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After a mindblowing festival with great bands and music, Mannequin and Grauzone decided to give you a second chanche to dance at the GRAUZONE AFTERPARTY. With acts as Das Ding, Martial Canterel and Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S), all from different worlds, but with the same mindset and passion for the electronic synthesizer sounds. Planned also a special B2B dj set between the 2 organizers Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin) and Trish Trish (Grauzone). This all will take place at the Doka, one of the best underground clubs from Amsterdam.

presale € 10
door € 12

Get your GRAUZONE AFTERPARTY tickets here:

DAS DING (Minimal Wave Records)
In the early 80’s, Danny Bosten a.k.a. Das Ding released dark and danceable electro through his cassette label Tear Apart Tapes. His music was all but impossible to perform live in those days, but after he was rediscovered in 2007 by the New York-based label Minimal Wave, this ‘Dutch electro-pioneer’ is using modern technology to revive his classic vibes.

MARTIAL CANTEREL (Wierd Records / Electric Voice Records)
Sean McBride aka Martial Canterel is definitely one of the most talented artist in electronic underground music of our time. Each and every single song of him is just gripping. The music stands in the tradition of the cold -minimal and synth wave, but is characterized by a super-intense signature sound which is full of melancholy. The mysterious lyrics and the brilliant voice that seems to be absent and emotional at the same time add to the sinister mood of the tracks.
If you are only a little bit into Minimal Wave or Synthpop, you can't ignore Martial Canterel. And if you don't, this could be your entrance ticket into this musical territory!

RON MORELLI (L.i.e.s. Records)
Raised on punk and hardcore music in the ’90s, he quickly grasped the allure of stripped-down house and techno, and soon enough discovered that New York boasts a strong DIY electronic scene despite the disappearance of its once robust dance music culture.


Mannequin Records boss vs Grauzone princess at the turntables for a special cold wave and minimal electronic dj set!


GRAUZONE is a one-of-a-kind festival that unites the best of past and present, of fame and obscurity; where classic influential bands perform side by side with young upcoming acts.
The festival will be located at The Melkweg; this venue, which features several stages, exhibition spaces and a cinema, is the perfect place for the audience to immerse themselves in a rich world of distinctive music and contemporary art. All of this, right in the centre of Amsterdam.

Get your GRAUZONE FESTIVAL ticket here: … nl_melkweg


Mannequin Records, now rebased in Berlin – Germany, is one of the most interesting labels devoted to synth wave and dark sounds. The label’s main purpose is to bring back to life and propose bands from this mostly undiscovered world. Faithful to the spirit of DIY, Mannequin releases are published in ultra limited artful packaged and hand numbered editions. Some of Mannequin Records productions include the legendary double compilation of Danza Meccanica plus all the Italian new wave artists related, like Monuments, Musumeci, Chromagain, Tommy De Chirico, Intelligence Dept and many more. The attention of Mannequin is also concentrated on new names, the label in fact released records from some of the most importart contemporary international acts like Tropic of Cancer, Mushy, Phantom Love, Survive, Deathday DUST, Sixth June, Void Vision, Police Des Moeurs.



Wibautstraat 150
1091 GR Amsterdam


First up is an expanded reissue of the debut LP from the Monuments duo of Andrea Costa and Mauro Tavella who previously appeared on the Mannequin label as part of the 2009 compilation Danza Meccanica – Italian Synth Wave 1982 – 1987. The six-track Age was originally released in 1984 on the Discordie label and was the only commercial release from Monuments, with the duo electing to put their musical talent to use in writing scores for TV, film and theatre subsequent to the record’s release. The reissued edition of Age includes two bonus tracks which were studio out-takes from the same period the album was recorded, and is presented with original artwork intact.

Strongly recommended to fans of New Order, Kraftwerk, Chromagain, Lisfrank


Released at the same time is a 12″ issue of the Close Your Eyes single released by Politburo band member Tommy De Chirico. Recorded on his own whilst Politburo was still active, the two track 7″ was released on the Shirak imprint in 1984, yet this reissued edition features three further tracks including a rare demo version of the title cut and two out-takes from the musician’s 1983 archives.

