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Here's another track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DQWA_0Rsdw


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There's three tracks in here. Enjoyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4HAaBC … e=youtu.be


Finally filled the case https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/381500_355967624503741_1952263137_n.jpg

I also redid the modular case and got rid of the glowing case, it was way to tall.

I ended up moving the Korg Radias and making a small keyboard out of it.


Here is my updated studio room. I sold a lot of gear and don't regret it. I got rid of all the vintage Keyboards. I have a Modular Blue Lantern Synth for analog stuff. I got a cheap Chinese remote control led light bulb for perfect mood changes.


and here is Ow he Haw haw. LOL!

http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/expl … she-did-it

This is in the works. I laid down the vocals and made up the rest as it went down.

http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/the- … -for-a-new

I have to re-sing it proper. For now I just wanted to record the feel as it passed me.  big_smile


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More Mr. T samples in effect in this new Deep House track.

http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/blue … x-recovery


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Blue Machine Music in effect
http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/blue … he-pharoah

I cant get enough of the Mr. T vocals. I bought the A team DVD just to sample all known Mr. T quotes.


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I did these short recordings to start out the music making. It's been a long long time since I record anything. I didn't feel like getting all technical so I just did these freestyle, no saving anything.




I messed around with one at best buy and it is not worth messing with, never mind. The sequencer is cool but it is a hassle to turn it into a Midi sequencer. Defeats the purpose of not using a computer. That KDJ-ONE is interesting but expensive.

Has anyone ever used one of these as a sequencer? It does not have midi ports, only USB/MIDI. But When connected to a PC and using another USB Midi Hub you can send Midi Out. It is really cheap in price.

The older Alesis PROLINEAR 720 Monitors sound good. They cover bass also. Stay away from the DSP PROLINEAR version. They blow out like super fast!

Marco Tulio Thrash wrote:

@ Blue Maquina, I love the warm yellow / tasteful pink combo


Orbweaver wrote:
Blue Maquina wrote:

I didn't really acquire this but I finish designing and building this.


Yeah I dont know what I was thinking with the color scheme. I'm gonna sell this one and build another with a white panel and different knobs.

Are those panels silk screened? I'm kind of a newb about the cosmetic ends........could one achieve similar results using water slide graphics?  No experience with those either....... but just thinking of options for potential builds.

don't mean to derail this thread, but it'd been something I've always been curious about

The way you do it is: Buy a portable Laminator that uses Letter Sheet Pocket type Laminate Sheets. You print out your graphics on what ever color paper. You can get fancy with white Fonts for the negative look but dam that's a lot of ink.
Then you purchase those 3M spray adhesive or Locktite spray. Just make sure it will work on metals. You need to print out another copy of the graphics (no laminate required for this one) with hole markings for you to mark and drill on an aluminum plate. Drill your holes then make sure the graphics line up. When you have a go, spray with adhesive and stick it on. Its ideal to cover the entire panel with the grahic paper but if you needed to show some of the metal then you spray on the back of the laminate graphic you made and not on the metal.
Let it dry, then with an exacto knife cut out the holes on the sticker you made. This technique almost makes it scratch resistant. I was very impressed by these results. I should of done this years ago. Now you can too.
The graphics are endless...with this technique. You can even make a sick Photo wall decore.

I didn't really acquire this but I finish designing and building this.


Yeah I dont know what I was thinking with the color scheme. I'm gonna sell this one and build another with a white panel and different knobs.


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Links are not working. Nice artwork.


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Here's A Short Hair fetish track.

http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/shor … vila-take2


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What kind of power supply are you using on the Custom Case. Is it 2 of them I think I see?


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http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/blac … orld-order

Here's another Take of the same song. I recorded a different Korg ER-1 track and tried to add a juno 60 chord.

http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/new- … rder-take2


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I just finished this Quick Idea. I got a new Akai S5000 sampler and this is the first time I record it.
http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/if-y … theme-song

Yeah sell the Tb-303 and start your Modular Quests. Get a Steiner VCF, Polivoks vcf, and LPG vcf. There is so much stuff you can do with a Modular. I don't recommend buying a vintage Monster either.
At worst you can get a xoxbox later.


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Here I am Slacking with slaxx. Did this last night. I need to lay down the vocals once more. I made it up on the spot.
http://soundcloud.com/blue-maquina/inan … quick-demo