score100 wrote:

Well the vocoder takes 49% of the memory, meaning anything else you connect to it will be over 50% and turn it monophonic.

hey score - you know how there are 2 areas on the NM patch editor?
put the vocoder in the MONO area, put an oscillator in the POLY area.
you do not need a new vocoder module for each note you play!

you should easily get a few notes.

the only real downside here is the actual sound of the NM oscillators.. I never really got into those. much better to use something nice to drive it.

Yeah, didn't want the ad8000... I heard about modding them,  but couldn't bring myself to buy one. I'd been waiting for an apogee ad16 to come along, but it just wasn't happening. This was about twice the price, but has 16 outs, too... :-)

My gssl has the ssc board. I bought both ssc and turbo boards originally, but just went for ssc in the end.

oooh... looks like I'm buying a lynx aurora 16 with ADAT card.

I've been looking for 16 i/o channels of ADAT interface for my fireface, so I can have a go at getting rid of my mixer and integrate my outboard with my DAW better, but never really liked the options available to me locally. this was well out of my planned budget, but hey - at least now I won't worry if the ADAT extension is good enough quality to match the fireface for multiple AD/DA passes.

hey sneak -
I really like the look of the builds you've done. how are you liking the Night eq? mine's just in the standard blue case, but very glad to have it. what are the LEDs above the knobs on yours for?

I still can't believe that nice all in one expanded GSSL design came out right after I finished mine....

EZ1084 EQ finished. (well, I still need to decide on knobs and get them on to be 100%... but it's all working and ready to screw the lid down)
I'm really loving it for synths. It's a very nice EQ.

mono evolver keyboard PE right now.

Not my best sounding synth, but I really love the layout and everything it can do, and just seem to have a lot of time for it, and find myself always coming back to it.

Tune the keyboard, and then tune the oscillators.
Procedures should be online...

it sounds like the last person who did the tuning just tuned the oscs for the keyboard.

haha, awesome!

I kinda want one.

whats the adjustment procedures for scale and trigger level like? nice and fast to get to and set, I hope..

you should install it in place of a VU meter in your GSSL!

well, you could always have a garage sale of your own and ask 50 euro for it...

ronin wrote:

contacts and pots need cleaning
bushings need replacing
ribbon cable connector needs replacing

should be fit for duty in no time

oooh... pro one!

I sold more stuff today.
and I bought some nice colourful lengths of klotz MY-206 cable

I guess you need to work out if you have the space spare that this takes up, for a 12 input mixer. Or if it will  need to replace your existing mixer, will it handle all your mixing needs?

If you got the space though, that's awesome for free! (though you might need a pile of new leads, from memory these are rca in with rca patch points)

SSM v3 wrote:

Careful no-fi! You're going down a slippery slope there... wink

Well I'm running to plan so far!

Next month I'll get the eurorack up to basic stand alone functionality with some vcas and mod sources, then  after that one 2nd hand or built module a month should be ok..

And processing modules don't seem that crazily expensive anyway. The snazziest piece I'm looking at right now is a time safari.... Maybe something by metasonix. No zeroscillators for me.

Thanks for the modular tips guys.... Got the synthacon filter plus the mangler, and a doepfer 4 way mixer.

Will need to start a 2nd 3u rack now... it was very hard not to buy some more doepfer stuff. Quad adsr with trigger signals looks awesome for lfo style things too. And the quad vca is very tempting. but i'll worry about envelopes and vcas next month. For now my patch panel sem will handle everything the modular is missing.... :-)

Awesome! One synthacon filter kit and mangler kit coming up. Local shipping and kit format makes these a great option for me, and "vintage"goes with my general synth sound preferences so that's all good.

I saw those pic chip envelope and lfo designs a while ago and thought they wee cool, but didn't have a use for them before now, thanks for reminding me. I had a bit of a look last night for 2nd hand mod sources, and they seem a bit rare on ebay and muffwiggler for sale forum. I guess people keep them....

One more question, do modulars run audio signals at higher than line level? If so, will I need level converters to patch line level gear in and out of the system? I've seen that guitar pedal converter, and wondering if I'll need something like that or if I'll be able to patch my eurorack audio signals freely into and or of my audio patch bay...

OK, so I'm on the eurorack path now.. no major expensive stuff, but I want to turn my two oscillators into a monosynth.... so I need envelope, and lfo, and a filter and a vca and maybe some audio/cv mixers.

I'm looking at elby designs for the filter - that synthacon filter looks nice, and the kit form is really cheap, I'd get their filter + mangler for less than the price of any other filter I can see... and it only looks like a few hours work to build and calibrate. Anyone think this filter is any good for a first modular filter? (or think it would particularly suck as my only modular filter for a while?)

in terms of envelopes, I was kind of thinking of a nice simple ADSR to start, is the basic doepfer offering OK?

I haven't thought about the VCA or LFO or mixer options yet.

screenvinylimage wrote:

also, that nite eq sounds pretty rad no-fi! did you build it or buy it pre-built?