Strongly recommended to fans of Martin Dupont, Oppenheimer Analysis, Das Kabinette, Victrola, Neon.


The final and most in-depth part of the ‘Turin Trilogy’ sees Mannequin shine a further light on Musumeci, one of most rare and unknown Italian Minimal Synth bands from the ’80s. Formed in 1985 by ex Rude Pravo member and Mauro M. and Franco G, former noise maker of Errata-S-Corrige, Musicmeci was rounded out by the addition of Laura G. (ex-keyboardist of Rude Pravo) and vocalist Paul C. Together the band recorded and self-released two demo tapes that align them in the canon of angry primitive electronics alongside DAF and Severed Heads. Having initially featured on the second Danza Meccanica compilation, the Schwarz Morgen / Zusammen LP offers a more conclusive portrayal of the band featuring some thirteen tracks culled from those two rare tapes.

Strongly recommended to fans of D.A.F., Severed Heads, Liaisons Dangereuses, Single Gun Theory.

All three releases out on Mannequin on October 14.

Full Streaming:

Order your copy:



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Hailing from Rome – Italy, Newclear Waves is essentially the  solo  project  of  Alessandro  Adriani,  mind  and  boss  of  Mannequin  Records,  one  of    the  most  important  synth  wave  /  cold  wave  labels  around,  with  contributions  from  Oksana  Xiu, an academic russian musician devoted to analog synths.  Deeply  influenced  by  the  works  of  the  early  minimal  electronics  sounds  on  Mute  Records  and  4AD,  Newclear  Waves  is  exploring  droned  out  electro  pop  territories  with 
an  interest  for  a  refreshing  hyperactive  80s  New  Wave.  finding  his  own  identity  somewhere  between  Snowy  Red,  The Normal and the first Human League. 

Having turned out releases on Mannequin Records, the duo is now presenting a full‐lenght ten  tracks  collection  of  caliginous  pure  analog  minimal  synth  on  the  way  on  Desire  Records,  french  Cold  Wave  and  Electro  Wave  label,  focused  both  in  new  artists  and  stunning  reissues  from 4AD like Mass, In Camera and Dance Chapter.

NW  releases  received  many  features  in  important  magazines,  such  as  The  Wire,  Still  Single 
and  20  Jazz  Funk  Greats,  an  was  playing  besides  artists  such  as  Xeno  &  Oaklander,  The 
Hacker,  Gesaffelstein,  Fred  Ventura,  Veronica  Vasicka  (Minimal  Wave)  and  many  others, 
across Europe and United States. 

Newclear  Waves  was  also  producing  remixes  for  bands  like  Soft  Metals,  Joie  Noire,  Der  Noir 
and Mushy. 

Alessandro  Adriani  was  born  and  raised  in  Rome,  Italy  and  in  2008  he  launched  Mannequin 
Records  label  and  mailorder  and  has  been  focused  on  that  ever  since.  Aside  from  the  label,  he 
was producing tracks in his own Mannequin studio for some of the best new bands from Italy,  like  Mushy,  Der  Noir  and  Ancien  Régime.  He  also  DJs  in  many  clubs  around  the  world,  mixing  in vinyl only some of the best italo‐cosmic‐minimalsynth‐electrowave tunes. 

Oksana Xiu was born in Estonia, studied academic music in Russia. Academic knowledges had  a deep impact in the creative process of her musical entity. During several years she also sang  in the church's choir which is undoubtedly had influenced her work. 


“'Cold Wave battle uptown. Now'” 
‐ The Wire
“You want names? You don’t get them as since yesterday I will compare Newclear Waves only 
with Newclear Waves, simply as they’re brilliant.”   
- Peek‐A‐Boo Magazine   

“If I had a goth/minimal wave dance night I would play Newclear Waves’ side. The only thing 
better than being alone is being alone in a crowd. ”   
- Dazed



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so nice of you!


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YESSSS, we are really proud of it!!

full streaming online now on FACT … p-in-full/

Mannequin is more than proud to announce the forthcoming release of Heinrich Dressel aka Valerio Lombardozzi, the italian producer and mind of one of the best techno-electro labels around, MinimalRome.

