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Sweet sound!


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Thanks guys, happy you enjoy it!


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My first physical release  smile  Collection of different Techno & Electronica stuff.
Now available here:
https://thtarhallow.bandcamp.com/album/ … lp-hallow4

I know this community has gotten tinier over the years but hope this will still find some listeners.
Below some codes for getting the release free of charge:


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dequalsrxt wrote:

Thanks! I've been listening to a lot more jungle and other fast paced music since the pandemic started for some reason. Probably to counteract all the bummer music I've also been listening to.

JayStarbo wrote:

Enjoyed that mix! Jungle and 90s drum n bass made a serious comeback in my listening diet too for the past few years.. Too bad my wife is suffering from severe Amen break allergy so I can only play it when she is not around..

Exactly the same here and good mix. Been playing a lot more old & current jungle and speaking others around me who are feeling it. Here's also a radioshow I played with a friend some time ago https://soundcloud.com/user-316007870/e … washington .


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Nothing changed besides I barely still listen to IFM, making more music and been coming back here  big_smile

I'm considering getting the Tresor 30 box smile)
https://tresorberlin.com/product/tresor … yl-boxset/


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Oh and wayyy belateed I found out, R.I.P. Peter Rehberg - head of Mego and important contributor to the austrian electronic music scene.


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JayStarbo wrote:

RIP Paul Johnson

Indeed  sad


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Hey, I've started a weekly radioshow at Radio Worm.
Find all archives here: https://soundcloud.com/100000emji/sets/ … radio-show.

It's not the usual IFM sound, more playing all kinds of music. Currently on vacation with it, but from September you can listen in every Tuesday 23:00-0:00 @ Radio Worm https://www.live.worm.org/radio-d-fect- … -open-city


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Very nice mix!

Ordered the new circuit rhythm today :0 Veeery curious if it's what I'm looking for.


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JayStarbo wrote:

Cool track. Hadn't heard it before!


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We live in a dark age, so this feels very fitting to me smile)

Tracks aren't hitting my taste exactly. But the record sleeve is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen!

dequalsrxt wrote:

I believe they do.

I've heard the Blackbox is fun, a friend of mine has one. Haven't had a chance to check it out myself though.

Yeah it's in a way an odd machine, as it feels more like sound-production studio than instrument. But that is off course an asset in itself smile

dequalsrxt wrote:

Picked up a 606 with a Quicksilver cpu installed. It's got shuffle! Among other neat stuff.

Sweet! Do the new Behringer/Roland versions have that?

I got myself the 1010 Blackbox. Most fun sampler/pocket-studio I've used so far. Enjoying it a lot!

And now the 1010music blackbox. What a powerhorse!

Sonicware ELZ_1  cool


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JayStarbo wrote:


As for me

Nice mix. But I get very sad reading the description  sad

DumbBot wrote:

SCAPULAR - Devotional (13/SILENTES)

No idea who this is but if you like the late night grainy dubstep sound of Burial, mixed up with ambient, techno. Sounding fantastic, can't wait to dive into the full album.

Interesting release from the previews. To bad shipping is so expensive and there's no digital release hmm


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So this week I got introduced to withhold records, which just had represses. Guess what - all sold out within a few days and surprisingly now all for triple the price on discogs https://www.discogs.com/seller/Hauz_of_ … q=withhold  roll


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Still enjoying this shirt from the black dog. Anyway, also not wanna morally patronize people who use Spotify. It's got a load of cool option and seductive pricing for what it delivers. So understand loads a  people are using it....it be just greater for the artists and more environment-friendly if people would download from bandcamp instead.
Funny how people in this thread 10 years ago mention last.fm which by now has been appropriated by Sp.