...
Blend of ambient, electronica, idm, leftfield, dub, downtempo and spacey textures...

DL or stream here


Agree... for "barbershop and gospel stuff" or doubling and harmony/choir, the VP-550 might sound great, but expensive compared with similar.... Talking hw, a VoiceWorks Plus from TCH can do the same, and Harmony4 (Ported from VoicePro) the same when it comes to sw..... got the Harmony4 and often use it not just for vocal works, but also environments and textures... very creative with fx... but not for Vocoding.... TCH is lost when it comes to that.

One could hope Waldorf would start working with Vocoding again. The D-Coder is indeed on the right track when it comes to sw based vocoding imo. Unfortunately the Waldorf we know today is not the Waldorf that used to be, and the new folks dont have the rights to work with many of the old patents...

@ Squadra..... did a comparison of the Vocal Designer in VP-770 and the VP-550 and there is a significant difference, but if its worth the price... not for me. I guess it depends very much on the purpose its being bought for.... I would imagine the sing-a-long dude will love the enhanced Vocal designer....  The new Brass presets though are a step in the right direction when it comes to the Vocoder value, but not really an argument to buy..... Use it as carrier and work with cheap Vp-330 samples to get a better result than these is still easy.... rest of the "new stuff" is just shoeshine and expansions you can grow for the 550 as well with the right tweaks...

Septicstudio wrote:

Well i did consider, and then dropped roland stuff is just digital, nothing more nothing less... I got a Varios +D50- emu card thats magnificient, but thtas because its a digital engine so thats ok, but analoque into a VP550/VP770 emu isnt just what I would need, its primairly for Gospel and Barbershop singing, for puristic robots there can only be analogue...(or a Glavia G2 hehe) bowoop shooby dooby boowappp...not my cuppa tea

I got a SVC350, really would love a VP330, but those are 1200-1500 here now...a few years ago 900 was considered a high price lol....

I guess you are right, i just had a hard time realizing big_smile  ...To much of a comprise to go for the VP-550... Not worth trying to tweak or bend it into what one really wants when fact is its a gospel and barbershop tool.....

I have been hanging on to a Waldorf D-coder, using it as carrier and a VP-330 string kit for Kontakt or similar to get as much of the feeling as possible.... Unfortunately the D-Coder has been discontinued for ages and now time to put to rest... no longer reliable and a block for a needed Logic and PowerCore upgrade.....

Been longing for the keyboard version of this gem forever (The VP-330) and recently stumbled across the new breed:

Roland VP-550 and VP-770 ... I have tested it and disliked the clean polished sound it has, compared with its legendary cousin that is, but with some analogish  plugs at its tail, its becoming an interesting alternative i must admit..... Havent bought one, but curious to figure if other Robots [Vocoder geeks] have had the same considerations....

For a room with the measurements described, talking BM6a, it might be worth checking the BM5a's as well....
Guess who....


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Seems to be quite cheap big_smile

Compared with this one that is

Tony Sylvester.... damn this was/is a cool album..


Gerald Levert

Billy Preston

Lawrence Lloyd Brown Snr.

Spicy moussie, Al Wilson

Some Philly & Motown moussies....

Gamble & Huff

Archie Bell & the Drells

McFadden & Whitehead

Billy Paul

Teddy Pendergrass


Bobby Ross

Dexter Wansel

Roger Troutman

Renaldo Benson & Lawrence Payton... (4 Tops)

Ronald Townson

Milan Williams (Commodores)

Curtis Bridgeforth (Platters)

Eugene Ford (Chi-Lites)

Well.. seemed all them Chi-Lites were moussie boys

Tyrone Davis

The Intruders


Harry Ray (The Moments)


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R.I.P. M.J. ...Remember the time.


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David Vunk wrote:

Erik van Vliet never made 1 track,  he was only the owner of the studio van the hotsound shop and the labels
and is very know here as the man who used the first wurgcontracten for producers in the dutch dance scene
of course i know more stories about Erik   (aka the lombardoni from the low lands)

but also i kinda like him......;)

Quite interesting... I know from a friend at Combined forces that Van der Kuy had a/some hits in Asia and became quite rich, but i never heard about the Vliet story.....

Thanks Vunk smile

@ Smackos, afaik, Mikulski bought the rights to the name/brand Koto along with the entire Memory catalogue when the crisis kicked in late 1988... Mikulski just ordered Van der Kuy to make some hits and capitalize as much as possible on the name/brand...."Koto plays synthesizer greatest" was just the first step demolishing the name/brand (imo) smile