After some marvellous releases on Legowelt's Strange Life and Minimal Rome, Heinrich Dressel is finally celebrating the use of vintage synthesizers and driven electronic machines, holding elements of electro and ambient at the same time, but breaking from the genres too, deeply inspired by Heinrich Dressel, the pioneering German archeologist sent to study in the holy city in Monte Testaccio, who drew what is now a major tool for study of Roman amphorae, the "Table of Dressel.

Heinrich Dressel is placed in a sort of limbo where John Carpenter meets Drexciya, a sonorous journey through the darker side of the electro, taking the commands of the Elka Synthex, one of the most impressive polysynths in the history of music, planned and manifactured by Mario Maggi in the early 80s, as the commercial brother of the MCS70, synth that gave birth to a masterpice album like "Automat".

“Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves” musically speaking can be described as a captivating hybrid of styles, mixing the chilling-menacing mood of the 70s / 80s lo-fi funkadelic horror soundtracks to outerspace synthesised soundscapes in a pure classy vein. This is cryptical-kosmische psychedelica with a nice electro retro touch and avant-minimalist vibes. An important contribution and a propulsive cinematic affair.

12’’ EP Version: Limited edition of 300 copies, white vinyl

DIGITAL Version: Distribution through The Orchard in the most important digital stores
(iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Nokia, Spotify and many others).


A1 Sighing melodies thru the graves
A2 The black radiant sky
A3 Nestled against the Aurelian walls
B1 The fifty days of mighty lunacy
B2 Afterlife was writ in water … h-dressel/

Mannequin is really proud to announce the forthcoming brand new 12'' from Tropic of Cancer, one the most important realities in the modern post-punk and darkwave scene.

Essentially the solo project of LA-based Camella Lobo, with contributions from John Mendez (aka Sandwell District’s Silent Servant) and Taylor Burch (DVA Damas) and after two sold-out releases on labels Blackest Ever Black and Downwards, Tropic Of Cancer have stoked their slow burning reputation into the makings of what isbeing referred to as a 'modern classic.'

Though Tropic Of Cancer's sound has been called gothic, cold wave and drone pop, the band's take on their influences isanything but nostalgic. Lobo and Mendez have managed to imbue their own elusive gaze and craft a strangely beautiful and intoxicating sound in the wake of theirpredecessors.

The three tracks on this new 12'' take us gently by the hand into a slowed-down opium dream - it's like watching the desert from the same stark corners where Lyciastood many years ago.

This EP gathers the primal thrust of their bleak Post-Punk (think about Cultural Decay shaking hands with Section 25 in their psychedelic/buddhist years) and Minimal Wave aesthetics with this entirely new dimension in the music of TOC – heartfelt and deep.

Cold waves have never been so warm.


A - The One Left
B1 - Beneath The Light
B2 - It's All Come Undone

12'' EP Version: Limited edition of 500 copies

DIGITAL Version: Distribution through The Orchard in the most important digital stores (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Nokia, Spotify and many others). … e-one-left


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Mannequin is proud to present new music from Austin based full-analog-synth quartet S U R V I V E. Their first LP is a highly anticipatedrelease and we're more than thrilled that the vinyl is finally out.

"An analogue incarnation of Rustie taking a couple of notes from Eduard Artemievo's poetic account of a supernova imploding upon itself in astorm of strobe lights which are but morse signals from God's ship asitsails across the empty black sludge of space, annotations in a sheetmusic for a jam bound to sendAstronomers all over the planet into a frenzy of air keyboard slapping and knob twiddling"-20 Jazz Funk Greats

Adam Jones, Kyle Dixon, Mark Donica, Michael Stein form the analog synth purist band SURVIVE, considered as one of Austin's mostimportant live electronic mainstays. With Austin's diverse underground synth scene starting to boil over (see: Neon Indian's world domination, Silent Diane's new single on Matador imprint True Panther, //TENSE// early EBM shocks and Sleep ° Over's debut on Hippos In Tanks), SURVIVE is creeping up, notfar behind.

LP Version: Limited edition of 300 copies, 140 gr clear vinyl … e-s-u-r-v/

Mannequin is real proud to bring you after almost 30 years one of the best electronic Cold Wave bands from Italy, already included in the much acclaimed Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987 compilation.