Bought pre-built from someone else. Easiest diy job ever....

Also, got a plan b m15 oscillator from a friend. Time to start working on  fleshing out my eurorack with some mod sources and a filter and vca.

so I bought that nite EQ, and it showed up the other day.

Mine seems to be very well made, which is nice for a DIY kit.
Soundwise it comes across as very smooth and generally pretty transparent.

I've just been using it on mono sources like synths and my 808, and it works in a way my other hardware EQ doesn't. But think it will be most useful at tweaking the sound of full mixes.

@San the mono evolver keyboard is really cool, I think. but be careful of the encoder knobs.. you want the new PE version. or another few hundred to upgrade it. I upgraded mine almost as soon as I got it (well it had a couple of quite bad encoders and some slightly flaky ones) and love it.

Any particular task you want a hardware synth for? you mention rehearsals... do you need to play chords?

aaargh. no thanks, that's the one thing I can't stand about prodigy pro - those million post threads... does my head in.  smile someone really needs to move information for a project into a wiki once it starts getting to the 3rd page

sneakthief wrote:
no-fi wrote:

what are they meant to be like, anyway? … htpro.html

wow.. that's quite the example of a glowing review!
and this is a 100% clone?

I don't know about the air band though... guess I'll have to hear it for myself.

I think I might have to get a bit serious about buying this rack if no-one else has beaten me to much as I could do with saving $$ right now.

sneakthief wrote:

I've had the boards to build the GSSL for 5 damn years now but I'm finally starting to build the ultimate version of it:

ha! typical! just as I'm finally wrapping up my cobbled together GSSL, a nice easy and complete version comes along.

I had it in a hand done rack for a while, but no extra bits added.... I had a super sidechain and a turbo board but hadn't hooked either up because it was too much faffing about.

Then I bought a purusha case which is designed for the ssc board, so I'm in the process of rewiring (and replacing a bunch of controls that didn't fit in the new front panel cutouts) into the new chassis with the SSC board today. looks so much nicer... and I'm so close to finally have it finished! front panel controls are all wired up, just the XLRs and the inter-wiring between boards to go.

But damn, that new version looks so much less annoying to put together than the original GSSL.

next up is the Nite EQ3D whose boards I've had for 3 years sad

what are they meant to be like, anyway? someone is selling a fully built up one like in your picture for $300 near where I live.. I'm kinda tempted, because I'm looking at going mixerless in the future and will want a bunch of EQs if I do that..

I'm also in the middle of building a 1084 EQ with a friend, which is fun cause it's kind of a race, and means that you both do regular work on it cause you have someone to check up on you... We're just waiting on caps from TAW and the cases. I expect that I'll be all done on this within a few days of the last bits arriving.

The skeletons in my DIY closet are the PM 670 (got all the bits but stalled for a few years after building the PCBs up because I didn't have a decent case to build it into - and you can't really test the parts in isolation - you need to wire it all up to test it. But that has changed now I got the purusha case for it when i got my GSSL one) this is next cab off the rank after the 1084.
I also have had 4 S800 EQ boards for a few years that I finally bought the components for while I was buying bits for the 1084.. (but still not sure what I'll do for a case when I build them all up... purusha has cases, but he sells them with PCBs as well, and I don't want more PCBs..)

sneakthief wrote:
no-fi wrote:

I'm not planning on going past three 3u racks of modules all up.

That's what they all say wink

well I have to be very careful... when I was in eurorack chassis buying mode last year, I managed to buy 4 3u racks and 1 6u rack.... might move on the extra racks now before i'm tempted to put in power supplies and make them usable.

I'm buying a plan B M15 oscillator! A friend got a deal on two when he only wanted one, so I'm buying the second from him. yay!

now, to start to make up a basic collection of modules to get my tiny eurorack setup a bit more usable.

I already have the 3 main parts of the A129 doepfer vocoder, which was the main reason I even started a eurorack a few years ago. And then managed to add an A110 VCO and the A116 VC waveform processor when the opportunities arose.

Now I have a serious oscillator to go with the A110 I think I want to expand it to contain a set of basic synth parts, then add a few more sound mangling options later. I'm not planning on going past three 3u racks of modules all up. I figure that things like my frostwave resonator and filterbank can also do a lot hooked into the euro stuff.


what are the mods?

I don't think the price is that steep. it's definitely above the league of the machinedrum in terms of hardware (real analogue voices, plus nice drum pads, and the cool litte touch ribbons!) and it's around the same basic price area.

to me it looks like a kickass version of the korg ER-1 (which I had and basically liked the idea, but sold because it was too digital sounding and lagged really badly when synched to my other gear) so not so strong as a solo drum machine, but something really great for electro percussion.

I'm probably going to end up buying one.

it's been a while since I built my xoxbox but I thought all the code lived in the atmel mega162 (which is the actual processor) and the only eeprom was a little 8 pin thing just for patch storage?

not sure why they would send you a second one?

why don't you email them and ask?