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@coae: yes, I still have some.. (episodes 1, 3, 6, 17, 18, 22, 23, 27, 29 and 42 to be precise big_smile)

been listening to this one once more after a couple of years..
anyone who can ID the track at 17min.?

http://www.discogs.com/label/I+Love+Disco+Diamonds smile


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@Ray: you forgot the most important one!  smile

you can also buy the (digital) album via Juno e.g.
http://www.junodownload.com/products/on … 535446-02/
saves some shipping costs from a possible cdr purchase


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Ray Van Mechelen wrote:

pas de deux - cardiocleptomanie

Thanks Ray..
LP in the pocket at 'democratic' MM price tongue

3. Pas de deux - Cardiocleptomanie (re-released on Minimal Wave in 2011)
on 28'55" Pedestrians - Commuter Fantasty (also (unofficial) re-release available atm)
the "shadow" track is Iron Curtain - Shadow
after that I believe it's Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey (version?)


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Paudical wrote:
fvo wrote:

the last track from INTERGALACTIC GARY - MiX-Mas Special Mix
any ideas what could it be?

bonjour tristesse - partner in crime

and the track that start at ca. 9'30"?  ... kleptomanie...


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could be a track by Omar himself.. sounds nice
don't know it though..


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DumbBot wrote:


classic disco dance instruction!  big_smile


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mushaden wrote:

that song was also in my head for a while last summer..
but the faster version as heard on this compilation: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Hits-Dan … se/2209785


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byron wrote:

i would love to get that book just in order to know what the hell gabagoo or whatever the hell they call it is

I will have a look  smile
Planning on preparing some more dishes from that book in the forthcoming weeks..
The penne alla vodka is definately a keeper


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Nice one!
Ferenc also present in Ghent the day before..


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some nice Italian classics last week
- penne alla vodka (forgot to take a pic) > got the recipe from:


- cannelloni with ricotta&spinach



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Check Mate wrote:

I totally missed out on that release a few years back!

same here..
prices on discogs are quite expensive for this one
so tradebots or sellbots, gimme a yell!


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Play great tunes and make smooth transitions or you're a crap dj tongue
No, of course selection is an important part of the job, but no one likes a trainwreck mix either..
Blending (many) different styles in one set is not everyone's cup of tea.. better give it some trial and error at home before playing out in public

@Ray: I fully agree about the laptop dj's, but there's still a difference between playing digital with vinyl timecode + regular mixer and playing the whole thing with just a controller.. For me the first option is the same as playing with cd's e.g.
You can extend some parts of the track (idem with pioneer cdj's), but in the end you still have to mix them like a normal record


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driving to Bxl after NY dinner/drinks in Ghent is gonna be tricky..
on the other hand, who wants to miss "Eargasm, the Sound of the Underground"  smile


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@Ray: looks ace!

Tunguska wrote:

feestgedruis - Ghent

douchebaggeria to the max sad

I need some cheering up after that nonsense

how was the MW b-day party?


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Axel (Antwerp)
Kelly (Antwerp)
Massimo (Antwerp)
Barman (Antwerp)


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Frank = boss  smile


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nice! Tomaz always delivers idd

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