here is the tracklist :

1. Pink Floyd – Time (Минута е много – БНТ)
2. Simo Lazarov – (Добро утро деца! – БНР )
3. Tangerine Dream – Tangram Set 1 (Атлас – БНТ)
4. Trevor Jones & David Bowie – Thirteen O’Clock (12+3 БНР)
5. Giorgio Moroder – Leopard Tree Dream (БНТ)
6. Mc Lane Explosion – Black Deal (Всяка Неделя – БНТ)
7. The Phantom of the Opera – Overture (Неделя 150 – БНР)
8. Stelvio Cipriani – La Polizia Sta A Guardare (Студио Х – БНТ)
9. Giorgio Moroder – Paul’s Theme (Неделя 150 – БНР)
10. Pond – Supernova (Плюс Минус – БНТ)
11. Discothèque – Disco Special (Спорт Тото – БНТ)
12. Piano Fantasia – Song For Denise (БНТ)
13. Dan Hartman – Vertigo (Предаване за хора с увреден слух – БНТ)
14. Van Maccoy- African Symphony (Атлас – БНТ)
15. Mc Lane Explosion – Pulstar (Всяка Неделя – БНТ)
16. Space – Magic Fly (БНТ)
17. Hypnosis-Bormaz (Час по всичко – БНТ)
18. Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion (Добро утро – БНТ)
19. Koto – Visitors (БНТ)
20. Hypnosis-Argonauts (Час по всичко – БНТ)
21. Mike Oldfield – Guilty (ТВ Справочник – БНТ)
22. Neoton & Kócbabák – Hivlak (Всяка Неделя – БНТ)
23. Lipps Inc. – Rock It (Всяка Неделя – БНТ)
24. По света и у нас – БНТ

Hello robots!

Enjoy that special mix i made with the unique  selection of music that was once used by the Bulgarian national TV and radio (the only TV and radio stations at that time) during the communist times in the 70’s and 80’s.. It includes music from emblematic programs and shows like "Добро Утро"  (Good Morning) , "Студио Х" (Studio X) , "Всяка
Неделя" (Every Sunday) , "Атлас" (Atlas)  , Неделя 150" (Sunday 150), “Плюс Минус” (Plus Minus), etc...
A mark of those times for everyone who lived in Bulgaria during the communist regime and was exposed to this spacey and hypnotic music...


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Привет роботи wink

Here is a mix that i recently did for some fashion magazine and bellow is what i wrote about it:

‘I have selected some killer down tempo tracks that I use to play at the late hours of the night…
But here, now, you can enjoy them at home while reading the magazine or just dreaming for an intergalactic trip with some fashion photo-models… Enjoy!’

or download


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nice topic!
at the moment that i saw it i wanted to put the logo of the balkan - bulgarian airlines but it's already in there smile
here it is another :


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fantastic mix!


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i am going to spend few days at Riminin in the begining of July and i was wondering is it there still gonna be found something interesting or everything coolex was in the 80's....any suggestions for good clubs,bars if there are any  that should be visited , or any other interesting places around ?

@pablodiscobar  did you enjoy your stay there ?


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thank you alex , glad that you enjoy it!


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hey robots ,
here it is my last mix , it's about human race females wink
enjoy ! … emales.mp3


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May be the most played mix on my ipod for the last few months... love it !


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no chance to find synthpop/electro stuff in varna , mostly commercial house music in there...but although a very nice city indeed!


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did you enjoy your stay here , wish i saw your post earlier..
mekonin is right the biggest scene here is the dnb, but there are some disco/electro parties in which im involved smile
any robots coming down here le me know to share you the good places !


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SpaceLex - pretty face  is one of my favs as well

Some years ago a friend ask me if can i replace him for one night dj-ing in a striptease bar ( he was playing regularly  there and playing some awful dance music ) I was totally opposite against all that shit, but he offered me some good money and he gave me his music that he usually plays there . That night was one of my worst nights playing.... totally shitty music and the girls who have to dance on it didn't like it either because i didn't play theirs regulars stuff to dance on the piles...they were so angry on me !It happend to be almost empty, but some big petroleum boss came that night and start requesting some track of  Julio Iglesias ....OMG!!!it wasn't on the cd's that this guy gave me but he was so unbending and finally he get out some big wad of money telling me that this is gonna be for me if  i play that track.Finally one girl from the stuff run to the discotheque across the street asking the dj about that song and he happen to have it......Finally i get all that money but i was feeling so "sell out"  I never did something like this after that smile

?therwise some of the dumbest questions and classic ones are almost always with some tween girls asking for "something more faster" , "something more slow" or  "something that you can dance to" usually they dont have a idea what they want smile


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Freek wrote:
clipper wrote:

Robert Plant - Big Log

I like the video as well

why feeling guilty bout this?

Robert Plant + 808 sounds like a supergroup to me.. smile

because i am not a fan of him at all, but this one is real good, well i am not guilty anymore smile


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Robert Plant - Big Log

I like the video as well


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well i am not drinking it right now, but wish to have it in my city...


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Thanks niles , sounds very nice !

Great job! Enjoying it at work today wink


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Lexy & K-Paul - Electric Kingdom smile

Just watched "After Hours" and really like it!


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Rosica Kirilova - Bosa po Asfalta … r_embedded


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Well it's a nice release anyways...

Wish you a nice goth disco party guys wink