Janitor Of Lunacy were an Italian New Wave electronic band, active in Brescia from 1981 to 1986, composed by Kovre, Claudio Asserini and Gabriele Farina. With this line up, JOL produced a demo tape in 1983 entitled 'Crimes On The Dancefloor", which was very well reviewed by the italian music press. Thanks to such great feedbacks, the band was choosed for various compilation of the era, including VM, Komakino and Magnetique, playing many live shows in historic clubs like Xenon in Florence or Odissea 2001 in Milano, sharing the stage with Weimar Gesang and some others Supporti Fonografici related bands.In 1986 JOL entered in studio for recording their first full-lenght for this label, album publicized by various magazine but that never saw the light of the day, due to artistic divergences. The band broke up shortly after.


A1 The Red Moon
A2 On The Dancefloor
A3 Highly
A4 War Days
A5 Back On Water
B1 Shadow Of A Desert Land
B2 There Grows My Heart
B3 Destruction Babies
B4 Scurry Song
B5 Lovely Times

SOUNDS: … cefloor-lp

Tracks A1 to A5 + B5: 'Crimes On The Dancefloor' K7 1983
Tracks B1-B4: 'The Testroom Tapes' 1985

The LP comes in 2 different versions:

* Standard LP Postcard artwork
- 12" black vinyl, 33 1/3 rpm
- limited pressing of 250 copies

* Limited LP Postcard artwork
- 12" black vinyl, 33 1/3 rpm
- limited pressing of 50 copies

released 17 February 2012

next extract: Jeunesse D'Ivoire - A Gift Of Tears (Silent Version)

thanks to Fred Ventura for sharing this beauty with incredible TR 909 dub version.. … -a-gift-of

well MW is an import release from US, so of course prices are higher

said that, we always wanted to keep the prices as low as possible, in order to distribute our music culture through the world and have people buying it of course


A1. Suicide Dada - Acque
A2. Der Blaue Reiter - Through Glasses
A3. Sons Of Science - Way Of Life
A4. Waveform - Creep
A5. Ruins - New Record

B1. Jeunesse D'Ivoire - A Gift Of Tears (Silent Version)
B2. LASS Crime - I'll Merry Go Round
B3. Musumeci - Harry Batasuna
B4. Deca - First Frequency
B5. European Stage - Subterranean Wait

love Shawn

MILANO, 1981 … er-through

Hi there!

Saturday we did a dj show in Milano, then on the 17 january there will be a showcase in Roma, if you are around :-)

you can listen the album at

this is brutal!

Musumeci were an unknown band from Torino, this track is from 1985 … y-batasuna

this time we were going deep into the Italian New Wave scene, coming back with 10 brighty jewels.

listen here a pair of tracks … dada-acque … ay-of-life

Volume 2.....out in 1 month :-)

out now!


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Fred Ventura's State of Art back in action...!! enjoy this remix i did :-) … e-newclear

pdf full link: … PTER_0.pdf


█ 2 November PARIS █  Le Mecanique Ondulatoire █

Mannequin is seriously proud to present the Chapter #0 of its festival in Paris, bringing MARTIAL CANTEREL and TROPIC OF CANCER.

For this special event only, MARTIAL CANTEREL, one of the most talented artist in electronic underground music of our time, will be part of the night, playing a full exclusive European live show.

TROPIC OF CANCER are touring for the first time in Europe and in Italy, surely being one of the best US dark wave bands around.

In collaboration with Disco Chaos.

█ INFO █

Start h. 21,30

Entry: 8,00€

Advance Tickets Available at: or
Download the Program in PDF: http://www.mannequin…L_CHAPTER_0.pdf

Le Mécanique Ondulatoire, 8 Passage Thiéré, 75011 Paris, France

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ▲ L I V E ▲ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

- MARTIAL CANTEREL Minimal Synth, US (Wierd Records, Mannequin)

- TROPIC OF CANCER Dark Wave, US (Downwards, Blackest Ever Black, Mannequin)

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ▲ D J s ▲ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

- COSENSATION (from La Forme Lente)