beat up SH101 with a few issues:

sawtooth osc fader doesn't work, no sawtooth heard
noise fader doesn't work, no noise heard
VCF Freq fader is requires attention, cuts in and out from 7-10 position
VCA sustain fader doesnt work. Sustain is stuck at max i think.

Bender CVF control doesnt work although VCO mod does work
Bender LFO Mod doesnt work

VCO tuning wanders quite a bit

top note key contact requires attention.  It does trigger intermittantly but doesnt hold gate open

Battery compartment is a bit rusty and signs of previous leakage.
VCF calibration might be off too. Do you always require env or keyboard tracking mod faders at max to hear the open VCF? My Juno isnt like that

..with legowelt

Check Mate wrote:

Same here too!
I borrowed an MKS-50 from a friend but did not play much with it.
I thought I could propably "emulate" it quite close with the G2.

Has anyone got any decent G2 emulations of the alpha juno/mks or any other interesting synths for that matter.
I know the G2 is great for imaginary stuff but would be nice do get a flavour of some other synths


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I'm going to be in Den Haag on Tue night.  Just wondering if theres anything in the centre thats worthwhile checking on tuesdays?  Or a recommendation on where I should eat

Stalker has pretty much covered it. I don't know of any gear/studio photos. 
4 track tape
SK1 in the LAM work?

10" isn't usually much cheaper than 12" though.  like speculator says, make it a 12" if its the type of thing dj's might play

Rude can tell dopplereffekt how unfuturistic they are.   tongue

Boss DR 110 - great simple little drum box and I love the silver flap cover thing.
Its standard at the moment but whats the preferred way to sync these things. midi mod or din sync?  any links/kits/diy to recommend?  or just leave it stock?

any reports?

smile  nothing like a good hardware/laptop debate!  lets kill it now..

sadly I've still never seen Legowelt play but I did listen to that beats in space live mix and it was brilliant. another bit of proof that it doesnt matter whats used.    I'd love to attend this night but its miles away and I'm taking the kids to the singing kettle that day roll

(Laptops do look a bit shit onstage though, no?)

ableton  sad


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gerald doesn't play any of the old 90s stuff these days and hasn't for a long time.   the last dance-type beats performance i saw was back in 2001.  He's pretty focussed on the abstract soundscape work now.
Saw them in Glasgow a couple of years back too and again, a good % of the crowd were just waiting for the kick drum to come in.
Their performances are brilliant and its a real lesson in futuristic music as every decent producer in glasgow will be there taking notes but the promoters should really try to find a better way to present this than stuff the act in between dj's rocking the same old detroit/electro beats.  Never been to glue factory though so its perhaps a good venue for it

You've almost answered your own question there.  You're tracks will quite possibly benefit from breaking them out your computer and mixing on a real board.  Even if you just record back into your DAW as a stereo track, a bit of analogue mixing and EQ will help.  legowelt will likely answer on the track history but if theres a distinct sound you're going for, its work looking at what kit was actually used and then either finding that or emulating it as a far as you can with what you've got.  Some of those records might've been done with cheap or lo-fi equipment.  90s bedroom producers generally mixed to 2ch DAT with some choosing tape (reel 2 reel or even cassette).  Stuff that came from studios more likely went through a multitrack tape stage then to a 2ch master (DAT or tape).  The mastering on these records may have had an influence too.
What are your source sounds and how are you recording them into ableton?  If you can drive your pre-amp a little it might make a difference to what you want.
Most folk on here are into hardware and I'm not too knowledgable about plug-ins and such but I'm sure even playing a bit with eq's and compression on your individual tracks as well as the master bus with some kind of tape sim/warmer  you could get sounds in the ballpark your looking for


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yeah, interesting copy of ableton by ex-employees

someone made one of those downfall-subtitle youtube videos about it too


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fantomas wrote:
fantomas wrote:

i want to buy the esx1sd there on market somethin' similar to esx1?same specs...should i wait for another upcoming sampler?


they're good. if you've done your research you'll know what they can do.  I think the alternative is mpc500 or sp404


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rarara wrote:

would imagine its all about the android/iphone apps with these youngsters nowadays  roll

