Hello all,

quite some time I don't post in the R4R forums wink
Apologies if I have not been that much present as of late, but work and other amenities kept me away from
a lot of things - but now it's going to change for the better again smile

I wasn't really expecting to make this post today, but here I am...

So, after I don't know how many years, too many to count them, I decided to jump the bridge and
publish some music that has been kept under lock for a while.

Some of you might remember the tracks as heard on the CBS, some of you may not.

But here it is, in all its digital glory, the Arizona EP smile

Some of you might wonder why I didn't do a vinyl release, the reason is quickly said: in the past 10 years whenever I wanted to press it, for a number of reasons I was never able to do it.
So this time I went the digital distribution route, which one could object regarding quality, but makes my life way easier than with a physical copy. But if the distribution runs well, then this time I will definitely press the records smile

For those interested, you can find it on iTunes, Google Play Store, CDbaby, Amazon and a number of other outlets.
It is available for streaming also through Spotify, Rdio,Shazam, Last.fm and others.

As a convenience for you, I leave you the links for iTunes and the Google Play Store here under:


Google Play Store:
https://play.google.com/store/music/alb … bjbxq7wjkq




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If you feel like visiting Switzerland you could get this:

http://www.ricardo.ch/kaufen/musik-und- … 684525090/

I saw it in person tonight, it's not in perfect optical conditions but the buttons (and the holding board behind the panel) are
solid... Plus the battery holder broke and the guy has replaced it with an external thingie, as you can see from the pics.
For the rest, well, it's a 909 smile

Around 1000 euros ATM, auction ending in 17 hours. Was tempted to get it myself when I saw it (ahhh, nostalgie smile, then
I decided to leave it there. The guy is selling it to buy a bicycle, his one got stolen.


waiting for this to arrive from Down Under:


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.. Since I had a 909 in the past and I currently have a DrumStation in my rack, I can definitely confirm Ruud's story.
If you need a simple drum synth, the DrumStation might be a useful addition together with other devices - but if you really
want the sound of the 909 BD (and the other bunch of sounds), well... only the 909 can provide it.
Plus, the feeling of pushing those computer-like buttons with integrated led is an extreme luscious pleasure big_smile

Anyway, since I am not any longer into the sound of the 909, I am fine with my stuff.
I love my 808, I am not going to sell it for any reason, even if I should go completely broke and under a bridge I still
would have it by my side.
It's scratched, pots are noisy, sometimes the fills do not kick in when requested... but it's my 808.
It has been in the most strange places in Italy and survived with just the minor scratches smile

Still on Roland TR's, there is someone here in Switzerland selling a Devilfish 606... for 2000 CHF if I am not wrong.
Anyone interested, I can point you to the ad. It's not on Ebay.


gia' meglio big_smile



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currently in the hands of the evil swiss customs... sigh...

I think you need to study a bit some sound engineering basics, it will give you a precise overview in the craft and how to work with hardware devices smile

a hardware production studio (at least in my opinion and experience, others will have a different view) revolves around the
mixing console, which can be as small or big as your needs and wallet smile Considering inline consoles to be the standard,
you would have to have a mixing console with 8 to N channels, a number of auxiliary sends, an equivalent number of
return channels, from 2 to N group channels and the master volume.

Instead of doing the "cable jockey", I strongly advise you to buy a patch bay, which is usually a rack mounted panel with
a number (usually 24 or 48, depends on the brand/make) of 6.4" connectors (jacks) in the back and in the front.
You would connect permanently all the inputs and outputs of your devices (synths, the mixer, the effects, the audio
interface of your comnputer) on the back of the patch panel, then with short cables (patch cables) you would interconnect
the devices in front of the panel (like in the old telephone pabx system, that is where they come from smile

For the effects, you would connect one (or more) of the aux sends of the mixer to the input(s) of your effect, then the
output(s) of the effect would either be connected to the return channel on the mixer or to the normal channel (this is the
way I do, so that I can have a different equalization on the effected signal compared to the original).

Clearly, using a patch bay makes these connections way easier and practical than having to move cables all around smile

Your soundcard has 2 inputs and two outputs, this means that you can record two channels at the same time - either two
mono channels (two different instruments) or a stereo channel (one instrument with stereo output). If you want to
record more channels simultaneously then you have to get another audio interface, with more than 2 channels smile

I have an old Echo Layla3G which has 8 inputs and 8 outputs, so I could record 8 channels at the same time and play 8
separate channels in realtime - however I can already mix in the computer, so I can pass through more than 8 different
"instruments" at the same time, unless I need them separate to do some analog filtering through my mixer.

As for digital consoles, I am an analog guy so I never had one and can't really tell how they work.

Maybe I have confused you even more with my post, I hope other people will be able to address your questions with
more precision than I did tongue



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Let me see if I can recall, I asked the man from the Hague years ago when I first met him..

