Some easy house and disco tracks to enlighten the dark times … baz-reznik


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S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:
JayStarbo wrote:

Has been really quiet here since lockdown, actually.

Taking care of two kids 24/7 is taking its toll

yep, I know the feeling.... weird that being home all day can be so exhausting wink


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i do actually miss the old forum days but have to admit that I don't look at the forum a lot myself....


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It has been a long time since I did an "official" mix. For my friends from Athene: … baz-reznik

Roland SH01a, nice little machine!

Thnx! working on the last two but still waiting for the inspiration wink

The release now comes with two high quality video clips:  big_smile

Be yourself without reservation or fear. The night does not discriminate and at the club there are No Cameras Allowed. Navigating between jak-house, techno and acid, these tracks are designed to make you move while still keeping the Baz Reznik rawness!

(ok sorry about the promo text, I hope you just like the record) … as-allowed

Dark stuff in here smile … baz-reznik

Soundcloud stuff: … em-dyfr009

As of today DYFR records is put out of hibernation with this digital / tape release. The guys from Ghetto GEM did their first release on Panzerkreuz a few years back but around that time more material was produced that never saw the darkness of the basement until now. More DYFR coming later this year!


For the first time in almost 3 years there will be a new DYFR records: two even.

DYFR008 - Baz Reznik - No Cameras Allowed (vinyl and digital)
DYFR009 - Ghetto GEM - Riots Ep (cassette and digital)

When all is ready they will appear on

Just around the time I learned about the CBS back in the day I was experimenting with my own radiostation: Tunnelradio. After two years I forgot the pay the domain bills and the domain was stolen from me. A few months later I decided to give up (also because all of the cool stuff I learned to know from the CBS). The thing I missed about it most was making my own live shows whenever and where ever I wanted. Nowadays I like that steaming video is so easy but I miss the anonymity of making radio in your underpants.

At that time I used SAM broadcaster on a WinXP server. I programmed the automated playlist quite thoroughly with the server occupying a space above my door in a The Hague student apartment.

Now 13+ years after stopping Tunnelradio I made a new server. Linux based on a Raspberry Pi with a USB as source for the music  (times have changed!!!). Again with an automated playlist and the possibility to log in from everywhere to do a liveshow.

For now a mixture of my digital dj tracks and stuff I listen to at home and in the car (also some rock sometimes and world music next to the electronics). Some visual stuff is still under development but the most important thing: the music and the playlists are already (party) formed. If you like to check: and let me know if the stream is stable etc smile

Live acid all night by Dumb and Dumber with help of Baz Reznik

This one will be quite the experiment.

Oh yeah and free admission as long as you'll fit in with all the synths we're bringing, full=full wink

wow a few weeks of work and already 10 years behind wink I'll have to catch up!

And another one:

Cool, I had an idea like that years ago but never came further than the first mix (me and my patience big_smile ) hope you'll make it to the end!

At the one hour mark in this video I'm doing some live disco old cbs style mixing (I had to get the dust of some of the old records smile ) … 566746454/


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Sounds like a CeeOnic track but don't know for sure which one ZeHa.

I'm stuck with this one: … on_generic

Yeah the bandcamp thing is actually better sounding I think (unless you like the "bunker filter effect" a lot wink )

Out now smile

A1    Fog   
A2    Flooded   
B1    Hexagon Mosktraum   
B2    Tale Of The Blue Coelacanth (Baz Reznik Remix)


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Send a message but no reply, better luck next time I guess smile


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Ah that one in the industrial building we did after the party? That was cool, I'll send it a message smile thnx


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Yeah I never was much of a chatter so I missed out on that one. Good not to go on (a)social media: it takes to much of my time as well unfortunately. I send the Cheeta an email the other day btw since I miss Glasgow but until now no replies unfortunately wink

How was it?