Love it!

In stores now. Check Bandcamp for digital. … r-ep-lpf01

Preview: … 01/s-ziCsB


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New mixxx

Some podcasts I recently did...

Analogue/Digital … st-45-dica

Hypnotic Groove … x-252-dica

Kommune … st-47-dica

Pre orders are now up at our bandcamp, Clone, Bordello a Parigi and Rush Hour.  Full EP (vinyl/digital) available in shops and bandcamp on March 1st. Worldwide shops will follow shortly.

Out this winter. Dircsen's second stunning release on Soundtravels.

Preview here: … -vinyldgtl



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Slow burning dark raw mix... lot of Pinkman releases in here. … -black-sea


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Mostly new tracks, some old and a proper dose of showcasing our Soundtravels Recordings label. Tracks by Baz Reznik, Endfest, Dircsen, Louis Guillaume, Le Chocolat Noir, Vorticon, David Vunk, Chinaski, Herzel, Tensal, Umwelt, Visonia, Rude 66, Polygamy Boys, Credit00...

Ok, up next on Soundtravels is the first various artist EP on 2 x 12 inch crystal clear vinyl, scheduled for Oct 2013.

Features 6 stunning tracks by Louis Guilliaume, Baz Reznik, Endfest, Dircsen, Le Chocolat Noir and Neotnas.

Check! … ecordings/

For pre-orders send a PM or visit

Ok, sooner than expected the vinyl has arrived!  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

In shops within a few weeks and now available through our site, check!

Okay, up next on Soundtravels is our own Dutch techno mastermind Orlando Voorn with Flight EP. In shops within a few weeks. Limited pressing so be sure to get your copy and mail us for pre-order at

Go check it:

Ok, up next is the Flight Ep by Orlando Voorn which will be released in August 2013. 4 tracks of pure timeless, electronic funk. After the succes of Flight 313 which was digitally released in 2011 we wanted to put it on black gold. We've added Cheater, Strings and a special beatless Flight version. … flight-ep/

pre-order at or PM here.

@huxflux: only new releases. Only available on vinyl. But you might have heard the tracks before in Dircsen's mixes dwelling on this forum smile

@everybody: We have some copies left in our own private stock. PM if you want one.

got it  big_smile

Ok guys.... it's out there. Dircsen's first ever release on vinyl. Check check!!

In stores soon!


Listen: … ration-ep/



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Nice again  big_smile

me too  big_smile


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New mix. First track by Dircsen, taken from the Aspiration EP which will be released on Soundtravels Recordings this spring. Check: … eration-ep

Furthermore tracks by Lab Rat XL, Parking Attendant, MPIA3, Exaltics, Elec pt.1, Interfunk, Peel MD, Submanouvers, Rude 66, and a special bonus happy new year Glitter track at the end smile … id-glitter

many thanks!!!!

Can somebody please ID the track starting at 1:47:00 in this mix, tnx! … mick-wills


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great mix again!

tnx  smile

New mixx: … sions-pt-3

Elitechnique – Grand Entrance – Clone Loft Supreme Series
Kid Machine – Return To Space – Viewlexx
Drvg Cvltvre – Hermes Russia – Viewlexx
D’Marc Cantu – Evil Motion – Crème
Mantra – Pump It – Abstract Acid
Gesloten Cirkel – When its Late – Murdercapital
Omar S – It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It – FXHE
Luv Jam – Mature Oak [Cottam rmx] – Phonica White
Lysergian – Track 2 – Soniculture Confidential
Skudge – Below [Boddika Acid Refix] – Skudge
Bintus – Corrosion – Power Vacuum
Moodymann – Dem Young Scoonies – Planet E
Steve Summers – Shake The House – Clone Jack For Daze
Marco Bernardi – I Feel The Lies feat. Keith Tucker – Dirty Planet
Jagdstaffel 66 – Nur Die F104 – Crème
The Exaltics – The Clash – Solar One Music
The Exaltics – The Hunch – Last Known Trajectory