Apart from the 808, the Korg VC-10 Vocoder has been used, the Korg MS-20 (or a 10, but my memory tells me it was a 20)
and a Oberheim OB-Xa. Can't really tell if he already had the A100 modules back in the days of those records, might have been.

Anyway, these are all expensive devices nowadays - it's all vintage stuff, so either you are prepared to shell out a considerable
amount of cash for that gear (seen a 808 recently go over 2000 Euros, which is crazy IMHO) or consider the new alternatives,
like the soon-to-be-available Arturia Minibrute, which sounds promising and I think it's up to par with the sounds you're looking
for. Plus a good tube processor and you're good to go smile



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Don't worry - wasn't sure if my PMs went through - sometimes the forum misbehaves smile



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not sure if you are receiving my PMs... can you please check?


can't see anything in that picture, man smile

I like electropute/electrowhore so far smile
Although Justice's last album is quite different from the previous ones... Any bot has heard it? I have it and it reminds me
more of 80s rock that had synths inside rather than electronic music...
just my two cents, clearly smile



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You have PM smile


my two cents on it:
I have been using a computer for making music for many years - now it's only used for audio recording.
For my composing needs, I now depend on a MPC1000 and a MV8800 - bear in mind that I don't do live sets, so my needs
are probably different - but for me I want as well a computer free environment during composition.

For tracking, clearly a computer is invaluable, but for everything else is much better.

the MPC can be pretty steep to learn if someone is not used to samples, but for some with experience is not that difficult to
get into it - maybe there is some more to learn if one goes the JJ OS route - but you get as well additional functions that
are not available in the stock MPC.

again, YMMV, so this is just my opinion.


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bzzzzzzzzz hopp Schwiiz smile


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I'm interested. I'll send you a PM.

...you see how the world changes. Once people were stocking and piling up gold, diamonds, platinum..

Now 808s are the trendsetter when it comes to holding value during time tongue
I think I will have to build my next studio in the caveau of my bank... wonder if they would give me the keys so that I can
go there at night and on weekends too? tongue


So far I am still "toying" around with it and reading the manual... This machine has balls. Some patches really "explode" out
of the loudspeakers, dynamics are incredible... Maybe the filters are a bit "weak" compared to other analogue devices I own (or it might be just me still not knowledgeable enough, clearly).

I am looking forward to see if the control routing exceeds that of the Ob-Mx or the Matrix12/Xpander/6... I think it will.

I have to say that back in the days, I had to choose between this and the G2X. At that time I went for the G2X, which is a
wonderful machine, but I now know what I have missed for all these years tongue

In general I am really satisfied with it, the keyboard "plays" great (it's a Fatar smile and I am looking forward to using it in
many tracks I am writing these days smile

Perfect conditions, nonsmoker studio, had all the time to run the diagnostic to check if everything was ok, as it is smile
Was expensive, but totally worth it smile

What I am missing so far? Latched sequencer. The arpeggiator can be latched, but the sequencer not, so I have to feed it a MIDI note to keep it playing... Hoped I could latch it manually, but oh well, can't have everything smile


silly me, I didn't write it. An Alesis A6.

I recently got a polyphonic analog synth.

This is flying all the way from Australia to Switzerland:

lol smile I know what you mean... even if I try to use technical means to avoid being uninformed, I still lack a thing or two smile

Regarding the new Fairlight, it is a nice toy - but for the price you would pay that, there are much better solutions in my
opinion (a Kyma system comes to mind, with a big touchscreen - that would be half the price of the Fairlight).

Interestingly, I noticed that there is some sort of active market for the latest "old" Fairlight devices, starting from the MFX
up to the latest gear - and to my surprise, the prices aren't that high.

I am trying to see whether products such as the Dream Satellite could be a good substitution for a normal pc based
environment. Clearly, being a complete proprietary system from a relatively small manufacturer, spare parts and maintenance
could be an issue in the future. But given the low prices (found a 48 channel system for 600USD), one could theoretically
give it a shot.

Bear in mind that being me a full hardware person, I have hardware outboards - so my main interest is in replacing the pc
as a multitrack recorder. That would finally mean the end of Windows in my studio.


Did aliens abduct you a couple of years ago? smile

I think I know from where this is coming from...

http://www.ebay.ch/itm/PPG-WaveTerm-A-l … 4ab42f2272


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thanks for your input, indeed it's a unique machine and I am still considering whether I would miss something vital in my setup
if I were to part with it - honestly, since I own I have used it mostly as a effect/filter/vocoding unit rather than a synth on its
own... Maybe I should try to use more the sound generation capabilities that come with the system before dismissing it
completely. And maybe I should finally decide myself to buy a preamp to give some "punch" to the sound...