Well I got an ipod touch at xmas(2nd gen) as a lady at work was selling them to get new ones for her spoilt children.
Anyway, I thought i'd try out an ipod as i've always been a bit scathing about apple things without every really owning one to be objective about it.  And my impression is its a great interface, though i'll stick to my stance of not liking itunes.
Anyway, the 1st thing i did was search for and install some music apps. 
Nanoloop - Being an original nanoloop user I was keen to try and it works great.  The parameter sequencing isn't as exciting but interface works quite well and sampler is great
Tonepad/Beatwave - tenori-on style things.  not too editable but i don't think the tenori is either?
technobox - simple rebirth type thing. 808/909/303. its great. pity theres no reverb.
nodebeat - nice to play with and uses touch interface quite well. I like these sort of generative things though you can't help but think your playing someone elses music
nanostudio - seems to be popular on iphones/pads etc.  the mpc-pads - drums bit is good and synth is easy to work
sunvox - pretty mad design of tracker with slight modular side to it

thats what i've tried so far.  Theres maybe another app thread somewhere but i posted here because though its no OP-1, as a hardware substitute its not too bad for portable jams. (bus, train, hotel room, bed, impromtu house parties).

always wondered how the microsampler is.  seems like a sk5/sk1 on steroids
I like the look of the recessed controls.  Can you actually sketch out tracks on it?

Well if you like the Hoover/Mentasm sound, you've got the right tool for the job!

lixa-6 wrote:

Momentary madness, i knew it might be a bad idea, if only i had waited for that step down transformer. Fuck and this six trak was mint too, maybe not inside anymore. I hope then just the transformer has gone, i really do!
Thats bloody great a new transformer for that little, excellent! just looked at some photos of the inside of a six trak on flickr, plenty space in there and the transformers well isolated from the rest, could be an easy replacement if thats the only problem. Decals too for a dollar oooh yeah!

Just curious, did you ever get that repaired or did you fry the whole synth?

reason is good for emulating an old school studio and you can obviously try out the demos of ableton, fl and reason  but I'd recommend renoise as it's cheap and great value, in fact the demo isn't even limited too much and its easily capable of old-school techno, despite being the tool of choice for idm/breakcore.

I can't speak about the EII or EIII but I've had an Emax for 15yrs.  cheap 1st sampler, then i ignored it for Akai Sxxxx and MPC and used it as a master keyboard only.  Returned to it after a while realising it had the gritty/ bassy sound i wanted.  SP1200 is great and theres loads of discussion on hip hop boards about how close the emax comes to the sound.  I keep meaning to do a decent comparison with a variety of sounds.  Its not identical but its the same ball park.  The Emax sequencer is gash but the audio outs are quieter than my SP1200 which has so much hiss it could make a basic channel record on its own.   My issue with the Emax is the disk drive is flaky, though after the last disk cleaning routine its running better.  The buttons are not as responsive now, really have to push hard on the yes/no buttons.  I've only used the basic Emax keyboard.  SE and HD editions looked good too.  It is huge in size and a decent weight.  Heavy Duty moulded plastic body with a metal base.  Keyboard is quite springy but playable and I love the big modwheels.  Its a strange looking grey beast and the EII has better looks with the blue colouring and labelling. Also, the bird run feature is pretty important.

in what way did you re-jig the equipment?  different room and power sockets?
Most of your equipment is low power so plug into one main power outlet and run multisockets from there


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So whats needed is a qy / xox 8ch sequencer, with poly seq tracks on a few channels at least, simple track mute/solo, drum sounds, rompler sounds, sample slots and onboard mic, an analogue synth or two (, sd card memory, a couple fx slots, midi in/out, small portable and able to run on batteries.
who wants to design one :-)

looking at that, the OP-1 comes closest. korg esx is pretty much there but doesnt have the poly sequencing and isnt so portable. MPC500 ticks a few boxes.
could do it all with a couple boxes but I'm a sucker for all-in-one toy, just keeps the workflow easy.

looks like monotribe is getting better:

i'm wondering how the new functions work if its just a software update

never used an asr-x either but i've heard the sequencer is horrendous