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The one on #9 that got me was that "Kilamanjaro" afro/disco track....I think it was the 7th track on the mix...a very beautiful song!

"Kilimanjaroooo....kilimanjaro...kilimanjaro yay yay yay..." 

If anyone can help me with this one I would be very greatful.  Its too good of a track to be kept a secret!!!

The PG&P 7" is usually pretty affordable but I've never seen the 12" for sale anywhere.  I have the 45 and it sounds great!

I'm still on the hunt for that "For Your Love" track on number 8 (maybe the 5th song in)...must be a french pressing 45, but so far no luck...


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dirtieblonde wrote:

Wait, where's beau? I thought he posted here?

Wasn't there someone with Milk in his name from Chicago that posted here too?

I see Beau all the time.  I don't know if he looks at this site much anymore... He's still making good music and playing records every so often.

dirtieblonde wrote:

Hi Walsh! I am from Chicago but live in LA now. I will be in Chicago visiting from Dec 20-29. I will definitely be making a stop at the record store. Tell Kevin I said hi.

Of course we've met a hand full of times at the store and whatnot...I've been lurking on this site since it started, but it's quite rare for me to make an appearance on any forum!  I'd be down for playing together if anything comes up those days, but right now I don't have anything planned for that week.  I'm sure I'll see you at the store either way!


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Communicator wrote:

Walsh: All about vinyl now, huh? Who would have thought? wink

I live on the southwest side in Little Village. My parents are from Mexico and that's why Cebteq was just being Cebteq, I'm pretty sure he knew what you meant (country south of here), he just likes wordplay.

Actually, we've met before.  I'm friends with Ross Kelly & I think we all went to the Smart Bar for something a while back.


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Well, I used to check out the CBS forum awhile back...spend way too much time online "digging"....

I have a couple nights in town (Italo/Euro-disco/sound libraries...so called "cosmic" stuff for lack of better words).  I work at KStarke (it''s just me and him right now) and sell online myself.  Apparently, its all about the vinyl right now.

I was born in the country south of here, grew up in Indianapolis & lived a hand full of places before coming to Chicago about three years ago.

There's probably a good chance we've met, no?


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Wondering who from this board if from here.  I'm in Humboldt Park, work at KStarke, do a couple nights here and there.... What's up???

Ha!  I work for Kevin & have to listen to him play his 303 to everyone that comes in the store.  Christ....

One of the best:



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How about the third track with spacey female vocals...the chorus is "sweet dreams" over and over...guessing it's the name of the track.

And fourth one... "Black Caravan" is the chorus... this one's amazing...  "go to hell...." 

And fifth "for your love" or "lovin' child" or "give me love".... damn...

3rd, 4th, & 5th tracks are my favorites so far....

Great mix!

Zack Ferguson has a hand full of good songs.  I still kinda like "Skateboard Dancin" as cheesy as it is.


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Grackle - Desert Acid 12"
Candy Sylver - How is Love 45
Space Art - Nous Savons Tout 45
Victor Bach - S'easy LP
PG&P - Mandingo 45
Desert Express - Sandstorm 45
Tevo Howard - Everyday House Music  12"
Johnny Wakelin - In Zaire EP
Hi.Fi Bros - The Line 12"
Soft Rocks - Disco... #3 12"
Blood Hollins - Don't Give Up 12"

Anyone know this one: 


Can't be found anymore - One of our best kept secrets. This material is unknown to even some of the hardest diggers. This record houses a 10 minute lasting track that is so incredibly mindblowing it might take weeks to recover from it. Listen to the funky guitars, sexy vocals, elegant strings and most perfect moogs. This is hypnotic to the max!


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another seller has it up for $1300.  I think it's a case of wishful thinking, but if there's someone out there who can sell it for that much, then I just did them a big favor.


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Here we go:   http://bide-et-musique.cdandlp.com   search for Radio Band   175 Euros  You can listen to it there!


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And apparently this one:




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Wow...that's still alright with me.  I think after extensive searching a few month ago I found a japanese seller letting it go for $35.  That was the only place other than the guy on gemm where I found it up for sale. 

Is it good? hmm...well, there's an italian guy rapping over a funky beat & the chorus has female vocals singing over a disco riff... then at the end, what sounds like a young boy does a little rap for about three lines.  If I only heard the instrumental, I would've though this could've come out on an early 80's prelude or something like that.  Definitely has that 80's synthy disco sound...little less italo sounding.  I wouldn't pay that much for it though, and have never thought about playing it, but now that I'm listening to it again, I could see it growing on me. 

$3 for a mint copy is a good find though...


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What's up with this record?


Someone is selling it for $2300 on Gemm....Does that mean they smoke crack, or am I sitting on something special?


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waxHead wrote:

Good thing you didn't.  Would've been hard to sell the records with that smell following them around.

But what a funny surprise for all the people overseas who bought them...


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Probably my best ones recently:


Cellophane - Music Colours for $5 last week.


Sally O & B Funk $5 a month ago

In one special spot I found:

3 copies of G. Race "On Fire"
Decadance "On and On"
IKO "Digital Delight"
Little Casper "Ultimate Warlord"

+ a bunch others.  all mint.  $3 a piece!!!  Could've crapped my pants.

I love this city


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Oh, I'm sure he's a nice guy & I'm well aware of that fact that most italian's speak little english (compared to people living in scandinavia & holland for example).  When I was staying over there I can't count how many times I got 'american' jokes thrown at me.  They're all just friendly jabs we like throw back and fourth because it's much less humorous to be P.C.   I'd only hope that my broken italian would give someone over there a good laugh. But still, I'm sorry if laughing at the quote was offensive to some.  I don't think anyone meant to imply that Mario was anything less than a righteous brother in the struggle to bestow the world with rare italo 12"'s.


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It sounds like he's saying: "your mine your mine your mind.... "  maybe he's just having trouble saying it so many times in a row.  like a tongue twister....


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Klart wrote:


This made my morning!  And mind you, he's selling italo-disco records....."THIS IS NOT TO GAME"!


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You see Disco Fizz occasionally in stores here in Chicago...but it's usually $40 or so.  I don't see the 12's from the album though.


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Oh, I didn't mean to sound upset or anything...it's all good!  Hell, he might have in fact done it .  sorry if I came across another way my friend...


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Hmm....the song's called "Your Mind"


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Never heard that first Azoto LP aside from "Havah Nagilah" which I don't love.  Disco Fizz is a classic!  Yeah, I'm having even less luck finding info on the other two "artists" I mentioned.  A friend claimed to own the BSB Micresound 12" but then he "couldn't find it".  I think he's on crack.   

But man I wanna know!

So I'm another sucker taken in by the hoax I guess.  ha!  Well, aside from some weird parts, I dig it, especially if there's an instrumental.  Someone put it on a disc for me and then I saw that youtube video.  When you hear it through my shitty car speakers you would never decipher whether it's an older track or not smile  Weirdos man.