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sp12 live? hmm.. would it hold enough sounds for live set. might be quite stop-start while you load the next disk. EII lol , if it's anything like my emax theres no way i'd take it out. Its like rolling a dice every time i boot it up whether it even loads.

MPC and the SQ80 will do you fine  (the Aril Brikha combo). run the SQ sequencer for variety.

I recently got the ESX and can see just using that only. xox programming, fx, reasonable limits to work within.


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my friend raves about the machine drum and i've played with it a little. I'm not sure if they have a certain sound or their workflow just directs a lot of users to sound similar but I can hear his work a mile off.  the sampling function probably improves it a lot

juno-6 = great. I'd love to find one for 200e


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Are you sure you need an all in one box?  You've tried a few of what I might originally suggest, MPC, ESX  and if you added a microkorg or synth with bigger keys if you wanted, you'd have a fairly portable system. In fact, I think the ESX is a great live tool, if they'd added some poly ability it would be even better for those that like chords.
ESQ-1 or SQ-80 are original workstations with seq, multitimbral and proper programable 3osc architecture. Adamski originally played live with one and a 909. One issue is no internal fx and theres only L/R output.  It also sounds like you're maybe looking for something newer , usb, computer backup etc + more portable.
I tried the minikorg workstation in rubadub and its got nice quality sounds, i didnt investigate the workflow though.
I guess it depends on what you're presenting live, if you want full seq control, switching patterns, muting, playing a live track, sampled sounds or programmed synth stuff or happy with rom-type presets. mini keys or fullsize?

other options -
DX200/ monomachine/ posh groovebox and use a controller keyboard
mc303/rm1x/shit groovebox - hey, don't mock it, ur used 2 x mc303 live
w-30, EPS16, ASR sampler workstation - but you've already tried ASR, plus these are heavy things
nord modular - preprogrammed with seq's and prepared stuff
korg microsampler?

or the most portable of all, gameboy & palm with bhaiji's loops and microbe

i think i know the collection you're talking about.  i could never get them to load into anything as they were encoded using something my programs couldn't convert. media player worked with them though so i just sampled the good ones out the computer.  I'll see if i can find them on my home comp.
the hyperreal samples arent too bad. they've been used on tons of records

I'm interested in this too.  theres a good spread of sounds in the presets you can just tweak but it would be nice to try out the editor. i think i've got the editor somewhere but never managed to get xgworks to work with win xp

my juno's a bit sick at the moment.  my tech reckons i need a BR662 and/or IR3109.  Thought I'd ask to see if anyones got any parts available or breaking up an old roland?...

ages since i posted but later last year i finally got a sp1200 black reissue. i think it's the most i've spent on any equipment as they never come cheap.  sounds great and quite fast work process. will be interesting to compare to my emax and i'll post up results if anyones interested.
also got an old akai s900 for virtually nothing. crazy as its capable of so much more than the sp really.  i must be going through a golden age hiphop phase...

I think it looks fantastic, a great design.  I guess it will compete with the machinedrum and jomox as high end drum machines.  But the ability to plug in and control it as a (evolver/tetra style) polyphonic synth will be great and really puts the price in perspective.  Loadable waveforms would probably be good if it comes in a later OS but lack of sampling doesn't bother me, theres plenty good samplers out there but hasnt been a decent analog drum machine for ages.  I never bought anything expensive+new but am getting really excited about this. Like linn says, he's designed it around a good workflow and you don't need to stop play as you change edit styles.


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Anyone got the service manual or link to it?


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sounds cool.
I traveled through China for a few months from East to West  a couple years back.  Somehow I managed to get by without knowing too much of the language.  I preferred things the more west I got, away from the densely populated east coast and into the tibetan plateaux and more islamic peoples near the  desert areas and on the way to kyrgyzstan.
Theres a book by Paul Theroux called riding the Iron rooster that although written in the 80s still seemed pretty similar to some of my experiences.
My asthma came back which i hadn't had for years, so def some pollution in the air
good luck


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While moving house the fuse holder has released from the pro one and the fuse has broken. I'm only left with one end of the fuse. I still have the fuse holder cap.
The manual states A ¼-amp SLO-BLO fuse should be used for 115V operation. A 1/8amp SLO-BLO fuse should be used for 230V operation.
The text I can read on my remaining piece of fuse is BUSS AGC 1/4. so looks like my one in the uk was running (happily i might add) on the wrong fuse.

i've had the 2000classic since forever, but its been a while since i had it setup, this thread has inspired me to do so actually.
is there any way to assign the fader to a pad without triggering that pad in the process? (i.e while playing a live set)   is the fader assignment saved with program?

i was keen on a m/p for a while but for space reasons never committed at the time. they seem to have shot up in price now, similar to the pro1.  I couldn't imagine getting rid of my pro1 as even though it takes a bit of work, its sounds really work for me and is a part of my workflow.  I would say go for the change if you don't feel so attached to the pro1 or rely on it for particular tasks.


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808 service manual is found here:


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i take it you've checked the internal battery?

Honey Peters wrote:

Hey what are those buttons on the stereo channels? Do they switch between input 7 & 8 and 9 & 10?

input gain +4db/-10db switches

it definitely affects my nmkG2

although all buttons seem to have pretty much fixed themselves recently. maybe it was just with the cold weather they decided to stop working. like my car.


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studiomaster studiofex rack.   theres one i found in a small shop nearby.
has anyone used one? worthwhile sound or does it just look good?  price?
I think there were a few gates, a delay, a compressor and some other things in there.

spirit folio mixer , pretty dirty and partially disassembled. but free and will be good for live stuff.
anywhere i can get new fader caps?

1.  age old question. cv triggers are pretty tight. mpc's are regarded as some of the tightest midi seq's

2. depends on taste. 808 sounds great out the box. especially using master out. i took mine to a friends where he recorded the seperate outs and ran them through compressors. sounded good in his 80's inspired music too. in general i'd say no, the sounds are pretty loud and clear

3. i don't think so. akai's are cleaner sounding than other samplers. mpc60/3000 will colour samples a bit. 2000 onwards are clearer.

it's true playing a real 808 is nice. but Freeks idea is cool.

playing synths with triggers is cool. you start to realise how certain records were made. i certainly seem to write different stuff if i'm working with CV compared to midi.

the mpc is brilliant though. so many ways to use it.

808 would probably be nice with your set up and its classic sounds, but they're a played out too. i actually prefer to sample my drums with fx and trigger the samples. i can get the mpc shuffle that way too.

The Midas I've used sounded fantastic.

never had one myself though.  as for mixers at home, i probably use my old 4track more than anything due to space issues. i'd actually considered one of those tiny cheap behringers for compact live stuff, but my mate has found me something older, better looking and with a load of crusty faders for pennies

i've got an esq-1.  its multi-timbral and the sequencer is real easy to use. you can probably chain songs together and do a bit of editing but i tend to use it for basic pattern loops and sketches.
only downer is theres only stereo out, would have been better if there were a couple of aux outs. And no onboard fx which limits multi-part jam if you want some fx.
i think the sq-80 has aftertouch and a disk drive so you can save your seq's and sounds? not too many other differences.  Aril Brikha used one all over his transmat album.


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never heard of them, but plenty other dj's seem to have the time to run labels as well as live an exotic dj lifestyle


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it makes sense production will drop off as more people rely on digital music.  anyways, technics are pretty well made pieces of kit, i'm expecting mine to last well into next decade at least.