For those who weren't there. The entire liveset of ElecPt1 for the first KOSNIX Party was recorded by Kassen and Rob of Radio Tonka. … -01032013/

Really looking forward to see Ultradyne


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that Paris Dub 1 is still available at clone

@koktale Yes that was the standard PA of Bar. Last time I heard it, it sounded better. But since the techie guy was late, I'm really happy that we opened in time.  Nevertheless it turned out to be a nice party and good sounds.

Lots of respect towards the artists we and Moustache Records had over for bringing us all of those sweet tunes.

thanks Iain. We will rock them hard smile

for everybody from to we put you on a special paid list so you're sure to get in

yes we do our best  cool

Heard that  Hostel Room Rotterdam is alright and not that expansive. Otherwise we could always look for a place to crash

Stay updated through the facebook event

@Guver 303 Would be great if you could make it and celebrate my birthday smile


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00.00 - 01.45: TJON THE DON
01.45 - 03.30: SPACID
05.30 -07.00: THE FRANKS


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ai really tempting this one


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see ya there

looking forward smile

Looking forward to this one!

Gaan er nog mensen met een auto vanuit Den Haag of Rotterdam?

Unfortunately there were just around 20 people I guess.
But the visuals were great, heard a lot of good tunes although the sound was quite hard.


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Mapping the Thailand Flooding Disaster … -disaster/

and an embarrassment he was...


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Koh Lanta is very nice. Not that touristic as all the other islands smile

That was fucking ace! Will live long in my memory for sure. Took me a day or 2 to recover, but it all was worth it for sure.

Ticket booked. Looking forward to be there smile