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Memphis tapes rap mix http://www.legowelt.com


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Erroraudio wrote:
Squadra Smackos wrote:

All that stuff is a TR808 + Sequential Pro One
Just get a Boss DR660 drum machine and one of those new Arturia Minibrute synths, put the 660 through the Arturia filter and crank up the mixer and there you go

Love the easy fix.... big_smile

Probably even have some spare $$$ for a Korg monotron Delay or even Monotribe


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All that stuff is a TR808 + Sequential Pro One
Just get a Boss DR660 drum machine and one of those new Arturia Minibrute synths, put the 660 through the Arturia filter and crank up the mixer and there you go


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Ok more constructive

Ok they are singing about themselves but its got rrr related artists in the lyrics so I guess it counts


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Not really adding anything to the topic but that sounds really horrible, that guy singing sounds like a total wanker
I guess the music is nice


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For Sale:

EMU PK6 Synthesizer zillions of filters, arpeggiators LFO's super deep synthesizer this one has been expanded with 3 ROM's the VINTAGE, and the 2 ORCHESTRAL ones, so u get an EMU Vintage Pro, Virtuoso and Proteus 2500 in one synth! 200 euros

AKAI MPK49 Master Controller bought this for my US tour but I already got enough MIDI controllers so this one can go 200 euros

Behringer Tube compressor T1952 with mysterious green and blue lights instead of yellow nice decent compressor with some tube action 75 euros

TLA Tubetracker M1 8 channel tube mixer 1400 euros in absolute mint new state

TLA Ivory series 5021 tube compressor 350 euros

Roland Space Echo RE201 500 euros

Set Dynaudio BM5 monitor speakers 250 euro

Everything can be collected in The Hague

yeah that sounded really good when u played it at lorelei, that baseline is quite something

sublimation wrote:

What do you think of the EMX-1 Smackos? have you ever used this or the ESX in any of your recordings?
I've had mine for about 5 years, i like it but think i should've got the ESX instead.

I just got the EMX 2 days ago, so far so good. I have 2 ESX's used them a lot over the years like Seaside Houz Boys is all 100% ESX


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sometimes, sometimes hardware sometimes combined sometimes Amiga, sometimes Reason, i dunno what the fuck, does it matter? Jesus we live in 2012 and fuck all you hardware nazis. Hardware machines are just computers too, We started in the 90s playing live with a Commodore Amiga and ow u dont hear anyone dissing that and if u use a Mac or PC its not cool whatever...what if I just play with a didgeridoo and jembe



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Yeah, I've seen them even more expensive, its a pretty rare synth, they didn't make a lot of them and its all alone in its class.

Time after Time is one of my all time f*ckin' favorite tracks

I am gonna drink a beer and listen to it 20 times right now

It would be awesome if u could post the lyrics


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The Hague Legend
Adriaan Bontebal
28 mei 1952-11 februari 2012


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ekranoplan wrote:

always wondered how the microsampler is.  seems like a sk5/sk1 on steroids
I like the look of the recessed controls.  Can you actually sketch out tracks on it?

Microsampler is super cool, an SK5/1 is a mere particle of dust compared to the galaxy of sampling power this thing is, its more like a Roland W30/EPS etc on steroids.
you can produce full tracks on it, not just sketch them its multitrimbal, can do synth style sampling, has a retard proof sequencer effects, filters and flash memory etc.etc.etc.

Same old 106 workhorse, but sampled in the Amiga 1200 and then put through some synth with filter input (either the Korg MS20/10 / Pro One/Clavia Modular) but you can make that sound with any generic synth I am pretty sure.
Hmmm or maybe it was a Korg Poly 800



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Klart wrote:

Is the mp3 still available? Can't find it on the site.

Yeah its still available on legowelt.com all the way down at the end of the main news site turn left and then across from the little mexican taverna and ask for pepito uhmmmmm there is also the megadownload link if that doesn't work big_smile

That is one of the coolest analog synths around, there are a bunch of software editors on the PC and MAC and many other platforms, you can also hook up a Behringer BCR2000 editor and edit it with knobs thats what I do, before that I used a mac program called Alpha Juno Control http://xmidi.com/blog/alpha-juno-control/

Be sure to use the chord memory for big impressive exotic sounds. Looking at your avatar I guess you like Drexciya, they used this synth a lot.


And on Saturday there is a genuine PPU VIDEO PARTY too! for the first time in NY andrew Morgan from PPU records!!! The hottest label in the world


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Yeah should be, I don't know why they're so slow with distribution to the islands...uhm Clone and rushhour have them tho, thats pretty close

http://www.interdimensionaltransmission … a-end-time



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Thats no computer graphix thats reality its called the gym


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Will also be available at clone etc.etc.etc.


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cause that doesnt exist anymore