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theres lot's of logic and mixing tips in the SoS website.

I was looking for an ensoniq ts-10 service manual mainly. although any other ensoniq ones might be useful.
could also do with a juno 6 service manual if such a thing exists

doesn't seem to work anymore :-(

rude66 wrote:

first thing to do is to open it up and look for obvious signs of trouble. loose connectors, burned spots on the boards, blown capacitors that spilled their insides... also look on the poutside for jammed buttons and things like that..

Yeah, I opened her up and snooped around inside. Nothing immediately obvious.  I managed to find a service manual for the asr-10 online which is fairly similar in construction it seems.  It would appear that the main digital board or the display/keypad board are the most likely problems at the minute. It seems to be a bit random with what it does when i switch on. sometimes nothing at all, sometimes one red light and occasionally the whole screen. at one point every time i pressed a button it printed a character to screen.
Will go back and check all the cables in more detail. Then it'll be onto checking smaller items i guess.  My worry is if its a chip thats fried it'll be a hassle finding a new board.  pity as it seems like it'd be an interesting keyboard.


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supposedly the band air were called that because thet run all their sounds through the medium of air before recording.  it's certainly nice to make the effort and put a bit more of your own stamp on things

Well I got round to plugging in and turning on the ensoniq ts10.  It had come from a friend, no real history to it apart from gigged hard.  But it had been out in the car and quite cold. Not sure I gave it quite enough time to adapt to heat indoors.
I turned it on, there was a brief lighting up of the flourescent display and then all went dark.  now i only get a faint green light on the disk drive and when i switch off a brief red flash above one of the buttons.

have i destroyed it? anything i should examine?


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the functions of the 4000 look good.  but sometimes even capable machines are crippled by their looks

well, i got the eps16 in the end.  seems quite nice and should suit my requirements. I don't have room to set up much gear at the moment (tiny house,new baby) so the eps has the keys, sequencer,fx all in one.  told my friend that i'd got an ensoniq and he replied that he has one sitting in his parents house threatening to be chucked out and would i want it.  So i've now got a ts-10 as well!!  the wife's going to go nuts...


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I've always got a soft spot for the mc-303. it get's bashed so much but it must've been used on quite a few records .  UR were using it live for a while back and i'm sure terrence dixon used one.
it's hard to say what it's actually good at, it's not great sounds, but kind of functional roland presets. the drums are pretty rubbish and it's filter isn't much use for acid sounds.  but its construction is good and it's quite nice for sequencing other gear. and the mute buttons give it an mmt-8 feel


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well, i remember reading an article in sound on sound about people mixing with compression on the master bus.  I've never actually tried it and most of the time i'd really rather leave technical compression to the pro's and i'd be weary of doing that unless it's an integral part of your sound.
when i play live i often chuck the mix through a little compressor and that works great..


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I've always been interested in ensoniq eps 16+.  i'm struggling for space right now and feel a workstation would be the best option. the specs look quite good but what is the sound/operation actually like.
plus the rza used that kind of thing for old wu-tang stuff...


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seems like a reasonable price. you can still get nice sounds without the programmer, depends if you're a constant tweaker or are happy just setting a sound for your track to use.
i think midi is supposed to be quite good on those synths.


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new sequencer design:


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ur-final frontier


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when you're interested in musical toys (as plenty are here), sometimes you hear a track and you can't get the question out your head :    'how did they do that?'

specifically i keep wondering how Vainqueur (chain reaction) gets those swishing/chorus/lighter than air type sounds?
sometimes the prophet vs get's talked about in the d&m/basic channel circles so maybe thats a clue?
anyone familiar with mr vainquers stuff and could identify?

but if anyone else has synth id requests maybe you could post them below in anticipation of a reply

is there a  good way to sequence an ms-10? (apart from the sq-10 which seems to be pricy)

was wondering about triggering it from an mc202. i could do the ghetto cv->vco input  thing, but is there an easy way to trigger it from the 202?  guess i need a trigger inverter or something


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ok, seems like different ideas for different folks. 

i was just wondering if everyone was using some special technique that i was in the dark about.

my friend has lent me a rnc compressor. need to have a play with it...


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whats the general concensus on mastering around here?

obviously anything getting a proper release should go to someone with the equipment and experience. the more valves, knobs and beards the better i guess.

but for other things like rough demo cd's, dj mixes, mixing friend's bands etc...what do you folks tend to do?

do you even touch the stereo bus? a little bit of mild compression and limiting. any technical multiband compression?

or just leave these things pretty raw, maybe normalise to the peak level and burn the cd off?

i've toyed with a variety of ways, mainly in logic to do some mastering but just wondering what other folk's experience is on these matters

an old minidisc recorder?

you'd have to record it back into the computer though

I think the most important thing is having instruments you are happy with, whether its a nice interface, pleasant sounds or it just looks inspiring to you.  Too many folk collect synths, particularly considered 'classic' ones, that then sit there doing nothing.  Instruments are there too be played. if you don't use it, clear it out

i wouldnt worry too much about how much you're buying/selling for. i always think swapping is a much nicer way of trading. the important thing is having something you enjoy playing


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http://www.korg.co.uk/products/pro_keyb … korgxl.asp

'natural touch' keyboard !?

the big knobs look cool, but maybe not enough for editing with.

quite interesting though, i've always got a soft spot for synths that run on batteries


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jacderida wrote:

i've heard that both of the vinyl pressings (there's brown and black vinyl editions) sound really crappy though, and it's generally pretty expensive to get, so maybe not worth it smile.

i'd imagine the brown vinyl might sound poorer?  isn't there a story that more brown copies were produced, though they were called limited edition?  mmm...not sure

Havent listened to it in 10 years. much prefer polygon window but the blue calx track is quite calming and nice.

and on the synth note, If you're interested in synths,sometimes you can't help but wonder what was used on your favourite tracks.  In a way, I'd love to have been a fly on the wall to see some great records recorded, but it might take some of the magic out as well!